Ghost Hunters shot at by Tennessee Woman

A BB gun-wielding woman allegedly fired shots at a car of people that stopped near her home to explore a haunted tunnel. She was charged with five counts of aggravated assault today.


According to Hawkins County Sheriff Deputy Michael Lipe, on Thursday, June 13, at around 11 p.m., 20-year-old Jessica Winstead and four of her teenage friends stopped on Big Elm Road to explore the Sensabaugh Hollow Road railroad tunnel. The group had heard the tunnel was haunted and planned to take some photos. A nearby neighbor, 28-year-old Brandi Lea Amey came out of her home and told the group to leave. As Winstead and her friends were driving away, Amey allegedly opened fire on the car, hitting the rear of the vehicle.

“Jessica stated that a female with blond hair (later identified as Brandi Lea Amey) came out from the residence next to the tunnel and told them they needed to leave. As the male was getting back into the vehicle, they observed some type of firearm in Amey’s hand. Jessica said she saw the female cocking the firearm, and as they drove off, Amey fired it at them, striking the rear of the vehicle.” Lipe also stated in his report that Winstead’s left taillight was damaged.

Amey told authorities that the tunnel attracts a lot of people due to its haunted tales and she’s fed up with it. She was arrested early Friday morning and charged with five counts of aggravated assault. Amey is currently out on $10,000 bond awaiting her preliminary hearing scheduled for July 29.

The Sensabaugh Hollow Road railroad tunnel is located off of Big Elm Road in Church Hill, Tennessee. The location is rumored to be haunted by railroad workers.

Article Credit: John Albrecht

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  1. People are just way too crazy & care nothing about each other anymore. I so wish that we could get back to my Grandma’s, My Mom’s, even my early years, when we cared about our neighbors… Too much violence in this world today.

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