Season Three of Portals to Hell Coming to Travel Channel

Katrina and Jack in the “Green Hallway” at The Thomas House Hotel in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee.
Travel Channel Media Handout

There’s hell to pay, and Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman are on a mission to find out why. The intrepid paranormal investigators team up again for an all-new season of Portals to Hell, as they’re led to haunted locales where sinister spirits display a vendetta against anyone in their presence. Season Three, premiering Saturday, April 9 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel and streaming the same day on Discovery+, will feature 13 hour-long episodes.

In the season opener, Osbourne and Weidman travel to New Castle, Pennsylvania, home to Hill View Manor – a shuttered nursing home where former patients are rumored to live on after death. The sprawling complex has almost as many spirits as it does rooms. Constant reports of scratching, chronic dizziness and shadow apparitions have turned the building’s new owner, Carrie, from a paranormal skeptic into a full-blown believer. But to get to the bottom of what’s feeding the manor’s dark forces, the duo will first have to face the Creeper – a malevolent shadow creature bent on scaring the living hell out of its victims.

Portals to Hell filming on location at The Thomas House Hotel in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee

What Can Fans Expect from Season Three

When asked about the new season Osborne commented in a press release saying “This is a creepy AF new season, twisted and wildly unexpected. The locations were bottled up with activity that hit us almost immediately. The vibes were dark and tense, and there were many times when I was seriously scared of what we might encounter”.

Katrina was also asked about what fans could expect from the new season. “These places had an intense energy you could feel the minute you walked in,” added Weidman. “Just being inside some of these buildings elicited an unexplainable physical discomfort. So many of the locations this season are just eerie and unnerving”.

In this Press Handout, Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman with David Cole (son) and Evelyn Cole (Mother) Owners of The Thomas House Hotel along with Cora Vincent (Paranormal Witness) and Chad Morin (Paranormal Researcher and Author of The History and Hauntings of the Thomas House)

Fan Expectations

Fans of the show can only hope that season three is exciting as their past seasons. One of the most exciting episodes was when Jack and Katrina visited a haunted bed and breakfast called the Thomas House Hotel in the little town of Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee.

Jack and Katrina investigated and stayed the night in the haunted hotel. They experienced Dark Figures, Cold Spots, Disembodied Voices, and several other terrifying findings. The Portals to Hell teams heard thumps coming from the kitchen, saw a blue orb of sorts flash for mere seconds and Osbourne claimed to have seen a shadow pass one of the pillars in the dining area. They moved up to the dark hallway to try to gauge responses and the camera that was set up to overlook the space suddenly flickered on and off. However, they didn’t encounter an activity and it was eerily quiet afterward. 

Will this new season be able to match the activity the team found at the Thomas House Hotel? Be sure to watch the premiere episode on Saturday, April 9 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on the Travel Channel.


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