Syfy Calling it Quits on Ghost Mine has learned from several cast members’ Facebook sites from the Syfy Channel show Ghost Mine that is has been cancelled instead of filming for a third season.

Patrick Doyle, one of the show’s paranormal investigators, had this to say on his Facebook page:

“I see the news is out that Ghost Mine will not be coming back next season. We don’t know what the future holds for the crew & show, but I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love & support. Your voices & messages are what kept us going for this long.Ghost Mine

Another one of the cast members  Stan “Papa Smurf” Griffith had this to say about the cancellation of the show:

“Good morning gang. Well as most of you have heard already we received a call from the production company that the new executives on SyFy will not be renewing Ghost Mine for a 3rd season. Sorry it has taken so long to get an answer out of them but they finally decided yesterday evening not to re-new the show. I will try and keep my page open for awhile and up date you all on what Mama Smurf and I are up to. It has been great knowing all of you and all the support you have given us. I guess we will see what is down the road for us. Love Ya All. Papa Smurf”

Jay Verburg, another member from the show had this to add;

“So, I’m not goin anywhere, anytime soon. You know where to find me and all the mentioned above. I still have things to share and will continue to post. I have even contributed on a few local investigations and have more planned for the future. Like you, I still have unanswered questions… but the end of Ghost Mine isn’t gonna stop me! I have more to explore in this world!”

Kristen Luman, actress, turned “Paranormal Investigator”? posted this about the news:

“So sad news before the holidays…we will not be renewed this season. That doesn’t mean we are gone forever but it does mean we wont be heading anywhere anytime soon with SyFy. Although I am immensely disappointed for Patrick, the men, and myself it was an amazing two summers. There are not enough words of gratitude I can express to all the viewers. We had such awesome support. We won’t quit our research. Patrick and I will continue our work and keep you all a part of it on the way through videos and messages. Again thanks to all that fought to keep us on and who knows what the future will bring, I am staying positive and hopeful.”

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Matthew Phillips is a reporter from Michigan who has been interested in the paranormal since he was 3 years old. He has covered Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Activity  for Haunting News Magazine.

437 thoughts on “Syfy Calling it Quits on Ghost Mine

  1. It happens every time a good show comes on ,it’s on for a couple of seasons and because the so called bigwigs aren’t interested in it screw all the rest of us that are. I’m really disgusted!!!

    1. I wish syfy would put the good shows back on…taking away ghost mine makes me mad…and josh gates..andall my ghost shows i love and looking forward too watching.. ipray another station is smart enough to pick up where thay left off..where is ghost hunters???…to me syfy is taking off the good shows and putting on stupid shows like face ect..i will not be watching this station as long as thay are putting on these shows…im very disaponted in them..thay are now showing crap…

      1. Josh has a new show on The Travel Channel. Not sure when it will premier but it’s called Expedition Unknown.

        1. Yeah it will be out by the end of this year or beginning of next year 2015, God I can’t wait And yes I agree with alot of what people are saying here, As soon as a great show come’s on Syfy They have like 2 seasons and then Cancel it, Though Haunt.High. Jack is sick so that I understand. But hey maybe Travel Channel will get smart and start picking these shows up. They did take Ghost Adventures and that is like one of the best shows on there now.

        2. I have tried to get into it, but it is nothingDestination Unknown, and is really boring. I would rather have D U brought back

      2. SyFy is getting rid of all the good shows and getting crap like WWE and instead of shows whenever I switch to the channel there is (No offense to the directors) crappy movies playing so called “SyFy Originals” are replacing the shows I used to love to watch I honestly think that the current executives who are getting the ridiculous crap on the channel need to be replaced with people who know the true path that SyFy should be taking.

      3. Amen on that comment. I watched all the Ghost Shows. Ghost Mines and Ghost Hunters are the best. I very seldom watch SyFy now because of the shows that are show are like B movies Did someone at SYFY have a stroke or just forget to ask their viewers what they like.

        1. Yea i agree i miss ghost Hunters ghost mine , lost girl,fact of faked:paranormal files,paranormal witness, ghost hunters international yes all those shows they need to bring back

        2. Ghost Hunters has been caught to many times faking evidence to keep their show running. Watch ghost hunters faked videos on youtube. Grant was the biggest con of them all. Watch the video when someone keeps pulling his jacket back. It was put together with strings and pully’s and Grant couldn’t even take his hand out of his pocket or he would have to let go of the pully. Such betrayal and lies to people who have faith in them. I love Ghost Mines. I wish it would stay on. Any kind of Ghost hunter show has to incorporate false evidence or they get cancelled. This show has the awesome crew and the added gold to keep it exciting. They didn’t have to fake anything.

          1. I pulled for those guys on “Ghost Mine “hoping they would find gold and ghost. We got both thank you for a great show guys.Syrup can keep making the stupid “Shark tornado ” if that is thier new direction, a sad direction. Goodbye “Ghost Mine “

      4. This makes me so mad! Every time I decide to give a show a chance & I like it…They take it off! Do you guys ever listen to the people that watch TV?

      5. With all the mason signs they were finding makes me wonder if the head of programming or syfy isn’t a mason,one reason for these shows to be canceled when people are enjoying the show.

      6. I completely agree.
        Do they even know what the fans like?
        This was a great show along with Ghost Hunters.
        What is going on at Syfy?

