‘Ghost Hunters’ Amy Bruni announces the arrival of ‘Baby Charlotte’

The “Ghost Hunters” family gained its youngest member this week when Amy Bruni’s baby decided to join the world. Amy Bruni announced the arrival of “Baby Charlotte” to the world via a tweet from her account on Oct. 15.

“World, meet the love of our lives, baby Charlotte.” Says the Twitter announcement

Charlotte was born on Thursday Oct. 11, says Amy Bruni is a tweet dated Oct. 12.

“Last night, we welcomed our little girl, Charlotte, into the world! Baby and I are doing great. Suddenly, life feels so complete. Xoxo” Amy BruniGhost Hunters

Amy Bruni, a paranormal investigator in the SyFy’s paranormal reality show “Ghost Hunters”, announced her pregnancy in the season finale of “Ghost Hunters” last May, and has continued to work throughout her pregnancy. Although she did encounter one experience when she walked off the investigation due to concerns for her baby’s health, she’s made investigating haunted locations while pregnant look easy.

She has previously indicated that she will be taking time off to spend with the baby, but don’t expect to see her missing on the “Ghost Hunter” shows, yet. Because the shows are filmed in advance, Amy may well appear on the show on Wednesday nights, even though she is actually home spending time with baby Charlotte and Mr. X.

As of now, it appears the couple is happy to have this bundle of joy to share and have made no plans to tie the knot.

A picture of the baby can be viewed at Instagram.

Tune in to “Ghost Hunters” on Wednesday nights at 9/8c to watch Amy Bruni and the rest of the team as they investigate the paranormal.

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3 thoughts on “‘Ghost Hunters’ Amy Bruni announces the arrival of ‘Baby Charlotte’

  1. I just Love Love Ghost Hunters and Amy, U are the Bravest of Women! I commend You for The Great Job You Are During! A Truely Dedicated and Fearless Lady! May God Bless You & Your Baby Girl! Love You & the Team!
    Ps: my Little Grandson, Parrish; ( named at His Uncle Parrish. My 13 yr. Son was Killed by a Drunken/Drugged Driver! Congrats on Baby Charlottes’ Miracle!

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