Ghost Hunt Weekends offers the public a chance to investigate the Paranormal

Experienced paranormal researchers and paranormal TV celebrities are being joined together with the general public on weekends for a look into the twilight zone of the paranormal–all courtesy of Ghost Hunt Weekends.

Chad Morin with a reported Yeti Hair Specimen collected from Tibet during Ghost Hunt Weekends Bigfoot Hunt:3 in Kentucky.
Chad Morin with a reported Yeti Hair Specimen collected from Tibet during Ghost Hunt Weekends Bigfoot Hunt:3 in Kentucky.

GHW is the brainchild of Chad Morin, the author of “Hunting Ghosts–Practical Advice and Approach.” Morin’s book outlines seldom used practices and techniques for encouraging spirit activity as well as instruction on conducting investigations which he is eager to share.

Morin’s life-long curiosity about the paranormal started with experiences in Florida when he was young. After attending one particular paranormal conference, he realized that his years of experience in the hospitality, convention and group travel industry would be a perfect match for introducing the public to paranormal investigation.

“After observing this conference, I knew that I could bring some fresh ideas into the equation,” said Morin. “My goals are to provide people with the experience, get them into places the public can normally not get into, and above all, provide a safe environment. As a result, we have some die-hard fans who return again and again. It has become quite like a family experience.”

Ghost Hunt Weekends explores some locations which are impossible to gain entrance to otherwise. Rhodes Hall in Atlanta is virtually impossible to investigate, but during Ghost Hunt Weekends, all areas are accessible. Wheatland Plantation is also off limits to investigators and normally allows no photos, yet during Ghost Hunt Weekends, participants stay all night and have full access.

In addition to individual event tickets which may be purchased online, Morin offers a VIP membership to accommodate the regular fans of GHW. The membership provides first opportunity for tickets to events, an earlier arrival time, a VIP lounge to mingle with the celebs, and a quarterly dinner.

The events keep growing larger, and more new events are planned. GHW also hosts a recurring Bigfoot hunt at Morehead, Kentucky. The September, 2013, Bigfoot hunt is moving to a larger venue to accommodate all who are interested. The April Bigfoot event had to turn away some when the event sold out.

Since these events are geared toward novices to give them a crash course in paranormal investigation, the crew for Ghost Hunt Weekends is handpicked with strict standards for maintaining a high level of reputation for knowledge and expertise. The participants are divided into small groups and each group of crew leaders is equipped with a bag of equipment to demonstrate its use. The experience as a whole allows people to decide if they want to investigate on a regular basis themselves or just try it once.

Presenters and guest investigators at past events have included Adam Berry, Amy Bruni, Steve Gonsalves, John Zaffis, Bruce Tango, Chip Coffey, Joe Chin, and K.J. McCormick just to name a few.

“These events are a great place to gather with like-minded people,” said Morin. “We see the same people coming back from time to time. Photos are exchanged. Great friendships are formed.”

For more information and to check out the schedule of upcoming events for Ghost Hunt Weekends, visit their website.


This Haunted Places Examiner enjoyed the GHW’s Bigfoot Hunt in April.

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