      7. You are so on spot, sci-fi ( yes I spelled it correctly) is nothing it’s suppose to be anymore! Excuse me but what happened to scary movies , ghost shows, and all the great B-rated movies that we all loved,what happened to Mystery Science Theater, Elvira, Cript keeper, all the old favorites? I’m sorry for all the fans like me that loved this channel, we we’re disappointed enough when you changed the name to…? Seefee , what a joke to real SCI-FI fans, your channel is ruined by all the stupid crap you’ve put on there that doesn’t even belong on a sci-fi channel, please someone out there that knows these idiots,tell them we want the original channel back with the real name SCI-FI cause your losing fans daily, I remember when MTV was about nothing but music videos but they turned into a pussy network , guess this channel is doing the same, YOU SUCK SCY-FY YOUR RUIN IT FOR ALL YOUR FANS

        1. Sci-fi ( yes I spelled it correctly) is nothing it’s suppose to be anymore! Excuse me but what happened to scary movies , ghost shows, and all the great B-rated movies that we all loved,what happened to Mystery Science Theater, Elvira, Cript keeper, all the old favorites? I’m sorry for all the fans like me that loved this channel, we we’re disappointed enough when you changed the name to…? Seefee , what a joke to real SCI-FI fans, your channel is ruined by all the stupid crap you’ve put on there that doesn’t even belong on a sci-fi channel, please someone out there that knows these idiots,tell them we want the original channel back with the real name SCI-FI cause your losing fans daily, I remember when MTV was about nothing but music videos but they turned into a pussy network , guess this channel is doing the same, YOU SUCK SCI-FI YOUR RUIN IT FOR ALL YOUR FANS

    2. it sucks that they wont bring back ghost mine season 3. i was relly hopeing they would bring it back. that makes me so mad. they dont know a good show if it hit them in the face. thank you , one upset fan.

      1. The should cancel all the big shots at Sufi just look at what the did ghost mine,this,hunted collector,haunted highway,racked or fake. Our faces. You dumbes

    3. I learned so much from Ghost Mine about mining and history of that area of the USA. The entire crew are great people! I looked forward every week to see how Patrick and Kristen could correlate their findings with historical events. While syfy execs. play politics at board meetings I’m off to other channels for their good shows and never even check syfy to see what’s on.

    4. IT SUXS it suxs again you idiots cancel shows people like. Destination truth again one of the best series syfy ever produced and then to find out you idiots canceled Ghost Mine a bad ass show, with a hot red head and a great story line. It was a hit! Why! Why! good bye SYFY……

    5. Can you add a Blackberry template? This web page is tricky to read otherwise for those of us browsing with cell phones. Otherwise, in the event you can place a RSS link up, that would be good also. ddceaedfcbac

    6. My husband and I love Ghost Mine and Dest Truth, they were your best show!! I like Ghost Hunters too. You are really messing up Syfy and I think I may quit watching!

      1. I don’t even bother checking the tv guide to see what’s on syfy anymore.I’ve forgotten they even exist!!

          1. Yes I am very up set that they are not doing ghost mines any more, they get people into watching these shows then take them off, keep doing that I won’t watch their channel any more, I love my ghost shows and the paranormal shows, so please don’t take any more off

        1. every so often, we say “where is Ghost Mine???” It was our favorite show of this category . Here we are still missing it years later! It is the only cx’d show I’ve bothered to write about. Was it too expensive to film? loved everyone on it. great cast of interesting people. Yes, some other network should pick it up, and soon!

          1. I’ve been hoping and hoping the show would be
            put back on. Now we will never know what happens with the mine.
            That mine could easily have been one of our old Idaho mines. It was so special, and the
            history was priceless.

    7. I was shocked that it was cancelled! I am 53 years old and loved this movie, it was convincing, interesting, loved the characters and I never missed an episode….much like Ghost Hunters. I am going to contact the Travel Channel to see if they will pick this movie up instead. I would rather watch Ghost Mine instead of Ghost Adventures which is for the VERY, VERY, young crowd. I think most of the girls watch this show just to view the guys.

      GHOST MINE FANS keep pushing SYFY or TRAVEL CHANNEL to put this show back on!!! The actors need to do the same!

      1. Ghost Adventures isn’t just for the young crowd. It’s a great show that does circles around faked shows like Ghost Hunters. GAC uses better technology and experts to prove their findings. Ghost Hunters turned fake after the first few seasons.

        1. Ghost Adventure is o.k. but I hate to tell Douche Baggins that not every ghost is a demon or an evil entity. The religious aspect of every investigation gets old really fast! Just because you got 3 scratches on you doesn’t mean it is the sign of the trinity, or that it was made by a demon cause everyone knows demons only have 3 claw like fingers. What a Douche!

          1. Right mate ! And a bloody chinese demon for instance couldnt gibe w damn about a bloody catholic priest i am tired of the religous crap…well the christian crap…and the 666 thing is wrong…its a mistranslation its really 616…so an alledged DEMON is just an unedumacated spirit screwin with you…oh and notice how 90% of the time Zak misinterprets what the spirit means

          1. I agree with Mae and John!! Way superior to ghost adventures. Talk about fake. No one gets hits every investigation unless it’s faked.

