Ghost Adventures Season Eight will Inform and Entertain

Nick, Zak and Aaron from Ghost Adventures

Ghost Hunters has learned from the Las Vegas Informer that “Ghost Adventures” will kick off season eight with a big episode.  In the season premiere, the Ghost Adventures Crew, Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin, visit the Pioneer Saloon in nearby Goodsprings, Nevada.

As is customary with “Ghost Adventures,” this episode is part ghost hunt, part historical experience and part science lesson.

Nick, Zak and Aaron from Ghost Adventures
Nick, Zak and Aaron from Ghost Adventures

The saloon is one of the oldest in the country having been built in 1913. That is where the main part of the investigation occurred.

But the viewers were in for a treat, there were two other nearby locales involved – the Belle Mine and the site of the plane crash involving Carol Lombard, the 33-year old wife of Clark Gable.

The mine, it should be noted, it abandoned and extremely dangerous.  During their initial trip to the mine, they also managed to visit petroglyphs in the area.

Nick and Tom Shekells, the Pioneer owner’s son, visited the site of the plane crash.  This was the most startling part of the episode, in my opinion, as there was still quite a bit of plane wreckage left at the site.  This brought home the tragedy of the event.

At night, Nick and Billy Tolley, GAC’s EVP analyst, revisit the abandoned mine.  It is there that they become more daring and investigate further down into the mine, navigating the levels of mine (at one point they were 300 feet down) using old, unsafe ladders.

The interesting aspect of this part of the investigation was seeing how miners used to navigate the mines and how cramped their space really was.

While Nick and Billy were at the mine, Zak and Aaron were left to investigate the Pioneer Saloon.  Again, the history aspect of this show is great.  The Pioneer has an underground abandoned mine.

But I always like to see how everyday technology is adapted for paranormal research.  Out of all of the equipment used during the episode, I thought the Microsoft Kinect was a novel approach.  I know it has been used before on the show, but it still amazes me to this day.

The season premiere is best described as a big episode in a seemingly small location. I say seemingly small as the investigation was only primarily about the Pioneer Saloon.  It also included one other investigation (Belle Mine) and two other site visits (plane crash site and petroglyphs).

As usual, there is a lot going on in this episode.  What brings it all together is Zak’s commentary.  Zak is able to give a history lesson on a location (the shooting of Paul Kowalski) while talking about trigger objects and explaining the equipment that is going to be used.

That is one of the major advantages “Ghost Adventures” has over other paranormal research shows – how well the information in conveyed to the audience.  During the “Ghost Adventures” commentary, nothing is assumed.  For instance, each time equipment is introduced, the science behind it is explained.

The season eight premiere was no exception.  It managed to take the audience back in time, allowed them to experience life in a different era, while it showcased the technology and science behind ghost hunting. I actually felt smarter after watching this episode.

Many shows start to falter after seven seasons. Going into eight seasons, “Ghost Adventures” has only gotten better with time.


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