Amy Bruni upset by fans’ irrational fears of Ouija or spirit boards

Unlike many paranormal investigators who warn that Ouija boards can be dangerous, Amy Bruni says that she does not believe they are dangerous. In fact, she expressed her concerns about irrational fear of Ouija boards in a recent tweet on March 30.015eee1b2f7dda2c7bef06f06ed11068[1]

Amy Bruni tweeted under the hash tag “thingsthatp***meoff”.

Irrational fear of Ouija boards.

Amy also posted on her blog that she has many spirit boards and that she has never had a paranormal experience connected to the boards. She further explains that she has encountered cases of possession, but that none of those cases involved an Ouija or spirit board.

It is Amy Bruni’s opinion that the spirit board is simply a tool and that it is no more dangerous that recording EVPs or using and EMF meter.

Not all paranormal investigators agree. A check of the TAPS site reveals that it no longer contains Jason Hawes’ article about the history of the Ouija board. However, a cached version of the site, dated March 31, 2010 reveals that Jason Hawes and TAPS do not endorse the use of Ouija boards.

People who have faith in the Ouija board believe that this board is a doorway to another plain of existence and due to this can put the user in great danger from malevolent spirits. Most people say that if you are going to use one of these boards you should place a silver coin on the board and this will not allow any evil spirits to pass over to our realm.

We at T.A.P.S do not endorse the use of these boards. Those people who choose to use these boards are asked to stop right now due to the possibility in the future of them having a paranormal situation due to these boards.  Jason (TAPS)

Of course, Amy Bruni may not actually use the spirit boards, but she does sell merchandise that promotes them.

Whether TAPS and Jason Hawes have changed their position on the possible dangers associated with spirit boards is unclear, as no reason was noted as to why the article by Jason Hawes was removed from the site.


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One thought on “Amy Bruni upset by fans’ irrational fears of Ouija or spirit boards

  1. Amy how many people that have used a ouiga or spirit boards do you know. Are you a medium or a sensative? I did not think so, you should be very careful about this subject you should know that using these boards come with possible danger because you dont know what your getting. your iresponsible when make statements such as that.
    Just how many cases of possesion have you encountered? Were you alone or with the team?
    And what experiance do you have other than going to locations with taps and saying are you there?
    That hardly makes you someone to give advice.

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