        2. Although Ghost Hunters was caught faking evidence, Ghost Adventures is the worst show out there. Absolutely no professionalism, they all act like a bunch of little girls at a Halloween haunted house. How it has gathered the following it has is completely beyond reasoning.

    8. Wendy, I’m with you! Ghost Mine is a “good show!’ Or was a “good show!” I’m really getting tried of these “bigwigs” making discussions for us. There’s been way to many shows over the last few years that the TV stations get the public “hooked on”, and then CANCEL! Come on “bigwigs”, do what you have to and get Ghost Mine back on! Give us, the fans, some help here! Bring the show back.

    9. I agree great show the CEOs are missing the boat with this Decision BAD move the show is awesome!it kept you on the edge of my seat LOL waiting for the next epiosode to air.I fell in love with the families and thier plight to keep food on thier tables.It really is the total package scary funny and down to earth families with real issues.

    10. I really wish you would think about putting Ghost Mine back on. This is one of the best ghost shows we have seen. Love to all on the show and we will miss you

      1. I have been waiting all year for ghost mine to come back and now I hear this. The two things I love to watch the most is mining and ghost. I thought this show was brilliant, then this happens. VERY DISAPPOINTED SYFY!!!!!!

    11. Just found out Ghost Mine won’t be renewed. This was the one that I really enjoyed. Ghost hunters has become so tired especially without Grant and the others. I guess the SyFy heads just want to churn out their awful B movies. What a waste.

      1. Yeah, Ghost Hunters was getting sickening with their sing-song, matter-of-fact line of predictable questions. So BORING!

      2. Why is the SYFY channel doing this! I used to watch the channel all the time but now I go right pass it because there is nothing good on just about all the time. They definitely need to put some of the old shows back on including Ghost Mine! Get with it executives! Please!!!!

    12. SYFY you’ve made a HUGE mistake taking Ghost Mine off the air!!!! Also Haunted Collector. And what’s up with Ghost Hunters? I couldn’t wait for a new episode every Wed. night. Now, if we see it at all its reruns! We all looked forward to Ghost Mine just as much! Why change what’s working?!

      Ghost Hunters MADE you! Why…why?

    13. Hey ya’ll dont forget STRANDED. That was also a great show. Everyday people doing their best to explore haunted places. It was real. There was no acting.

    14. The people at sci-fi need to go back to grammar school so that they can relearn what sci-fi actually means. Though WWE is nothing but fiction, and it’s about time they admit it, there’s nothing scientific about a bunch of people that are faking that they can wrestle. The execs seriously need to be replaced with people who actually know what they’re doing, because the fact that they’re filling in their empty spaces with reruns, and I mean a lot of reruns of countless shows that people have seen countless times, but yet canceling the good shows that people actually want to see is very telling. Get people in there that know what they’re doing. Waiting until the last minute to tell the cast and crew that they weren’t even renewing their show was very unprofessional, but so was not telling the people who were looking forward to the new season as well. It’s wrong, and obviously sci-fi is looking for what people don’t want, so that they can do exactly that. there used to be a lot of good shows on sci-fi, but now most of it is crap! I watch one show, and that’s ghost hunters. The popularity of even that show has gone down since Grant left though. As it stands, there has been more documented ghost activity at my house in the past year than there has been on all of sci-fi. you may think that’s a joke, but far from! Don’t get any ideas sci-fi, you’re not coming to my house unless you’re going to pay really well for it, and even then, I think that I would say no just because I like my peace and so far, we’re coexisting happily with our ghosts, and nobody is going to come in and screw that up. Bring shows like Ghost Mine back instead. Obviously, there are a lot of people who want it back, and it’s ridiculous that nobody is listening to the masses, and you’re filling in your dead time with reruns of crap!

    15. I’ve been an avid fan of all the paranormal reality shows for a long time now and Ghost Mine was by far THE absolute best one of them all!! I was soooo looking forward to another season (actually many many more) and I’m just crushed to learn a few moments ago that they cancelled. What in gods name is the matter with these people?!?! Just exactly how do they decide on what stays and what goes? Whatever they do they certainly have a shitty way of deciding because they constantly toss great entertainment.

    16. change. Org still has an active petition that everyone who loves ghost mine can sign. It will get sent to Syfy and most people No that other channels like destination America monitor their competition so even if Syfy doesn’t pick it back up and give us the show we want so badly I feel it’s only a matter of time before a nother channel catches on that it’s going to be a ratings gold mine and picks it up for themselves but the only way we’re going to see that happen is just everyone who is a fan of ghost mine and any other show sticks with it signs petitions and keeps voicing our opinions. Go to it takes less than a minute and voice your opinion.

      1. Ghost mines was canceled because they were about to expose the existence of a new animal. The episodes with the old train yard, the trip to Colorado, the last when they broke through and were exposed to the putrid smell and several instances that they heard growling. Don’t take my word for it. Go back and watch those episodes.

    17. That stinks Syfy! I have been checking the line-up consistently for the show, and then I saw this. Booooo, that really stinks. Come on exec’s.

    18. Dam I always look forward to this show . I’m very disappointed and so not happy with sfy for cancelling the show . You’re leaving us all hanging dam it . Love that show put it back on please and thank you .

