Ghost Hunters to investigate Rundel Library in Rochester, NY

The Ghost Hunters team visited the Rundel Library last August in an attempt to uncover the truth about the haunted tales that plague the library, says a Democrat and Chronicle report dated Nov. 22. Reports of paranormal activity at the library include doors opening and closing on their own, the elevators moving on their own and spooky shadows.Ghost Hunters

But, it was capturing the auditorium door opening and closing on its own on the security camera that prompted the staff to contact “Ghost Hunters”. According to the library news release, no mechanical explanation for the movement of the door could be found, so they called “Ghost Hunters” in hopes they can unravel cause of the ghostly activity in the Rundel Library.

During the visit the “Ghost Hunters” team investigated the subway tunnels beneath the library, the library stacks and backrooms in the library that are closed to the public.

Although the results of the paranormal investigation have not been released, a sneak peek on SyFy reveals that Adam and Ashley capture a spooky voice in the stacks of the library. Exactly what the voice says has not been revealed, but “Ghost Hunters” fans can look forward to uncovering the mystery of paranormal activity at the Rundel Library on this week’s episode of “Ghost Hunters”.

The show, entitled “Due Date with Death”, airs Nov. 28 at 9/8c on SyFy.

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