VIDEO: Sneak Peak at Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Witness’ New Shows Tonight

Below, check out sneak peeks of Syfy’s Wednesday Night Originals-Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Witness!

Ghost Hunters premieres tomorrow at 9/8c. In the episode titled ‘Ghost Friends Forever,’ the team heads to Little Rock, AR where a family that has inherited a bungalow believes it’s haunted. Are the former owners to blame?

Paranormal Witness airs Wednesdays at 10/9c. In the episode titled ‘The Curse of Longergan Farm,’ when three brothers are reunited on the family farm, they’re haunted by an evil ghost, sparking disturbing memories from their childhood of the family boogeyman.

Also, check out a bonus interview titled ‘The Lost Boy,’ and listen to more haunting stories from last week’s Paranormal Witness.


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