    19. I agree. My husband and I loved this show! We had to record it on the DVR because we both work and I’ve heard that those views don’t count like the live views do. But we are so disappointed this show won be returning. It was good and got our attention!

    20. I am a fan of SyFy but not anymore. I agree they are out of touch with syfy fans, Ghost Mine was one of this families favs. Now we dont watch SyFy at all, hey SyFy there are more common folk than Rich People!
      Here’s a thought sell SyFy back to the orginal owners and save SyFy!

    21. Is everyone here uneducated? A typo is one thing, but holy $#!^! Idiots! Idiots everywhere! Anyway, I REALLY want season 3 and I wanted to see what was behind that stonewall. They could at least go to the other mine that they talked about and continue there.

    22. ?, Dang it! Maybe TLC can pick up Ghost Mine! Somebody, please pick them up! Yes, I barely noticed they weren’t on. So, so sad. Heartbroken. ?

    23. I don’t know why, but I’m very interested in watching Paranormal Shows on Syfy, like Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Witness and most importantly; Ghost Mine! When Ghost Mine first came on, I was very intrigued to watch it! The show was very interesting, and It had a lot of depth and mystery to it! I wondered what was hidden in the back of the mine that the miners didn’t want anyone to see…could be gold…or something very…evil! Since the Mine Caved in at the end of Season 2, I was wondering if they would continue Season 3 at the Octave Mine, which Patrick went to explore in Season 2 before the Cave in of the Crescent Mine! I hope Syfy changes their minds and Renew Ghost Mine! Sure the show is not for everyone, but…I enjoyed the show, and so did many others!

      1. Yes, you got that right! They probably cancelled Ghost Mine & ended up with a pocket full of money because of the complete Ghost Mine Crew & they took off on vacation. They get to come back to a tv station & boo coo of money. Though the Ghost Mine crew has a living to be made and families depending on them, which they stressed that many times during the original show. I just hope that the crew got to finish mining. They did break even during the show. I’d like to hear how the entire crew is today & what happened with them all. We got to really get to know them and then just like that the were cancelled, Bam Gone! Been watching reruns this october & I’d sure like to hear about them. Patric & Christian as well. Their part of the Crew. By the way Destination America channel has picked up all The good Paranormal shows that Syfy has dropped & then some. That’s the channel I’m watching the reruns of Ghost Mine. Great channel Everyone. Still is good show the second time around!!

    24. Agreed tired of finding good shows and being left so will not get attached to anymore shows

    25. I know everytime they have a good show, they pull the plug. No wonder the executives can’t keep a steady income, they will not leave anything along. I’m still pissed over this. Greedy people, that is all they care about is money and profits being high. I really want to see this 3Rd season and even 8 lol…

    26. I can’t believe that Ghost Mine was canceled. I loved that show and couldn’t wait to see what would happen next. The show was different and one really got to know the whole crew.

    27. I hate to say it but syfy has gone down hill over the last 4 years nothen good on it since ghost mine and ghost hunters and a few others have been stopped I don’t watch syfy anymore and it’s sad that these networks don’t listen to the people who actually make the ratings but there own thoughts

    28. I loved the show.I couldn’t wait to watch it
      Bad enough ghost hunters is no more now this what will I watch now.

    29. watching another rerun of one of my favorite GHOST shows — Ghost Mine. Someone needs to bring it back on. lots of syfy fans enjoy this kind of show. It’s a nice change from the usual go-to-someone’s-house-to-look-for-ghosts shows. Come on Folks; I know you won’t go broke if you bring this back on!!!

    30. I enjoyed the show as all of you did,but when I went to Sumpter Oregon yes the dredge is haunted I have a video of an overhead light that does not work but it turns back and forth all by it’s self. But when I asked people around town they gave me the bad news that the ghost mine show was a farce. The mine doesn’t exist and what we viewed on the show about the mine was staged. The rock piles, museum, dredge,the bed and breakfast and the train are all real. The people on the show were not real underground miners. I knew that the mine didn’t look like it was being reconditioned. I worked as an underground miner and this in no way looked like an MSHA approved safe mine. The back did not have any rock bolts and wire. The main was a mess and the working face was a mess, I wouldn’t have worked there. Anyhow folks the show was good but only for TV. I’m disappointed like the rest of you.

  2. I didn’t care for Ghost Mine so I am glad it’s not renewed, but I am furious that Haunted Collector wasn’t renewed. Thanks a lot SyFy.

    1. I have been waiting for this show to return “Ghost Mine”. All my family were miners and we all grew up in small small mining towns in Western PA. It was extremely interesting to learn what I have heard through my years of growing up. This show should continue despite negative wows from the upper head people. Hearing stories from what I’ve heard in my past be showed on a great channel “SyFy” was something I looked forward to every season, even though it was only going on it’s 3rd. More people would enjoy real experiences than just shows to make money like the silly Kardashian’s (which of course is on another channel) Thank God!

      1. All of our family have been miners in the western untied States for more then 30 years now. This hit home and was so interesting…. Miner tails are not just fairy tails!

      2. I love this show, it showed both believers and sceptics. What were they thinking? I have mostly stopped watching. Sad, just sad. YES!!!!

