Kentucky Goatman, more than just a Ghost Story?

Sheepman or Goatman, Ghost Hunters alike call him the same.

So, who is the Kentucky Goatman anyway?

After the tragic death of an Ohio lady who was on a quest to find the infamous goatman in Louisville, KY, this legend has been pushed into the forefront of many paranormal investigators’ minds. But what, or who, exactly is this goatman? Where did he come from and why does he hang out at a train trestle? Ghost Hunters Fans is here to help answer the questions.

Kentucky Goatman or Sheepman that may be haunting railroads.
Is this the Mysterious Kentucky Goatman?

The goatman, also known as the Pope Lick Monster or Sheepman, is a half man, half goat hybrid that is often described as being very much like a satyr. According to legend, he was a circus freak who was the only survivor of horrific train wreck that killed all the other circus performers.  Instead of returning to his home in the wilds of Canada, he decided to remain in the Pope Lick area of Jefferson County, KY.

As in the classical tradition of Pan, the goatman possesses mystical abilities that enable him to lead individuals to their deaths by either using a hypnotic glare or sounds. He then either causes his prey to fall off the trestle by frightening them with a sudden appearance or by hoping them captive, either physically or with mind control, on the trestle until they are hit by an oncoming train.

Whether or not the Pope Lick Monster actually exists, the hunt for him has caused numerous deaths since his first appearance in the 1950s.  Prior to Roquel Bane’s tragic accident of April 23th of this year, there have been many who have perished by either being hit by a train or falling from the trestle. Many have tried to hang from the trestle to escape the train and/ or the goatman to only fall to their demise.  After a short film was produced on the topic in 1988 entitled The Legend of the Pope Lick Monster as well as the surge of interest in the paranormal, these incidents have been on the rise.

Many individuals theorize that the goatman wants to be left alone and uses his skills to punish those who visit his lair.  While there are others who feel that the story originated to prevent the area from becoming a hangout for adventurous teens, only to have their attempts have the opposite effect.

While the legend of the goatman strikes a match of curiosity, it is advised to leave this one alone. Due to the number of accidents that have happened, the owners of the trestle, Norfolk Southern Railway, has had a security fence put into place and by entering onto the trestle, one could be facing trespassing charges. This is an area with heavy locomotive traffic, and as history shows, tragedy does happen here.

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