Ghost Hunt Weekends President featured in Florida Newspaper

Former Brevard County resident Chad Morin (Cocoa HighClass of 1988) has found his calling – a paranormal calling that is.
He travels across the country putting together ghost hunts at historical sites with haunted pasts.
Paranormal tv series running on the SyFy channel have recently ramped up interest in ghost hunting weekend
Like Comicon or a Star Trek convention, die hard fans of the after-life spend big money at these events, inlcuding lodging, food, detection equipment, and passes to meet paranormal celebrities.
When asked if he ever considered holding a ghost hunt in Brevard, he said that “I don’t think I could fit that many people into Ashley’s [Referring to the Rockledge restaurant with a haunted reputation].”
While playing ghost host at these events, he gives a sneek peek of his book Hunting Ghosts – Practical Advice and Approach, which introduces some seldom praticed techniques that claim to encourage spirit activity as wel as a how-to guide on conducting paranormal investigations.
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