Haunted Anderson Hotel to Close its Doors Forever

Anderson Hotel

The owners of the Anderson Hotel in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky have closed the doors of this paranormal destination due to the increasing violence of the activity that happens within its walls.

Sitting atop the Heaven’s to Betsy Café on Main Street, the hotel was only recently introduced to the paranormal world. It was  originally opened in the 1930’s after being built upon the site of an older hotel. The structure was meant to be a fine, upscale establishment, but as business in the area declined, it became a low rent apartment complex and hotel. The business, sadly, attracted the wrong type of people which created a history filled with drugs, prostitution, violence, and suicides. The hotel closed its doors to the living in the 1980’s. The hotel was to remain shuttered for over thirty years.

While visiting the location during an open house, paranormal investigator Jeff Waldridge, of Lawrenceburg Ghost Walk, developed an interest in the history of the building. According to the Week in Weird, Waldridge began digging into the Anderson’s past as well as conducting paranormal investigations at the hotel. The activity seemed rather benign, with footfalls being heard at pacing within the structure and shadow people scurrying about the rooms. When a blood soaked mattress was found and placed into a room where history states a young girl committed suicide, this all changed.

This is when things began to get violent.  Individuals visiting the Anderson began to have their hair pulled. Strange creatures were seen slithering about the halls. Poltergeist activity started to present its self. Voices could be heard coming from empty rooms.  Most frightening of all the activity  were the sudden pains and accompanying bite marks that would appear so clearly that each individual tooth  mark could be seen.

Along this time an oddly marked tablet was found within the hotel. Waldridge named this the Summoning Tablet, but it created the opposite effect, causing the activity to decrease and even stop in the room in which it is present. This find suggests that the owners of the hotel in the 1980’s were experiencing activity and was looking for a way to rid them of it.

With the popularity of paranormal reality television, it was not long until a haunting of this magnitude caught the eye of producers. Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman went there to film an episode of Paranormal Lockdown. In the second episode of season one, the duo spent 72 hours locked inside the hotel. During this time, the activity captured truly supported the claims of those who had investigated there before them. EVPs were captured using the Geobox. Groff was screamed at as he slept upon the bloody mattress. The most significant evidence captured was of a bite appearing on their camera man’s back.

Paranormal Lockdown Anderson Hotel
While filming at the Anderson Hotel, the Paranormal Lockdown crew gained first hand knowledge of the violent activity that goes on there.

The team determined that the violent activity was caused by an apparition called the Burned Man. They saged the hotel while calling on the other spirits present to help push out this wicked one. They left believing that the activity would stop. But they were wrong.

Ghost hunters from all around flocked to this newly discovered gem only to be given a taste of how nasty the paranormal can be. Multiple groups reported that they encountered violent and extreme paranormal occurrences.  As groups continued to state that they would never return to the building due to the level of activity experienced there, the owners decided that it would be best to close the hotel once again.

While it is understandable as to why the Anderson Hotel is closed, the building and its claims are still intriguing.  A claim of  paranormal activity  of  this level accompanied by the need to  close the building due to it only makes investigators want to experience the place more than ever. Maybe with time and new owners, the growing desire to investigate the structure will be fulfilled.

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