Entity Attacks Ghost Hunters Crew Member

A member of the “Ghost Hunters” camera crew found out what it feels like to get up close and personal with spirits on the Sept. 5 episode. Not only did she get close, she received multiple scratches from an unseen entity.

“Ghost Hunters” traveled to South Carolina this week to investigate the Old City Jail and explore the claims of ghostly activity.


During the investigation, Hagar, a camerawoman who typically follows Adam Berry and Amy Bruni during filming, suddenly felt a burning sensation on her finger. She was not immediately sure what happened, but closer inspection revealed scratches on her finger.

As Hagar followed the team up to the third floor, she again felt burning on her forearms, that later revealed scratches. At this point, the camerawoman opted to leave the building.

After a break, Hagar decided that she wanted to return to the investigation to help figure out the cause of her physical attack. She subsequently found herself under attack again and received scratches on the stomach, back and neck.

The scratches confirmed the claims that brought Ghost Hunters to Old City Jail in Charleston, SC in the first place. Numerous reports of people, especially women, being scratched had been recorded prior to “Ghost Hunters” visit to the location. No cause for the scratches, which appear in sets of three, could be found.

Jason Hawes explained that he has never seen scratches like this before, at least not to this extent. He informed the owner that the activity will likely continue in the Old City Jail.

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