Ghost Hunters Reunite with Kris Williams in New Episode

On March 10, 2022 Travel Channel announced that a new episode of Ghost Hunters will be premiering on Saturday March 12, 2022 on Discovery+. TAPS will reunite with Kris Williams to investigate a performing arts center in Ohio haunted by shadow figures, unexplained noises and a ghostly nun. Both Jason and Kris have posted on their Facebook pages about the new episode.

Jason Hawes of TAPS shared on his Facebook page that “All new episode now on Discovery+. Episodes start airing on ‘Travel Channel April 16th!”. Kris Williams also posted on her Facebook page on March 10, 2022 about rejoining the team for their new episode.  Kris stated “Well, after 10 years being asked, “When are you going back to Ghost Hunters?” …I can answer this Saturday! Joined the team for an awesome location in Ohio – was so great to see everyone again AND to finally meet Shari DeBenedetti!”.

Shari DeBenedetti posted on her Facebook page about working with Kris on the new episode. She posted “First time working with Kris Williams and definitely won’t be the last. This place was amazing with awesome activity! One of my favorite experiences!!…”.

Fans are exited to have Kris and TAPS back together even for just one episode. It has been 10 years since Kris has investigated with the team and fans, new and old, are excited to see what this new episode will bring in terms of the team’s dynamic as well as paranormal evidence.


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