Rumors of Chip Coffey Event in Tennessee are in the air

Chip Coffey Psychic Medium

Chip Coffey, world renown Psychic and Medium, best known for his appearances in A&E Channel’s Paranormal State and Psychic Kids has been rumored to be the headliner at the anticipated Ghost Hunt Weekends event during Halloween this year at the Thomas House Hotel in Red Boiling Springs, TN.

Chip Coffey Psychic Medium
Chip Coffey Psychic Medium

“We can’t confirm or deny the rumors right now…” said Chad Morin, President and Host of Ghost Hunt Weekends during a phone interview. “…but you have to admit Chip Coffey going to a fantastic location like the Thomas House mixed with the level of our events makes for some great gossip.” Morin added.

The Thomas House was featured on Paranormal State, but due to travel restrictions, Chip was not able to attend the filming, but Chip did go to the Thomas House off camera with Paranormal State and claimed that it was a spiritually active location.

The Ghost Hunt Weekends website does have Thursday October 31, November 1 & 2 on their website as event dates “To Be Announced” and a call to the Thomas House confirmed that Ghost Hunt Weekends does have those dates reserved on their books. Now the question is, what does Ghost Hunt Weekends have up their sleeves?

No answer to a call and email sent to Chip Coffey’s booking agent, so I guess we will all have to wait and see what will be announced.


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