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Chip Coffey Psychic Medium

Rumors of Chip Coffey Event in Tennessee are in the air

Chip Coffey, world renown Psychic and Medium, best known for his appearances in A&E Channel’s Paranormal State and Psychic Kids has been rumored to be the headliner at the anticipated Ghost Hunt Weekends event during Halloween this year at the Thomas House Hotel in Red Boiling Springs, TN. “We can’t confirm or deny the rumors…

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Zak Bagans and Ghost Adventures head to Goodsprings Pioneer Salon in Season 8

Las Vegas paranormal investigator Zak Bagans, who hosts the hit Travel Channel series “Ghost Adventures,” is heading to Goodsprings for part of the new Season 8 filming. “They have been experiencing a ton of paranormal phenomena, so we will investigate a few locations, including Pioneer Saloon and the crash site that left Clark Gable’s wife…

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Get to know Syfy’s Newest Paranormal Show: Deep South Paranormal

The Deep South Paranormal team uses gadgetry, including electromagnetic field measuring devices such as K2 Meters and REM Pods, on their ghost-hunting investigations. They also use Lynyrd Skynyrd covers, down-home conversations and a mystical heirloom called a gris-gris stick. A new Syfy reality TV show, “Deep South Paranormal,” depicting the team’s adventures debuts 9 p.m….

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Hints of Ghost Hunters Grant’s Return by Jason Hawes?

An article posted today may have some insight, here it is below… Until recently, fans have been under the impression that Grant Wilson, co-founder of TAPS and lead investigator for SyFy’s paranormal reality show Ghost Hunters, had bid the show adieu permanently. According to an interview with Jason Hawes, as reported by SciFi Mafia on Sept 5, this may not be…

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Ghost Hunt Weekends Ambitious Global Expansion Plans Will Open New Locations For Fans

KGRA Radio published a very interesting interview with Ghost Hunt Weekends president Chad Morin last week discussing the efforts of the Ghost Hunt Weekends firing up their global expansion efforts. Right now, Ghost Hunt Weekends has stepped lightly into the international scene by promoting events in Europe with their UK office opening in Olham, England, but there hasn’t been a steady…

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