Syfy Closing The Lid on Deep South Paranormal

SyFy Channel is closing the coffin lid on another paranormal show, this time it’s Deep South Paranormal.

Deep South Paranormal was a show produced by Thunder Road Productions and did manage to make it through one season with six episodes on Syfy Channel. Contrary to belief, the “team” that was featured on the show was actually two different paranormal investigation groups, one from Louisiana and the other from Alabama, they never met each other before the show was filmed.

The show, that has been dubbed by critics, “A little bit Duck Dynasty, A little Bit Honey Boo-Boo and Very Little Ghost Hunters” will not be airing again due to extremely low ratings and being ridiculed by the paranormal community.

The show scoring only a 3.9 out of 10 stars on IMDB and Roy Weedmark from Global Paranormal had to say

“Again they perpetuate the myth of tv ghost hunting by using k2 hits exclusively as evidence to the proof of the  paranormal. Im sorry but there was a scene where a investigator was on a cutting machine and he was using a thermal camera and he caught a glimpse of something and instead of trying to debunk it at all he over-reacted and called for backup. At this point I dont think I could keep my eyes from rolling. Sorry There seems to be nothing scientific at all about this show.  Why cant there be something different put on TV that actaully {sic} truly depicts what we see and go through on cases?”deep-south-paranormal-syfy

HitFlix, another review website gave it an “F” and users commented after watching the show, “You really have to wonder about the sanity of anyone who allowed this to even be aired.”

and another review quoted was “If the goal of the show was to make the field of paranormal look like a joke, then job well done. Anyone with half a brain can tell that this is all faked staged B.S. If i wanted to watch some rednecks fishing and feeding petting zoo alligators i’d find a better place to do it than the syfy network.”

TVRage reviewers did not have that much to say about the show, but what was commented was “I do believe after watching this show my IQ has dropped at least 50 points. Sy Fy has become insulting to anyone with a little intelligence.” tried reaching John Brenkus, the Executive Producer of the show, but was not available for comment.

With all of these reviews and some of the lowest ratings we can see why they decided to pull the plug. It could also be that the networks are making room for some new paranormal shows that are due out this year including one show featuring Meat Loaf, another one called Voodoo Paranormal, Cajun Paranormal & Buyer Beware just to name a few.

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Matthew Phillips is a reporter from Michigan who has been interested in the paranormal since he was 3 years old. He has covered Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Activity  for Haunting News Magazine.

47 thoughts on “Syfy Closing The Lid on Deep South Paranormal

  1. Why don’t they film actual investigation from different paranormal groups that are out there to help their clients. That is where your going to find true investigations.

    1. After reading all 100+ comments here, I again find that those most passionate about a particular show allow their emotions to scar their posts. TIP: Too much ranting and you’ll be ignored. RE: DSP…Like most of you, I’m a life-long paranormal-junkie. I found the DSP team endearing and entertaining, which I believe is the whole point of Reality TV. Obviously DSP was not a designed as serious paranormal documentary. Instead it was a more realistic example of average novice hunters. Which gave viewers some great laughs, jumpy moments, new & refreshing haunts to explore (beyond hospitals, military/war sites). Consider the lighter para-shows the equivalent to well known Sit-Coms. They are based on Situational-Comedy…Why can’t Ghost Hunts be funny, fun or lighthearted? Anyone who has watched pros, like TAPS team, must have noticed they too laugh and joke. Apparently, it’s up to us–the viewers–to bombard the networks with praise when we find shows we love. ~Boo…Hoo

  2. Glad to see that these lame shows are soon to disappear, they got rid of better shows for this BS.

  3. HELLO ?
    You Call That Show A Failure When It’s ENTERTAINING If Anything Else ! “GHOST HUNTERS” > SLOW @ LAZY ! The “Ah ! Just Missed It Program” ! You Are IDIOTS ! Deep South Paranormal Was A ENJOYABLE SHOW ! I Don’t Know Where Your 3.9 Came From, But Man, YOU ARE IDIOTS ! I Could Nick @ Pick At EVERY Paranormal Show On TV, @ NONE Of Them Where As ENJOYABLE To Watch. It’s ENTERTAINMENT ! It’s TV ! IDIOTS !~*

  4. I did indeed enjoy this show, being from “down South” I got a kick out of what they did and things they would catch. Please reconsider.

