Tennessee Wraith Chasers Return to Their Roots

Tennessee Wraith Chasers taking the stage at an event the co-hosted with Ghost Hunt Weekends
Tennessee Wraith Chasers recreate the first episode of Ghost Asylum as they co-host investigation at the War Memorial Hospital

On Saturday, June 11th, ghost hunters and paranormal investigators from all over the United States congregated in the tiny town of Scottsville, Kentucky to investigate alongside the Tennessee Wraith Chasers and the Ghost Hunt Weekends crew as the first ever paranormal event was held at the old War Memorial Hospital. Even with temperatures peaking near a hundred degrees, the event sold out, and fans filled the grounds, waiting for the second stop on the Wraith Tour to commence. Many arrived early, increasing their time in the extreme heat, in hopes of getting more time to meet and mingle with the Wraith Chasers. TWC on stage answering questions from their fans during an event with Ghost Hunt Weekends.

TWC at haunted Scottsville, KY hospita
TWC on stage answering questions from their fans during an event with Ghost Hunt Weekends

Individuals who are members of the Ghost Hunt Weekends VIP Club were the first permitted into the event, where they were treated to a VIP lounge with light hors d’ oeuvres, iced water, and private sitting area as well as extra time for autographs, conversations, and pictures with the Wraith Chasers. As the regular ticket holders arrived, all were seated under a tent with large fans to cool guests from the heat.

The event began around seven p.m. central time with Ghost Hunt Weekends president and founder, Chad Morin, taking the stage to introduce the Tennessee Wraith Chasers. The group answered questions from the crowd, often mingling among them as they performed the task of being their own microphone runner and further showing that the personable appearance that they present on television is their true nature. Next, a quick film showing the background of TWC was shown as well as a condensed version of the episode of Ghost Asylum that was filmed at the hospital. Guests then had another opportunity to get autographs and pictures with the TWC guys before the hunt began.

The guests were then divided into six groups to hunt various hotspots located throughout the hospital. With the main function of the building being a haunted attraction since the closing of the facility, the maze like passages and macabre scenes through the structure added to the creepy feeling that guests experienced as they moved from location to location. A member of the Tennessee Wraith Chasers was stationed in each of the stops, allowing guests the opportunity of hunting with each member. Around two a.m., the groups had all made it through the six rotation spots, and the event concluded.

Many reports of unexplained activity was reported by the various participates of the investigation. These included hearing a treasure trove of disembodied yet human noises such as speaking, babies crying, and laughter. Growling was heard in the former psych ward. Knocking on walls and on furniture was heard throughout the hospital. Curtains moved by themselves in a basement room. Specialized ghost hunting equipment showed signs of a preternatural presence in every location, and shadow people were seen making their way along the corridors. This higher than normal amount of activity made for an extremely exciting hunt for all those involved.

After speaking with both guests of the event as well as members of the Ghost Hunt Weekends crew, it was determined that this was a extremely successful event. Many of those spoken to were repeat guests to events such as this and declared that the ones produced by Ghost Hunt Weekends prove the be the best planned and executed of any in this area. This was the 200th event put on by Chad Morin and his Ghost Hunt Weekends crew.

To experience one of these events, the next stop on the Wraith Tour is right around the corner as the two groups travel to Paulding, Ohio next month.

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4 thoughts on “Tennessee Wraith Chasers Return to Their Roots

  1. We had an awesome time! Chad does a great job pulling these events together. The TWC guys were knowledgeable & fun. There was as much laughing as there was paranormal experiences an extremely awesome combination. I can’t wait till the next one!

  2. My name is Mackenzie…. My sister and her wife ”Kevin Johnson and ”Elaina Johnson they work with you.. This might sound wierd but i like Chris… Now that i watch your show i know believe in ghosts and spirts…

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