EXCLUSIVE: Amy Bruni & Adam Berry leaving Syfy Ghost Hunters

GhostHuntersFans.com has just learned from a press release from Deadline|Hollywood, that Amy Bruni and Adam Berry from the Syfy Channel’s hit show Ghost Hunters will be leaving the show to develope a new show with a Paranormal theme.Ghost Hunters

Amy Bruni who has more than 20 years in the paranormal field has been on the unscripted show Ghost Hunters since 2008 and Adam Berry joined the show in 2010 after winning the Ghost Hunters Academy show contest.

No word if Jason Hawes will be filling the void left by the duo, we will just have to see if this is a sign that the longest running reality show is maybe doomed like the rest that have been falling to the side.

Amy Bruni and Adam Berry have not been available to comment.

Amy Bruni and Adam Berry, who is now represented by Westpoint Entertainment’s Bill Stankey,  also are also negotiating with a casino company for an ongoing series of appearances in Las Vegas and other markets across the US.

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Matthew Phillips is a reporter from Michigan who has been interested in the paranormal since he was 3 years old. He has covered Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Activity  for Haunting News Magazine.

28 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Amy Bruni & Adam Berry leaving Syfy Ghost Hunters

  1. It is sad to watch a series for so long and then the cast start leaving. It feels like one of your family leaves and you try to fill the void with a stranger. Not the same. They will be missed. But good luck

  2. This is definitely my favorite show which has gotten so much better over the years,hopefully it will continue. Hate to see them leave but I’m sure the rest of the crew will do an awesome job as always

  3. They will be sadly missed. Maybe Kris will come back. Still won’t fill the voild of losing Ami and Adam.

  4. I really miss you guys. So if you have to part It,s a shame but I will watch you war ever you go! Thank you for all you have done love the show. Ever in Michigan and need help I will be there for you.

  5. I’m very sad to hear you’re leaving. This is my number one favorite show. Good luck with whatever is in the future for the both of you. I know you will have great success. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity say goodbye to you both. Good luck.

  6. And then there were three (3). Glad your moving on to bigger and better things, no disrespect Jason, but Amy, like when Grant left, the show won’t be the same. I will, however , continue to watch as I have since day one. Best wishes from a true Ghost Hunters fan….Boston Strong!

  7. i have a gift and have noone to share it with. i do not fear what i see nor hear i only wish i could use my gift in rendering aid or relaying what is wanting to be relayed…to bring closure per say

  8. This is such sad news I knew they go on other hunts and would of never thought they would think of leaving the show. Hate to hear this though wish them luck on what the future holds for them both though I still plan on waiting TAPS.

  9. I hate to hear Amy & Adam leavening Ghost Hunters. I love this show hope they fine some one to replace them & keep this show on air. Please don’t take Ghost Hunters off. Keep this show on air. Thank you.

  10. Hate to see good investigators leave the show but I understand folks can burn out especially if you have young children such as Amy. I’m sure they will bring in new investigators that would be just as good. I look forward to future episodes Ghost Hunters.

  11. I feel the show was in trouble when Grant left he was a people person with personality Jason is a hard ass and now since Jason’s daughter has come on the show I felt it was gonna go down hill cause Jason is gonna take care of his daughter before he worries about the long time cast. If Amy and Adam leaving that is it won’t watch it anymore Jason is to harsh

  12. So sad to see the crew splitting but it’s the next step for Amy & Adam. Ghost Hunters will be different BUT I wish them all the best.

  13. I am absolutely stunned that anyone would write in favor of G.H. Amy! Selling tickets to go on a “ghost hunt” with Amy leaves me wondering how many family members it takes her to support a junket like that.
    I have to record Ghost Hunters so I can fast forward through all the repetitive dialogue. Why must we be told every move, sound, thought, and observation within 3 seconds of their occurrences then again during the reveal?
    I enjoyed the joking around between Jason, Grant and Steve until Amy joined the show and it became the “Amy Show.”
    Is she given an unlimited amount of time to describe the previous moment then tell the obedient Adam that they must compare notes with the rest of the team? After all, some other team member may have also heard a sound since parting company with Amy!

    1. I think Amy is great. I would love to investigate with her. I like her style. She’s respectful to the spirits. I enjoy her flashlight work. I found her to blend in nicely with all the other members. That’s another thing I like about GH, no egos, just everyone working together to obtain the best evidence possible.

    2. I agree. The only one that left that really effected the show was grant. All others have and can be replaced however sci fi needs to stop keeping new seasons shows start time a secret.

  14. I have watched Ghost Hunters since the first episode. Jason, Grant and Steve are the only original members of the first shows. But now with the addition of Tango they were a strong team and I’m sure Jason, Steve and Tango still are. But it’s hard for the fans to loose members of the team as well because we watch weely/yearly and we get used to the people like they are our family but it seems to that every year that they play less and less episodes and call it a season , and we don’t have time to get used to anyone anymore! I remember that for months everytime it was coming on it was a big event, you make sure your home in time to watch it and now they have 4 or 5 episodes and that’s concidered a season when before it was like 12 to 15 or so it seemed! I will always watch the show but I wish it would go back to the old days! # GhostHunters FanForever

  15. I’m so sad to see them both leave. They were a good mix with the other members. I wish them all the best and wait impatiently for Ghost Hunters in 2015.

  16. It’s about time for the last 3 seasons you would have thought it was the Amy Bruni hour. She couldn’t keep her mouth shut long enough to hear a ghost. I was one of Ghost Hunters biggest fan till lately I coulnt stand to here her voice anymore I wouldn’t watch any show she I a part of good riddens

  17. Sorry folks but I am elated to hear Adam Berry is leaving the program. In my opinion (and yes, I know we all have opinions), he did not fit the show in more ways than one. I could hardly watch the episodes with him on there, and I’ve been a devoted GH fan from the start. To me he was not a good investigator, he loved too much drama and had no problem expressing it in his Adam Berry way. Does not surprise me he is leaving the program after getting what he could from it, but it sure makes me one happy camper!

  18. Have not watched the show consistently since that live show “Collar gate”. Lost all respect for Jason and Grant that night. I have watched the show now and again and i like Amy and Adam much better than Steve and Tango. Their 12 year old “pull my finger” act’s got real old…

  19. I first would like to state that from the very begining I had high
    hopes for GH, Quite a few of their eps were very exciting and
    entertaining even a bit scary at times. But I stop watching long
    before Grant departed,yes Jason and Grant were a good team.
    My problem with the show was mainly some of the so called
    haunted location that were chosen. You at that time early in
    the first season I myself could have used their help, I attempted
    to contact them but never even recieved a return call. I have often
    wondered why the house in St.Louis was never investigated? Or
    the house in Amityville on long Island? Just makes me wonder.

  20. I am also sorry that Amy and Adam are leaving Ghost Hunters. Amy was so innovative with her ideas. I think when she used the flashlights it was one of the most fascinating and conclusive paranormal evidence used in the program. She and Adam made a great team. It’s almost like a family is being torn apart. I will continue to watch as I have from the beginning but sure wish they would reconsider.

  21. Amy, kriss and adam are the bedt of ghost hunters, why I watched. Jssons fat head got in the way of the ghosts….

  22. I sure wish they would reconsider Amy was good with flashlight episode. Adam is really great too.
    Their wasn’t a better team than amy and adam.
    I lovo watching them and I watch every episode.
    Please come back or have or own show. You both are very good at what you do. Branch out but let us know where you are going? Keep in touch with us.
    You are very cute and he is cute.

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