Adam Berry Gets Mixed Reviews About Being Gay

In an online article posted today, quote….

When Adam Berry announced he was gay on the last episode of “Ghost Hunters”, a paranormal reality show on SyFy, his intention was to make a connection with the spirits of the gay men whose lives had been lost in a fire, but he may have gotten more than he bargained for. A tweet from his Twitter account dated Sept. 20, suggests that some fans did not react favorably.

To those complaining: I said I was gay during the show b/c I wanted 2 connect 2 the spirits that were lost. FYI been ‘out’ for a decade! LOL” says Berry.

But, not all “Ghost Hunters” fans reacted negatively. Although some expressed surprise by the announcement, others congratulated him for his courage.Syfy

Adam Berry joined “Ghost Hunters” as a paranormal investigator in training in 2010, after winning the “Ghost Hunters Academy” competition, and has recently been added as a full-fledged paranormal investigator for “Ghost Hunters”.

Adam Berry married his long-time lover, Ben Griessmeyer, in August of 2012. Until this week, no mention of his sexual orientation or recent marriage had been mentioned on “Ghost Hunters”.

In a 2011 interview published on AfterElton, Berry was asked if the topic of his sexual persuasion had ever been broached on “Ghost Hunters”. Berry responded with Not yet, but I’m not afraid of it. If it needs to happen, it will.”

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