Ghost Brothers joins TAPS in New Episode

On March 19, 2022 a new episode of Ghost Hunters premiered on Discovery+. In the new episode the Ghost Brothers and Dustin Pari joined TAPS as the team investigates Cresson Sanatorium in Pennsylvania.

Brief History of Cresson Sanatorium

Cresson Sanatorium opened as both a hospital and long-term residential care facility, to treat both individuals and entire families who had tuberculosis. As new medications became available to treat TB in the 1960s, the sanatorium morphed into a state hospital to care for the mentally-challenged. In the 1980s, the purpose of the facility once again changed. SCI Cresson opened in 1987 as a medium-security correctional facility for male inmates. Serial killer Joseph Kallinger was housed at SCI Cresson until his death in 1996. SCI Cresson closed June 30, 2013, with the State citing the antiquity of the prison and rising costs of maintaining it as the primary reasons for the closure.

Running between the chapel and several of the older buildings at the complex, the tunnels at the former Cresson Sanatorium are easy enough to navigate but pitch black inside. This is one of the main parts of the Sanatorium that the teams investigated. 

The Investigation

During the investigation TAPS and the Ghost Brother think they are investigating opposite sides of the tunnels in hopes of speaking to Joseph Kallinger. In reality, they are close to each other and end up scaring one another. The teams collected a ton of evidence and all together had a successful investigation. 

In a recent interview Steve Gonsalves asked about what it was like working with the Ghost Brothers. Steve Gonsalves said “The Ghost Brothers like to think outside the box, which is really cool. To see their eagerness and learn the deeper techniques. We had some amazing things happen. Some of the communications at the [Cresson Sanitorium] were pretty dark. There was a murder there where someone got bludgeoned with a sledgehammer. A lot of awful things. We’re pretty sure we cracked that code. That was one of those episodes we were able to get the history straight.”. 

Check out the episode titled “Tortured Souls of Cresson”, begins streaming Saturday, March 19, 2022 on Discovery+.


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