Ghost Hunters ends with Syfy Channel

Did Syfy Channel just cancel Ghost Hunters?

Cryptic Social Network posts from Jason Hawes and other members of the 11 Season running reality TV show Ghost Hunters may be ending with Syfy Channel.

Here is the original post from Jason Hawes Facebook Page:

With heavy heart we want to inform everyone that we are choosing at this time to end our relationship with SyFy channel. Season 11 will be the last season we will do Ghost Hunters ‘With the Syfy Channel’. We’ve been one of their top rated and top watched shows since TAPS and Pilgrim Films decided to join forces and create the show Ghost Hunters. You all have been wonderful and your support has made the show Ghost Hunters such a huge success, As well as changing our lives in all incredible ways. There are some huge things in the works with TAPS, Ghost Hunters, Pilgrim Films and so much more. I wish I could share more with you now, But I can’t. Hopefully real soon though! I promise we will keep you all up to date with what is coming up in the near future.
Again, Thank you all for the love, respect and support.
Jason Hawes/ TAPS / Ghost Hunters
Another post from Grant Wilson may just be confirming this:
Adam Berry past cast member had this to say on his Facebook:
Wishing @ghosthunters a fond farewell. So many memories and so much adventure. Lasting 11 seasons is something to brag about! ‪#‎ontothenext‬
We can thank Jason and Grant for bringing ghost hunting much more mainstream and bringing it into the living rooms of so many households now. What will become of the cast? Was this a sign of things to come with almost all of the cast over the last year being either “released” or “left the show”.
Did Amy and Adam know something was going on when they departed the show together after ratings have been steadily in the nose-dive?
Now if you take the part the Jason posted “…last season with the Syfy Channel…”, does this mean that Ghost Hunters has been picked up by another network?
Let’s see what the next season will hold for the fans.
Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

30 thoughts on “Ghost Hunters ends with Syfy Channel

  1. I sincerely hope that Ghost Hunters is just moving to another channel!! This is my favorite ghost hunting show and I have watched since the very first show!!! I’ll be watching to see the next posts!!!!

  2. Really hope you will be back hopefully on another channel.I will miss seeing you all and your Great show !

  3. Please be picked up by another station. I love Ghost Hunters and everything they entail. Other shows just don’t compare.

  4. It is the SyFy channels loss. I will not watch the channel after ghost hunters is gone. Hope to see you guys on another channel. I love Ghost Hunters. I have watched the show from day one. I was sad when grant left. But I keep on watching. I love the Taps Crew.

  5. I hope it’s picked up by another channel . As a ghost hunter myself I got to say it’s one of the best ghost hunting show I have seen so far . Good luck to all of the Ghost Hunter/Taps cast u all professionals , keep the faith ( Tim Willard shelbyville,ky )

  6. I don’t get this currently but I love this show its the only one I watch, am going to miss not seeing this, hopefully you will get a show on another channel that we get in Maine!!!

  7. More creativity less formula is always going to be a good start. The historical side is always interesting too… Have you guys thought about doing more longitudinal studies of hotspots? Instead of investigating for an evening, you could leave cameras/sound recording gear there for a month and then collate the evidence? There are bound to be good reasons why this is a tricky thing to do, but it’d also probably catch more paranormal goings on…

  8. Such a loss…we gonna miss all of you coming into our living room on wed. nights. Hoping this is temporary till another channel grabs yall!!

  9. Ghost hunters was the only thing I would watch.All the other shows on syfy are corny.The Travel Channel has good shows on it.Hope to see y’all there.Thanks for the 11 seasons.

  10. I sincerely hope it’s not the END of Ghost Hunters .. this show brought paranormal investigating to light! And I learned a lot of my own techniques by watching and listening to Jason and Grant, along with Steve and the other team members they had along the way! Please say you’re not ‘done’ but that you will be coming back with new seasons on another network… (Destination America??) My favorite episodes are on VCR and DVDs so you’ll always be in my household!!

  11. hi, so sorry to hear that. but hope for the best for the team.i hope you all get picked up with a nother net work. hopefully discovery America but you all need a vacation before beginning again. best wishes and hope to see ya’ll soon fan paula taylor

  12. You guys and gals set the standard. An awesome show. I will b looking forward to all future adventures. You qill be missed.

  13. I’m really hoping you’re going to say the show has been picked up by another station. Syfy is losing a great show. I’ve been watching since the first episode and can’t wait till season 11 starts.

  14. It never fails! When a show such as yours gives views a inside look at what is possibly out there … the network finds a way of chopping it down. I do hope to see you all real soon.

  15. Please don’t take Ghost Hunters away I love this show please put it on another channel. What will I do with wednesdays.

  16. I cannot believe that SyFy would be so ridiculous as to allow GH to leave their lineup! I have watched it from the beginning and, like one of the other commentators, was sorry to have seen Grant leave. However, I must remain hopeful that a smarter, more visionary channel will pick up this “go to” show for me and millions of others!

  17. It’s almost impossible to watch this show after it airs. I work day and night. Somebody is making out dated choices with this show. I’m sure all original fans (like myself) will keep supporting but I seriously doubt any new fans will come along. It’s 2016…….adjust. I’d hate to see this show gone because of bad decisions.

  18. My husband and myself have watched “Ghost Hunters” from the very beginning. Now you are gone we don’t have anything we watch together. We both love Jason, Steve, Dave “Jersey”, and all the other folks that joined the group as needed. Please let us all know if the show is picked up by another channel! Please!

  19. I have loved ghost hunters since the first show aired. I was sad when Grant left. Been with them a long time I hope another Chanel picks up the show.

  20. with the program of Ghost Hunters I(WENDY SELLS)would like to see the program of Ghost Hunters back on Television again Guys because I(WENDY SELLS)am a fan of Ghost Hunters with Jason Hawes and the rest of the cast of Ghost Hunters as well. from Wendy Sells

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