Ghost Hunters to feature Little Rock Homes on Wednesday’s Show

For all those “Ghost Hunters” fans out there, don’t miss Wednesday’s episode on the Syfy channel!

We’ve heard that the show will air an all-new episode about two homes in Little Rock and this afternoon, we found out a lot more about the investigation with a little help from TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) investigator Amy Bruni who is on the show!

Amy Bruni and Adam Berry from Ghost Hunters
Amy Bruni and Adam Berry from Ghost Hunters

So what brought Ghost Hunters to the capital city? She said that they were really intrigued by this case because the family who currently lives at one of the homes in the Quapaw Quarter has a personal connection with some of the paranormal activity that had been going on.

“They were really emotional about it and they wanted to be sure on who they thought it was, so for us I think that was an interesting spin on the case,” Bruni said. “They were definitely worth the trip.”

We saw the announcement on the “Haunted Tours of Little Rock” Facebook page last week. Here is the post that was published on June 12 that provides some backstory about the homes:

“My good friend, Amber Jones, announced tonight that her home and a rent house, adjoining her property, will be featured on the Ghost Hunters television show next Wednesday, June 19th. Last year I was contacted by the producers of the show, who were looking for information about haunted places in Little Rock as well as other sites in the state. I referred them to Amber because she was very helpful to me personally when I was writing the book “Haunted Little Rock”. The rent house was once owned by a very dear friend of hers and she was generous enough to allow me to tell the story of the house and its occupants. Chapter four [of my book] is titled “Paul’s House” and will be featured on the show. The producers and crew were elated to work with her and her family and fell in love with her personal home as well. I hope that you will tune in next Wednesday and learn about some of the “spiritual occupants” who once in awhile make themselves known. If you have a chance to read Chapter four in by book, then you’ll have a better understanding of why the crew came all this way to tell their story”

The cast worked at the home for two nights last year and ended up staying a week by the end of it. What’s really interesting is that the cast brought the family in during the investigation.

“What’s interesting about this case is that we actually brought the family in and got them involved in the investigation pretty heavily because you’re trying to talk to someone you don’t know, where if we had the family involved in the investigation and have them talk to people that they’re very close to, it helps to kind of draw out who we are trying to find,” Bruni said. “It’s something that I don’t think they’ve ever done on the show before.”

Article Credit Lauren James

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