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Old Kentucky Tavern to be featured on “Ghost Hunters”

Halfway between Lexington and Cincinnati Ghost Hunters visit a historic stagecoach stop and tavern with a tragic past. Constructed around 1814, the Abner Gaines House, 150 Old Nicholson Road, is a 19th-century tavern in Walton, Kentucky that has seen more than its share of tragedies. Known to locals as “The Kentucky Horror House,” because of a series of murders, suicides and…

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Fans want the ‘Old Ghost Hunters’ Back

There is a wealth of paranormal reality TV shows available on television. From shows that detail haunted locations to innovative documentary-style shows with a colorful cast of characters, there is no lack of spooky content for every avid paranormal aficionado. One of the biggest paranormal shows of all time is Ghost Hunters, a series that, for many, redefined what a ghost-centric…

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A&E Ghost Hunters feature Missouri’s Glenn House

A&E’s “Ghost Hunters” reality TV group visited Cape Girardeau’s noteworthy Glenn House to examine “upsetting paranormal movement,” and the aftereffects of that visit are set to air on the channel May 20. The scene’s title, “The Glenn Family Curse,” alludes to fruitful neighborhood specialist David Glenn, who over a century prior constructed the house that…

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