  5. SYFY Channel YOU FUCKIN SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! All you’ve done this year is cancel every paranormal show but Ghosthunters and they were all go shows. So how long before you cancel Ghosthunters? All these paranormal shows put you on the map!!!!!!!!!! Get your heads out of your ASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. My thing is if you keep taking off ghosts shows then what. or you going to put on in its place? I really do like ghosts shows that’s on. Syfy I really do hope you guys out more ghosts shows on to replace the the ones. the ones you keep taking off.

  7. I think that a little more thought should be given to the shows that make it on the air. Instead of making more believe they seem to be making laughing stock out of the few who are really trying to get valid scientific proof. While not pointing any fingers there really should be some kind of quality control over the shows. I enjoyed watching Deep South Paranormal, but not for its scientific validations.

  8. This is one of the best paranormal shows I’ve watched. This is a poorly written article and if you look at the statistics of the show online and the fan clubs, those should tell you that I am not the only one who believes this. I am very disappointed in Syfy.

  9. I have personally been on a ghost hunt with three of these guys they are real about what they do despite what was shown on t.v. Calling them a joke isn’t fair, I loved watching their show. They are really good people too.

  10. I loved the show the men are good looking,funny,smart and most if all kind SYFY leaves on DUMB shows and takes off the good ones who ever is doing the reviews is an IDIOT! Keep rockin Randy,Heart,Kevin,Benny Keith,Johnathon you all are AMAZING

  11. I find it funny all you have found was bad things on this group but can’t find anything good? How is that? I’m a huge fan of DSP and I think what you have said is a bunch of bs. You say their ratings are low but from what I’ve seen they had a lot of people watching and dvring the episodes. I understand you have a chose to and opinion and this is mine. I talk to all of these guys on fb and not any other show out there has fb pages where they talk to there fans as themselves. It don’t matter what you say about them by trashing them tell still have more fans out there that will keep supporting them like I will do.

  12. I am a great big fan of paranormal reality show am from the south but i do enjoyed watching the DPS i agree with the post but why is Syfy is pulling the plug on the Paranormal shows on Wednesday? I do not why they’re adding stupid shows like Faceoff and Opposite and movies.I don’t watch syfy nomore!

  13. I love Ghost Hunters especially when the show first aired. Now that the Taps team got rid of most of the original members of the Taps team. Especially after Grant left. I stopped watching it. Absoulutely hate the show Face Off! I’m amazed that show is still on. By the way, I’am I the only one who misses the old Sci-Fi channel? The new Sy-Fy channel sucks!

  14. all i have to say is roy weedmark was right on the money with his comment, whether or not they were taking any of their investigations seriously they never once attempted to debunk anything they find, i remember a particular incident where i think it was benny? was talking about how he was extremely claustrophobic, proceeded to get INTO a tight space, and not 30 seconds later feel “something” pushing on his chest, freak out, cry ghost and get the hell out of there, i’m sorry but you’re claustrophobic, you went into a tight space, its called a panic attack, at that point i completely stopped taking them seriously as investigators, it was an entertaining enough show but as paranormal investigators? they’re a joke

  15. I Loved the show! it was fun to watch.So why did u stop showing this show and the rest of ur Ghost Hunting shows!! Well I am very disappointed.Now I just watch different cause Those shows were the only reason I watch the syfy channel.So U lost a viewer and hope I matter!

  16. I can understand syfy canceling shows bc of ratings. Its a business people, they’re out to make money not friends. I wasn’t too happy when they cancelled Ghost Mine but hey, such is life. There are several other networks that provide decent paranormal programming. Destination America, Travel, LMN even has a few. Its out there if you know where to look. (As long as Syfy isn’t producing the naked in the paranormal show I’ll be happy!)

  17. I live in the UK and bloody loved DSP it’s was so funny and entertaining, i’d defo go on a ghost hunt with those guys 😀 can’t believe it’s been cancelled 🙁 surely it should have been given a bit more time before being cancelled as im sure the ratings would have gone up, ghost shows are crap in the UK n we would have loved more of DSP…………bring it back…..plzzzzz

  18. I absolutely loved the show, not all ghost hunters do things the same way. The important thing is to get results, and that is exactly what they did. There are much worse programs on t.v. Hopefully all us paranormal lovers will them again. Make some changes if need be and give them another chance to entertain us again. This family loves the entire cast from Deep South,and my, what a beautiful singing voice.

