Haunted Collector Team Helps Tornado Survivors


The team from Haunted Collector heads to Joplin, Missouri today. The city was ravaged by a tornado in May 2011, virtually 2 years ago now, and still there are many sites of the city in need of relief. For John Zaffis and his team, though, their focus was on resident Bob Wilson.

The household had been experiencing paranormal activity, including shaking furnishings and visible spirit figures. The team used their EVP recorder to ask a possible spirit if it had actually been influenced by the tornado. They might of heard the word “yes” in feedback.

Bob was bewildered by the evidence. He said that he ‘d been out helping people in the twister. The feelings were still extremely raw for Bob as he informed John how he had actually stayed beside one hurt guy till the man passed away.

“I remained with him up until I saw the light and the light leave his eyes,” he stated. “I simply desired to assist him”.

“You did,” John informed him.

More than 150 individuals died as an outcome of the tornado and the course of damage through the town is still noticeable in lots of locations. While numerous enhancements have actually been made through volunteer efforts, there is still a lot that requires to be done to assist bring the city back.

See where the group takes a trip next on Haunted Collector, Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy.

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