    2. Ghost Mines was interesting and scientific (SYFY), Haunted Collector, no matter the guy’s reputation, would take ‘antiques’ from people, put them in “his museum” under glass sprinkled with salt to quiet the spirit’s. Laughable! That could have been done at the clients home and their antiques left with the owner, something he never offered to do for the client. I see his museum is “private” and closed. I’m sure the people he took the items from are too naive to ask for them back so he has a nice profitable collection to pass down to his family.

    3. From what I have read,the reason they took haunted collector off was because of valuables being stolen from people. John Zaffis was charged with stealing from people. Don’t know what came of it though. Ryan Buell was also arrested for stealing a rental car and also was abusing drugs. It’s a shame about it too. Maybe because of what they were doing had a part in all their problems.

  3. we need ghostmine back… we have to prove that what we want and get what we want is the same….we proved it with phil robertson….we will prove it with ghost mine…POWER TO THE PEOPLE

  4. Come on Syfy keep the better shows like Ghost Mine and Ghost Hunters and get rid of some of the lousy ones like Paranormal Witness

    1. Ghost miners sucked. paranormal witness is awsome.. so was haunted collector. or even school spirit. Everyone i know loves those three.

  5. I am so sorry about them Cancelling Ghost Mine I love your show I think someone needs to let them know of us that loves the show .YOU GUYS ARE GREAT . Tell all the guys to keep working I know they will hit Gold soon . Thank you for a great time .

  6. This is sad to hear.We loved your show.With you finding the new mine.we thought for sure you would be back.We just hope you find another network to take you.So you can continue doing your work.will miss you all.Stay safe and well.Love you guys

    1. SyFy Channel, Destination America, Travel Channel, Animal Planet…all owned by Discovery Network. If one drops it, you’re not likely to find the show on any of these other channels unless in reruns! I enjoyed Ghost mine too. I was afraid when that last big cave in occured that it was curtains for the show.

  7. I still feel that it’s a wrong decision to not bring Ghost Mine back, I don’t know why you came to this decision but it’s wrong. I wished you would think it over and change your mind and bring it back. So please please please bring back Ghost Mine!!!!!!!!!

  8. What is their problem? Is someone afraid they are getting too close to something????a secret???? There is something going on & there are some groups of people that don’t want it exposed!! My vote is to keep it on & try to solve the cover-up. The show is keeping up their part but syfy is not keeping up their part of the show. I have learned a lot from the show regarding past history & I am sure there is a lot more more to learn. keep it on from Dallas, OR!!!!!!

    1. Also living in Salem Or. Agree totally that they were getting close to exposing the truth ! I will watch any REAL ghost hunting shows and I’m tired of them all being canceled ! I even faithfuly watched the reruns.

  9. you have to be kidding to get rid of ghost mine. After shows like haunted highway and others like it you get rid of one of the good ones. Come on SyFy get with it and bring back Ghost Mine or are you afraid to find out the truth of what is really going on.

  10. That sucks. I look forward to every episode of that show. Would love to find out the big mystery to that mine. Every time they have something different on they cancel

  11. Well it looks like another channel to boycott. I think that you are making a big mistake!!! Who gives a rats ass about make up shows or living in future or caveman. Next you will be taking off Ghost Hunters to put on some stupid reality show!!!!!

  12. I am so bummed I love this show. Was so sad when seasons one and two were over. Does the sy fy channel just try to disappoint it’s viewers, first destination truth now ghost mine . I only have one reason now to watch this channel now, ghost hunters,I guess I shouldn’t let them know that or they will be next.anyway I think they got rid of one of the best shows on television. Sorry it is off.

  13. Maybe they found out something and the government took over cuz of all the bullhorn the government doesn’t want us to know

  14. WTG SyFy..You didnt think this out. I can’t believe a duck call maker who, totally disgraced the eyes of America with, nasty and vile comments regarding the lgbt. Everyone on the bible train made a big enough deal outta, the duck commander being banned that A&E folded from their stand regarding Phil’s suspension and let him back on air. So to you syfy if we the fans of Ghost Mine got on a train would you tree instate them. Not thinking you’re going to care what YOUR fans want or think.

  15. when SyFy show those shows plus the Ghost Hunter is the only time I tune in to SyFy. It’s so sad to see all those other show gone…very disappointed

  16. What the is your problem?? That was a great show. And so was Haunted Collector. So what are you people getting away from the paranomal shows. And sticking with the sucky syfy crap. Do that and you’ll go down the tubes. You already show 4 or 6 Ghosthunters per season. Which really sucks cause that show put you on the map!!!!!!!!!! GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOURS ASSES! And fix this.

  17. I really liked that show! Anytime there is a good paranormal show, it gets cancelled. I don’t watch the science fiction stuff or Face Off. And what was with that crummy Twilight Zone marathon? You get rid of good shows and feed us a Twilight Zone marathon! Oh Please! You will lose viewers if you keep this up!

  18. So sad! My family and I did not miss an episode. We were looking forward to a third season. I wish SYFY will reconsider. To all on the show, we love you and will keep you and your families in our prayers.

