Top 8 Best Ghost Hunt Shows

“The paranormal is a mystery, and people are drawn to mysteries because it’s a thrill.” – Zak Bagans

Every fan of the paranormal has their favorite team and show that they like to watch investigate. Many people have Ghost Adventures at the top of their list. However, Ghost Adventures isn’t the only spectral show out there. Check out some of our favorite shows that we’ve listed below.

Our Top 8 Paranormal Shows

8. Kindred Spirits

If Kindred Spirits seems familiar to you, it’s likely because you recognize stars Adam Berry and Amy Bruni from their previous ghost-hunting series, aptly titled Ghost Hunters. Putting a twist on the classic paranormal show formula, Berry and Bruni investigate homes to see if the undead dwellers are connected to the families that live there.

Kindred Spirits, which first debuted in 2016, has called several networks home, including Destination America, TLC, Travel Channel and Discovery+.

7. Ghost Brothers

Ghost Brothers was unafraid to lean into the humor while hunting down the paranormal. Starring best friends Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass and Marcus Harvey, the trio toured reportedly haunted locales—all while roasting their rivals. 

For a laugh-out-loud series that also delves into the world of the supernatural, catch the only two seasons of Ghost Brothers, which aired on Destination America and TLC, respectively, between 2016 and 2017.

6. Buzzfeed Unsolved: Supernatural

When Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej embarked on their Unsolved series for Buzzfeed’s YouTube page, they had no idea that they’d soon begin investigating whether or not ghosts are real. Being amateur paranormal investigators, Bergara and Madej’s quest proves to be more a comedy than a serious ghost-hunting show.

Nonetheless, the dynamic between believer Bergara and skeptic Madej is wildly entertaining, which has allowed the content creators to bank seven entertaining seasons. (Don’t forget, Bergara and Madej have a new series, Ghost Files, heading to their Watcher YouTube channel.)

5. Paranormal State

Though Paranormal State was a hit after its debut in 2007 on the A&E Network, the series may not be as fear-inducing on second watch. Ryan Buell and his Paranormal Research Society investigated several haunted locations over the course of six seasons, but unlike the ghost-hunting shows of today, there was little tangible evidence integrated into the show.

4. Scariest Places on Earth

We honestly can’t believe Scariest Places on Earth only had five seasons. Hosted by The Exorcist’s Linda Blair and narrated by Teen Witch’s Zelda Rubinstein, the Fox Family series had a scare-tastic formula, which included sending regular people into allegedly haunted locales.

Though this show wasn’t meant to definitively prove whether ghosts were real, there were some fun scares along the way.

3. Haunted Towns

Haunted Towns, which had two seasons on Destination America between 2017 and 2019, followed a group of paranormal investigators—known as the Tennessee Wraith Chasers—as they traveled to the country’s most, you guessed it, haunted towns in the hope of trapping ghosts. You may recognize the TWC from their previous paranormal series, Ghost Asylum.

Both shows had spine-chilling locales and showed the team’s passion and dedication to the paranormal. Since the show, Chris and Mike even do meet and greet ghost hunts on weekends where fans can come out and investigate with them.

2. Ghost Hunters

It’s safe to say that the original Ghost Hunters is one of the most famous paranormal shows in TV history. The show’s initial run on SyFy included 11 seasons, 230 episodes and 10 specials. Ghost Hunters also spawned several spin-offs, including Ghost Nation, UFO Hunters, Ghost Hunters Academy and Ghost Hunters International.

The series was later revived on A&E in 2019 with original star Grant Wilson and a new crop of investigators, which used a slew of technology to try to connect with the paranormal.

1. Ghost Adventures

Ghost Hunters may’ve launched the ghost-hunting genre into global fame, but it’s Zak Bagans’ Ghost Adventures that has perfected the storytelling style. With a documentary-film background, Bagans has curated 22 seasons of action-packed peeks into the world of the paranormal.

After 13 years on the Travel Channel, Ghost Adventures has since found a new home on Discovery+, introducing a whole new generation to Bagans’ investigations into famously haunted spots. If you’re looking for a lengthy binge with lots of intrigue, Ghost Adventures is the show for you!


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