EXCLUSIVE: Amy Bruni & Adam Berry leaving Syfy Ghost Hunters

GhostHuntersFans.com has just learned from a press release from Deadline|Hollywood, that Amy Bruni and Adam Berry from the Syfy Channel’s hit show Ghost Hunters will be leaving the show to develope a new show with a Paranormal theme.Ghost Hunters

Amy Bruni who has more than 20 years in the paranormal field has been on the unscripted show Ghost Hunters since 2008 and Adam Berry joined the show in 2010 after winning the Ghost Hunters Academy show contest.

No word if Jason Hawes will be filling the void left by the duo, we will just have to see if this is a sign that the longest running reality show is maybe doomed like the rest that have been falling to the side.

Amy Bruni and Adam Berry have not been available to comment.

Amy Bruni and Adam Berry, who is now represented by Westpoint Entertainment’s Bill Stankey,  also are also negotiating with a casino company for an ongoing series of appearances in Las Vegas and other markets across the US.

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Matthew Phillips is a reporter from Michigan who has been interested in the paranormal since he was 3 years old. He has covered Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Activity  for Haunting News Magazine.

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