    1. The travel channel has so many good shows. THE ID channel channel 194 I loved destination truth paranormal witness seems the travel channel and the CW ARE getting the best shows hopefully they will pick ghost mine up

  19. They take off every good show and leave on some stupid shows.I loved this show.Come on guys bring it back.

  20. What kind of stinking idiots are running the shows? How do you choose from one to another? You put pure crap on for tv watching but then when many like something you get rid of it. Did you even ask the viewers what they wanted? Probably not! I am very angry that you are not putting Ghost Mine on again as well as my sister and brother-in-law too! You are all a bunch of incompetent boobs who sit on your behind and do nothing but take off the best of the shows to stir up trouble. Thanks for nothing!


  21. Ghost mine was the BEST show on syfy. I know that I will NOT be watching the syfy channel anymore. VERY DISAPPOINTED! Syfy needs to get rid of some of those CRAP show’s and put ghost mine back on – at least it was with real people and real personalities and families.

  22. really enjoyed ghost mine .liked hearing the history about the mines , towns and things that were done

    so it is so long sy-fy
    well now most of the stuff you have on now is crap.
    haunted highway, give me a break>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  23. WTF?!?!! I was so sad when I watched the season finale, thinking I’d have to wait a few months to watch a new episode. Now they completely cancel it?? I love watching paranormal shows but this one had me hooked. It’s the first one that actually had a story to follow week by week and I really liked that. I still want to know what is going on in that town and in the mine. I want answers dammit!! And I’d like to know if they ever get the gold? Bring it back please!!

  24. I cannot believe that the show is not coming back. Good work production team… you have managed to take a great show from the air. I was so looking forward to the newseason. You guys need to get a grip …. BAD DECISION SY-FY ONLY GOOD SHOW YOU HAD GOING ON THE STATION.

  25. I agree with the people above that SyFy cancelled one of their best shows on TV. I didn’t miss an episode and will miss watching Patrick, Kristen, Papa Smurf and the miners each week. My father and other members of my family were miners too so I wanted to see what they had to go through to dig out the coal in Kentucky. I only watched Ghost Hunters, GHI, Ghost Mine & the Haunted Collector on your station and now I have only one left. Why mess with a good thing and bring on the trashy shows that are now airing? Please bring it back!

  26. SYFI u are really starting to suck big time I liked GhostMine and all u do is play reruns of everything something good comes along like GhostMine and u drop it like a hot potato maybe they should cancel u!

  27. From what I’ve read, most people really enjoyed this show. There might be other factors involved besides the ratings that SyFy won’t say. At any rate, I enjoyed learning the history behind the Crescent Mine and will miss the show. At this point, I really don’t watch SyFy any longer since canceling good shows is habitual with the network.

  28. i am not happy to fine out you guys will not be back gor the third season it was really getting good wish syfy was not being stupid about cancelling you and will explain to all your fans why you guys were cancelled love and will miss you ghost mine :'(

  29. This is the only thing i was looking forward too and you guys fucked me im gonna off myself and come haunt the producers!!!

  30. i have been waiting for ghost mine to come back on and now to find out you clowns cancelled it makes me very angry. I loved that show and the people in it THEY FELT LIKE PART OF MY FAMILY . IF YOU WANT THE TRUTH IF I HAD A CHOICE I WOULD RATHER HAVE GHOST MINE THAN GHOST HUNTERS AND I HAVE WATCHED GOST HUNTERS FROM THE BEGING,SO PLEASE ,PLEASE WITH SUGER ON TOP GET OFF YOUR ASS AND GET IT BACK ON THANK YOU SANDY

  31. I will miss Ghost Mine. Who will tell the story of the miners who have passed? Maybe the new BigWigs arent so smart after all. I am a devoted fan. If Ghost Mine came on another network, I would watch it. Sorry for the cast of characters who are so wonderful! You will be missed!

  32. You have got to be kidding me! My husband and I were looking forward to watching Season 3. We liked learning the history behind the mine,the surrounding area, and the Freemason’s involvement in the mine. You left us with a cliffhanger at the Octava Mine. It looked like you would have had another very good season. We will miss all the people involved. Please reconsider. You have something good here.

  33. Always watched Ghost Mine. Started slow but could’ve stop after the fourth episode. IN NO WAY should this show NOT continue!!! Keep on fighting Pat and Kristen!

  34. Ghost mine is a fantastic show. I cannot believe it!!! How is an awesome show like ghost mine get cancelled. , but they leave some of the other crappy shows onIike opposite worlds . Just one example by far. This is a disgrace why get rid of yhe good shows. Just my two cents

  35. well the people at SYFY dont what their doing GHOST MINE IS WAY BETTER THAN GHOST HUNTERS. I would come from work eat and go lay down and get ready to watch ghost mine.See thats the difference your in a mine and its shafts alot of history about these mines and the people who worked them now thats history not like stupid ghost hunters O WOW A HAUNTED HOUSE FROM PRESENT TO BACK THEN. GHOST MINE FROM BACK THEN TO PRESENT WAYYYYYYYYYYYY MORE INTERESTING. SYFY DOSENT KNOW WHAT THEIR DOING

  36. I’m so upset finding out that ghostmine isn’t returning but yet syfy keeps garbage on.I love these shows and then the network honchos go and think for the public and pull it.wrong move big shots.hopefully maybe another network can pick it up!! Fingers crossed

  37. If we all sent Syfy our thoughts and feelings about Ghost Mine not being renewed maybe they will reconsider < I know I'm going to !!!

