New Changes this week for ghost hunters TV schedules

This coming week, February 11-17, has a few new episodes and a scheduling change for Syfy shows Ghost Hunters and “Ghost Mine.”

Tuesday on Syfy they have a marathon of “Destination Truth” from season two.


Syfy starts Wednesday off with a mini marathon of “Haunted Collector,” showing all six episodes of season one and one episode from season two, getting fans into gear for the season three premiere March 6. There are 12 episodes slated for the new season.

Wednesday night the scheduling changes take place for Syfy’s “Ghost Hunters” and “Ghost Mine.” They’ll each be on an hour earlier. “Ghost Hunters” is all new as the team investigates The Belle of Louisville. This week’s new episode of “Ghost Mine” is the second to the last one for this premiere season and there hasn’t been any word yet on whether or not there will be a second season.

Friday night on the Travel Channel is a new compilation episode of  Ghost Adventures  This one is titled “Obsessions and Possessions.” There is the usual mini-marathons of “Ghost Adventures and “The Dead Files” Friday and Saturday nights.

Tuesday, February 12

Syfy Channel

8 a.m. “Destination Truth” Sea Monster/Bat Demon (204)

9 a.m. “Destination Truth” Flying Dinosaur/Sloth Monster (205)

10 a.m. “Destination Truth” Giant Anaconda (206)

11 a.m. “Destination Truth” Yowie/Haunted Mosque (207)

12 p.m. “Destination Truth” Orang Pendek/Worm Monster (208)

1 p.m. “Destination Truth” Haunted Cave/Burrunjor (209)

2 p.m. “Destination Truth” Ahool/Pinatubo Monster (210)

3 p.m. “Destination Truth” Haunted Forest/Aswang (211)

4 p.m. “Destination Truth” Issie/Icelandic Elves (212)

Wednesday, February 13

Syfy Channel

8 a.m. “Haunted Collector” Haunted Bayou/Library Ghost (101)

9 a.m. “Haunted Collector” My Mother’s Ghost/Paranormal Predator (102)

10 a.m. “Haunted Collector” Burning Spirits/Ghosts Of The West (103)

11 a.m. “Haunted Collector” The Sanitarium/Firehouse Phantom (104)

12 p.m. “Haunted Collector” Uncivil Spirit/Revolutionary Ghost (105)

1 p.m. “Haunted Collector” Slaughterhouse Ghosts/Supernatural Sword (106)

2 p.m. “Haunted Collector” Haunted Rectory/Grand Midway Ghosts (205)

3 p.m. “Ghost Mine” Descent Into Darkness (101)

4 p.m. “Ghost Mine” Disturbance At The Inn (102)

5 p.m. “Ghost Mine” Vengeful Spirit (103)

6 p.m. “Ghost Mine” Phantom Wind (104)

7 p.m. “Ghost Hunters” Permanent Residents (904)

8 p.m. “Ghost Hunters” All Ghosts On Deck (905) NEW

9 p.m. “Ghost Mine” Secret Passage (105) NEW

10 p.m. “Ghost Hunters” All Ghosts On Deck (905)

11 p.m. “Ghost Mine” Secret Passage (105)

Thursday, February 14

Syfy Channel

12 a.m. “Haunted Collector” Haunted Rectory/Grand Midway Ghosts (205)

Friday, February 15

Travel Channel

7 p.m. “Ghost Adventures” Amargosa Opera House (411)

8 p.m. “Ghost Adventures” Bewitched and Bothered (722)

9 p.m. “Ghost Adventures” Obsessions and Possessions (723) NEW (compilation)

10 p.m. “The Dead Files” Arctic Wrath (215)

11 p.m. “The Dead Files” Blood in the Bordello (304)

Saturday, February 16

Travel Channel

12 a.m. “Ghost Adventures” Obsessions and Possessions (723)

1 a.m. “The Dead Files” Arctic Wrath (215)

2 a.m. “The Dead Files” Blood in the Bordello (304)

3 a.m. “Ghost Adventures” Bewitched and Bothered (722)

8 p.m. “Ghost Adventures” Old Fort Erie (412)

9 p.m. “Ghost Adventures” Gettysburg (401)

10 p.m. “Ghost Adventures” Return to Virginia City (507)

11 p.m. “Ghost Adventures” Crazy Town (713)

Sunday, February 17

Travel Channel

12 a.m. “Ghost Adventures” Gettysburg (401)

1 a.m. “Ghost Adventures” Return to Virginia City (507)

2 a.m. “Ghost Adventures” Crazy Town (713)

3 a.m. “Ghost Adventures” Old Fort Erie (412)

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