New Ghost Hunters Airs Tonight on Syfy Channel [VIDEO]

On Ghost Hunters, TAPS investigates a possible connection between two separate buildings seemingly haunted by the same spirit. Catch that sneak peek, in addition to a clip from Tango’s shadowy figure experience last week and a behind-the-scenes look with Steve’s Gear Guide.image

 Then, on Ghost Mine, a haunting in the mine potentially turns deadly when a fire breaks out. Don’t miss that preview, in addition to a clip from last week showing activity on the Sumpter Train.

Next Tuesday, we’ll also be holding a press call for the upcoming new series, Naked Vegas. Showrunner Terence Michael, as well as stars Kelly “Red” Belmonte and Nix Herrera will join the call. I’ve attached a press release with more information. Please see the below call details:

Ghost Hunters—Airs Wednesdays at 9/8c.

The Coroner’s Case – Sneak Peek

SUMMARY: What is the connection between two separate buildings that seem to be haunted by the same spirit?


One thought on “New Ghost Hunters Airs Tonight on Syfy Channel [VIDEO]

  1. Coroner’s Case: Michele and Britt are in the restaurant of the Rendall Building. She has already placed sugar around the glass. Britt commented, “….looking at mirrors basically and there are windows behind us.” The camera pans around the room moving right. There is a light reflection that looks like a doorway, a wall with some tables in front of it, and on the right, against the wall, there appears to be someone (something) sitting in a chair at a table. I would love your take on this……. Thank you!

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