  38. I was trying to find the date for Ghost Mine 2014 and see syfy isn’t renewing for this year!!! I’m totally bummed out… I looked forward to every episode!!! I hope to see the show back at some point!!! 🙁

  39. I don’t understand one bit why they keep taking off the shows that really make the network, work…and put on junk like people knocking other people off a round table with sticks. And then watch artists paint monsters. Good Grief!!!!! What the heck????? I would not be surprised if they aren’t losing it, fans and all

  40. This is just ridiculous ghost mine was a Damn good show. I think that face show should be taken off the air and paranormal witness amongst others but seriously syfi you have to go and take the best ones off to put stupid ones on. What the hell is ya’lls deal? I was looking forward to the third season of ghost mine. :'(



  43. syFi people: Are you LISTENING????!!!!!!!! Viewers includ. Myself and my husband were HOOKED pn this show- we’re fascinated by the history, mystery, and became attached to the characters and wanted to see’em all again for a third season!!!!!!!! get a CLUE and reconsider your asinine decision to not renew it please if you care AT All about your viewership

    1. I am so tired of hearing about all the ghost programs being canceled. I always looked forward to Wednesday night’s but now…
      What makes the new owners think that we want to watch shows like Sharknado, or giant killer piranhas? REALLY!!? I have learned alot more from ghost shows than from flying sharks. I am from the Pacific Northwest and would love to visit the Chinese wall. BRING BACK OUR GHOST PROGRAMS AND DEST. TRUTH.!!!

  44. My Mom and I love Ghost Mine and were looking forward to seeing what happened with the new mine they found. All of you people at Syfy need to get your acts together. You keep taking off the shows that are good and putting on junk like Face Off and My Big Fat Geek Wedding. Not to mention your movies have gotten really bad. You used to make great movies and we would tune in every time there was a new one on. We have not watched a good movie on your channel in many months. Not to mention what is with all the hype on Sharknado, it was ok but completely unrealistic the Sharks would die in the tornado they cannot not breathe if they do not continue to swim so the water will continue to flow through the gills. But somehow this movie gets a sequel but the movie you made some years ago WEBS with Richard Grieco had a cliffhanger ending but you never made a sequel and that was actually a good movie. I do not understand how people can make of Jaws saying the shark looks fake but everybody raves about Sharknado. No other movie on Syfy has been talked about as much as this one and some of them were better.

  45. So sad that they took GHOST MINE off I loved the show so much and looked forward to each and every episode. Also loved HAUNTED COLLECTOR. SyFy does not know a good thing when they have one.

  46. So mad that SYFY cancelled Ghost Mine I liked watching it. I was hoping season 3 would go to Octave Mine. Someone should start a petition to get it back on. I would sign it for sure to bring back Ghost Mine. They need to take all the stupid shows off at least Ghost Mine and Ghost Hunters are not boring like the shows . That SYFY has on now come on wake up and bring the good shows back for good.

  47. I just found out about Ghost Mine. SO disapointed!!!
    As always those in charge are thinking about their wallets. You think they’d get it that paranormal shows bring in more viewers than those horrible reality shows. Syfy has joined the other lame cable channels. I am canceling cable ASAP!

  48. SyFy…huge mistake cancelling this show. Another reason why overpaid buffoons shouldn’t be allowed to be in charge.
    Consider your channel banned from my home

  49. All the stupid crap this channel has on and they can’t keep their best show. It’s one of the only good shows they have. Very disappointed! I found it very interesting. I learned alot about the old mining ways and the Ghost stuff is a bonus. Sci-fy channel—you stink

  50. I want syfy to bring back ghostmines. This is a great show and it’s not fair to put a good show on for viewer to love just to cancel.

  51. Bring Ghost Mine back. Less an less to watch on Sci-Fi. It should be continued or you could lose another viewer.

  52. I really am going to miss the show. Why all the good shows I just can’t believe it! ♥ We all loved ghost Mine but everything must come to an end. ♥

  53. I just do not understand this channel.I would watch this channel all the time.Now only watch for certain reasons.But since you have not renewed Ghost Mine and not so sure about a couple of others I like.I will only watch Ghost Hunters.I was excited to see one of my other favorite shows and host of that show I will be able to watch finally on another channel.My suggestion is if you don’t renew Ghost Mine Then do what you need to do to let them go so they can keep the show GOING.There was alot more to this show then just entertainment.It shared History, Beautiful Country in the U.S.and people who we knew nothing of in Gold Mining.I love this information of our Ghost Towns.I grew up on this.Very sad that you take away good programing and put alot of Nothing on.Sad Sad Sad.

  54. We are surprised Ghost Mine is cancelled. This is a BIG mistake for SyFy. Now there’s nothing left to watch on the channel. We’re sooo sick of all the crappy reality shows they have like Face Off and Opposite Worlds. Give me a break!!! Those are ridiculous shows. Does anybody ever even watch those!!! OMG! We’ll stop tuning in to that channel for sure now!!!

  55. I find it amazing how a network can play reruns of TV shows til it makes you sick of that show altogether or even better, how they can air movies that EVERYONE has seen so many times that you can quote every line. But they finally have a show that is worth watching and cancel it 2 seasons in. Ghost Mine is something fresh, new, entertaining and for those of you at Syfy that are reading this, its actually educational! But go ahead Syfy, be stupid and choose not to renew it for a 3rd season and I as well as my family and friends will choose to NOT watch all of Syfys incredibly exhausting reruns. Here is food for thought Syfy… If I posted my concerns on my Facebook page where my 1100+ friends could read about your decision and then they posted to theirs and so on, how much of a bad taste would that eventually leave in Americas mouth? Just saying!

