Ghost Hunting has gone to the Wrestlers

SMART Paranormal
Tennessee wrestlers hope to put the smack down on the paranormal.

It seems as if there is an unlikely connection between the world of wrestling and the paranormal. Last year, EL Rey Network was looking into developing a ghost hunting show with Lucha Underground presenter, Vampiro. SyFy’s Ghost Hunters has featured special WWE guests CM Punk, Elijah Burke, and Kofi Kingston. And now, a trio of wrestlers is hoping to take things a little further by producing a television show dedicated to their own ghost hunting team.

Wrestling with Ghosts is the brainchild of Travis Sagraves, Luke Walker, Vinnie Vineyard, and non-wrestler, Justin Richards. These four are the members of SMART (Smokey Mountain Research Team) Paranormal, headquartered in Sevier County, Tennessee. The show is to be produced by Lastnight Productions with Richards as the executive producer. The team’s plan is to create six, one hour original episodes with the hopes of it being picked up by a channel such as Destination America or TLC.

Wrestling with Ghosts
Are these wrestlers the next big thing in paranormal television?


In the series, they are hoping to expose the more human side to ghost hunting, something that they feel has been lacking in paranormal shows in the past. Instead of focusing solely on evidence that can be measured, such as temperatures and EMF variations, the group is committed to showing more about how spiritual encounters affect corporal beings.

On October the 1st, National Ghost Hunting Day, the team set out to film the pilot episode of the series. They conducted an investigation at the Greenbrier Restaurant in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The business is a log structure built in the 1930’s. It originally functioned as a B&B, providing its guest with safe lodging and breakfast. The lodge featured one of the area’s first concrete swimming pools, a sun deck, and also a wedding venue, as noted in the legend of Lydia, the guest who never left. 

 Lydia is the spirit of a young woman jilted at the alter. She later hung herself in despair from one of the rafters of the second story of the location.  The cast of Wrestling with Ghosts claim to have made contact with her during their time there, stating that she was “sweet and happy” but not clarifying how contact was made or if the encounter was captured as evidence.

Hopefully, if the series is picked up, the relationship between these two worlds can be explained.  But, as the unique bond these two fields have continues to grow, it is clear that there is a common thread between them somewhere.

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One thought on “Ghost Hunting has gone to the Wrestlers

  1. I am so upset, that the original paranormal team taps, ghost hunters Will no longer be on on Wednesday nights. I look forward to Wednesdays I feel like I’m losing a friend. I will miss seeing Jason and the group.
    I understand this can be very hard on your family. I wish you all the best of luck and hope that you’ll do periodic investigations and specials throughout the years much sadness in my heart I feel like I’m losing a family member but I understand best to all.

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