  19. One season? That’s hardly enough time to get a substantial viewing audience let alone a good rating. I think they should give this show one more shot. I enjoyed it more than Ghost Hunters and what ever it is Ghost Adventures has turned into since Nick left the show.

  20. I watched this show with my son. We loved it, it was fun to watch and was our time together to watch some funny and spooky tv. It’s much better then some of the stupid movies on Syfy. Gone too soon. It was a guilty pleasure☺

  21. Years later and I still miss this show. It was so entertaining and I really liked the people on it! I wish wish wish you would bring it back for the fun of it.

  22. You all cancelled a really good show and should really reconsider bringing it back.I am resident from Alabama myself and it really interest me in seeing the paranormal happening around the areas.

  23. Perhaps they just don’t like southern people.I am from the Deep South and found DSP quite enjoyable to watch! I am no critic but perhaps Syfi should listen to the people who actually watch these shows, we are called fans!

  24. I too love DSP. I kept hoping another season might magically appear. I found the people highly entertaining and somewhat educational. They where no worse then other ghost hunters. There only difference is they are southern and I am sure, not being from there, a lot of beliefs are foreign to a lot of the viewers. Just because one is from the big city you can’t tear apart a backwoods man belief system. Please reconsider bringing it back.

  25. Why can’t you just let the people enjoy these shows on syfy. DSP ghost mine&the haunted collector. Good shows entertaining plus ghost hunters international please bring them back

  26. I liked watching Deep South Paranormal and Haunted Collector because they are fun to watch. I do not believe in ghosts but like watching shows about the paranormal. Some shows like these are fun to watch because they are entertaining. Get rid of stupid shows like Face off because it is stupid. Who wants to watch a show about people creating people who are supposed to be scary looking but are not scary just stupid looking.

  27. I thought Deep South Paranormal was a unique show. They had some unusual ways of doing things. I like all the paranormal shows. There are not enough of them out there. I am sad to see this one go. These reality tv shows are for entertainment and for a little bit of reality. As for Ghost Hunters that is one show that is so full of its self. They are always filming themselves instead of what is going on around them. Then say did you see that . . No how can we, the audience, see anything when you are too busy filming yourselves and constantly talking, that you end up talking over EVPs. Plus I haven’t seen the lady that asks questions using the flashlight method in a while. I thought that was interesting. I for one do not want to be board watching a ghost hunting group walking around talking and filming themselves. I want to see actual ghosts, orbs and such. I also want to see a little more serious investigations. And why do they always have to be at night? Ghosts can be seen in the daylight. Also what about the other realms of paranormal other than ghosts? Like the Elementals, I am guessing that is what they are called. There is a lot more to this world than what we think. I have seen some weird stuff in my life time and I would like to have answers. Yes, I have seen a ghost 3 different times and two of the times was during the day. I also saw a lot of strange things when I was involved in metaphysics years ago.

  28. I love watching your show. I have only one issue that I don’t like about your show. I’ve seen all of your episodes. Ya’all never say anything about the orbs that I see. I know the difference between dust and an orb. Why don’t ya’all ever say anything about the orbs? Maybe ya’all need to watch the episodes like what they show on tv and tell me what y’all think okay. I do love yall’s show tho

  29. I loved the show you fuckin cunts and why not keep the show and cancel the ghosthunters TV show because makes me and the people bored and the deep south Paranormal put some fun in to it so we don’t get bored think about and then talk shot about any show on syfi you sons of bitch’s.

  30. I loved the show and I’m from Alabama born and raised. I have that it’s not on anymore. Last I got to watch it for a while I so so happy.
    I have a uncle that’s like Kevin and I love him very much.
    My husband also loved it as well I would watch the reruns or new eps if you ever put any on.

  31. Syfy channel you guys are shit. You cancel every single ghost hunting show its ridiculous! I liked DSP very much. It’s not a serious ghost show, but it gave everyone a laugh! So how long will it be until you cancel paranormal witness huh?

  32. Here is the thing, the only reason it was cancelled was because people don’t like people that act southern or redneck. I for one thought they got some of the best footage of paranormal activity ever caught on tv camera. I am referring to the night at the mill with the lady in white on the bridge.

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