Charles Graves

Amy Bruni upset by fans’ irrational fears of Ouija or spirit boards

Unlike many paranormal investigators who warn that Ouija boards can be dangerous, Amy Bruni says that she does not believe they are dangerous. In fact, she expressed her concerns about irrational fear of Ouija boards in a recent tweet on March 30. Amy Bruni tweeted under the hash tag “thingsthatp***meoff”. Irrational fear of Ouija boards….

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Syfy Ghost Hunters introduces Ashley Troub as newest team member

Ashley Troub, a paranormal investigator from California, made her debut as the newest member of the Ghost Hunters team in the “Don’t Feed the Apparitions” episode that aired Sept. 26. Although Troub isn’t replacing Grant Wilson who left the show in May, she is filling a void left by his departure. Regular team members Steve Gonsalves, Dave Tango, Britt Griffith,…

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Adam Berry Gets Mixed Reviews About Being Gay

In an online article posted today, quote…. When Adam Berry announced he was gay on the last episode of “Ghost Hunters”, a paranormal reality show on SyFy, his intention was to make a connection with the spirits of the gay men whose lives had been lost in a fire, but he may have gotten more than he bargained for. A tweet from his…

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