Syfy Closing The Lid on Deep South Paranormal

SyFy Channel is closing the coffin lid on another paranormal show, this time it’s Deep South Paranormal.

Deep South Paranormal was a show produced by Thunder Road Productions and did manage to make it through one season with six episodes on Syfy Channel. Contrary to belief, the “team” that was featured on the show was actually two different paranormal investigation groups, one from Louisiana and the other from Alabama, they never met each other before the show was filmed.

The show, that has been dubbed by critics, “A little bit Duck Dynasty, A little Bit Honey Boo-Boo and Very Little Ghost Hunters” will not be airing again due to extremely low ratings and being ridiculed by the paranormal community.

The show scoring only a 3.9 out of 10 stars on IMDB and Roy Weedmark from Global Paranormal had to say

“Again they perpetuate the myth of tv ghost hunting by using k2 hits exclusively as evidence to the proof of the  paranormal. Im sorry but there was a scene where a investigator was on a cutting machine and he was using a thermal camera and he caught a glimpse of something and instead of trying to debunk it at all he over-reacted and called for backup. At this point I dont think I could keep my eyes from rolling. Sorry There seems to be nothing scientific at all about this show.  Why cant there be something different put on TV that actaully {sic} truly depicts what we see and go through on cases?”deep-south-paranormal-syfy

HitFlix, another review website gave it an “F” and users commented after watching the show, “You really have to wonder about the sanity of anyone who allowed this to even be aired.”

and another review quoted was “If the goal of the show was to make the field of paranormal look like a joke, then job well done. Anyone with half a brain can tell that this is all faked staged B.S. If i wanted to watch some rednecks fishing and feeding petting zoo alligators i’d find a better place to do it than the syfy network.”

TVRage reviewers did not have that much to say about the show, but what was commented was “I do believe after watching this show my IQ has dropped at least 50 points. Sy Fy has become insulting to anyone with a little intelligence.” tried reaching John Brenkus, the Executive Producer of the show, but was not available for comment.

With all of these reviews and some of the lowest ratings we can see why they decided to pull the plug. It could also be that the networks are making room for some new paranormal shows that are due out this year including one show featuring Meat Loaf, another one called Voodoo Paranormal, Cajun Paranormal & Buyer Beware just to name a few.

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Matthew Phillips is a reporter from Michigan who has been interested in the paranormal since he was 3 years old. He has covered Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Activity  for Haunting News Magazine.

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