Syfy Ghost Hunters introduces Ashley Troub as newest team member

Ashley Troub, a paranormal investigator from California, made her debut as the newest member of the Ghost Hunters team in the “Don’t Feed the Apparitions” episode that aired Sept. 26.

Although Troub isn’t replacing Grant Wilson who left the show in May, she is filling a void left by his departure. Regular team members Steve Gonsalves, Dave Tango, Britt Griffith, Adam Berry and Amy Bruni have all been pitching in and trying out new roles to see what works best for the show.Ghost Hunters Ashley

According to Jason Hawes, he and Steve Gonsalves have been researching and interviewing potential members and finally settled on Ashley Troub. Now it is time for her to make a go of it on her own to determine if she is a good fit for the team.

In tonight’s episode, Ashley Troub took turns investigating with each member of the team so they could get a feel for her style, and Jason Hawes and Steve Gonsalves could see how well she got along with other members.

Amy Bruni explained that this is first time someone unknown to the team members has been added to the show. Typically, members of the Ghost Hunters team are already friends with those who are invited onto the show.

Jason Hawes also welcomed Adam Berry as a full-fledged investigator for “Ghost Hunters”. Adam joined the team in 2010 after winning the “Ghost Hunters Academy” competition, lead by Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango, and has been an investigator in training for the past two years.

Tune in to “Ghost Hunters” on Wednesday nights at 9/8c on the SyFy channel.

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