  56. Wow. I am speechless. With the popularity, and actual education of the paranormal progressing and changing all the time, I would think that a channel in the ratings fight would be eager to get all the good shows of that realm on their primetime schedule as possible. Your SyFy “Original” movies, that you play repeatedly (wasn’t Sharknado one of yours? And some other “nado” movie?) Either way, your movies suck. Face Off, and the other “Filler” shows you repeatedly pick up suck, and truth be told we NEVER watch your channel except for the paranormal themed shows you were getting a hold of. They are educational with the history behind them well told, and then the actual investigating…great! You are keeping Ghost Hunters, which is still good even with Grant gone, thank God, but then you let fans get into your shows: Haunted Collector. John Zaffis is THE Go-to guy in the paranormal field!!!! Are ya’ll crazy?! You manage to get a show with him on it and cancel. Then you have Ghost Hunters International. What happened? They were just gone? Fact or Faked. Not a fave of mine, but again, just gone. And then Jael shows up on Haunted Highway. And now today I see you cancelled Ghost Mine. Leave the people who butter your bread hanging once again…..Oh, nobody will care what happens in season 3. Is that what ya’ll think? I will tell you what I think, and if I am not wrong, I apologize, but I think the powers that be that are there to line up programming that will get people viewing are making a grave mistake. Listen to your viewers. We don’t want your lame movies, we don’t want scripted shows that are full of fake boloney, make up contests, frankly, I can’t even think of your other shows because the only time we watch your channel is for the paranormal shows. This is really disappointing, and in the end, if you throw out the good, and keep putting on the crap that every other channel is showing, like “Naked and Alone”, LOL “Here Comes Honey BooBoo” and “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”. Well, I hope someone picks up the great shows you have cast aside and kick your ass in the ratings. I don’t think that I am alone in my opinions. Thank you for nothing…..UNHAPPY IN FLORIDA!

  57. You suck SYFY. I really liked Ghost Mine But instead you keep that fake shit like Ghost Hunters on. Didn’t they get caught faking shit on the show and also didn’t some people that worked for ghost hunters say that some of their shows were staged.

  58. Not that anyone who can make a difference is going to read these posts but shame on Syfy for canceling ALL MY GHOSTY shows. I still love Ghost Hunters but the new executives cancelled ALL OF THEM!! What the heck!!! I watched ALL of the ones you cancelled, Haunted Collector and Ghost Mine were my favorites. I actually looked forward to them!! I miss Destination Truth too but luckily Josh Gates will hopefully going to the Travel Channel. I am hoping Destination America channel sees an opportunity and brings our favorite shows back. Please!!! They do several ghosty shows. I kept checking Syfy for my shows and and couldn’t find them. Finally Googled and found Ghost Mine was cancelled and then Haunted Collector. Now you just have ridiculous “B” movies on and your original movies which are worse! Well I am off to watch the Destination America channel and the Travel Channel which has my other favorites, Ghost Adventures and the Dead Files. There really is no reason to tune into Syfy anymore. That’s too bad….

  59. Very disappointed that Ghost Mine is not coming back. What needs to happen is a channel dedicated only to the paranormal. Then we could get all of the good shows back on the air. SyFy was the go to channel at one point but now just really garbage, even the real syfy stuff is not even good. Sad for SyFy. Their ratings will fall because of all the cancellations. What they dont want to believe is that there are a lot of people interested in the paranormal period.

  60. so SAD 🙁 because…I loved that show….Hoping Destination America or Travel Channel picks them up…..Ghost Mines and Ghost Hunters was the best…. Your fans miss you and wish you the best…Take Care

  61. Ghost Hunters, GHI, Destination Truth, Ghost Mine and Fact or Faked: that was 100% of my SYFY viewing, looks like my viewership has now dropped 80% on there. Keep up the lame work SYFY, I am sure someone out there watches Faceoff. Maybe you can add more SYFY junk like Scary Tattoos or Sharknado the reality show. I see you already have scary Muppets, so you have the Barney age group covered….let me know if you ever come to your senses again.

  62. I am so disappointed at this network.They are cancelling the best shows they have on.I use to plan my day off of work so I could stay up to watch until late,now I would rather go to sleep. The ghost shows are all gone ghost hunters is next to exit.I bet this is the last season or next.Remember ghost hunters internatiol!!? Love that one too.GONE!! Whats up with all these mindless shows that are on lately?? At at least put programs on that make me think and ponder what else is out there and why.COME ON SYFY GET IT TOGETHER AND GIVE THE OLD LOYAL FANS WHAT WE WANT!! You lost me pretty much already and I know I AM NOT ALONE.

  63. They have to be crazy..hire a new guy and have him wipe out the shows that don’t swear and have sexually explicit content. What a way to show the world what kind of entertainment you think is appropriate. My kids and I love watching Ghost Mine and Ghost Hunters and GHI when it was on. They are slowly weeding out the good shows and leaving us with trash. Travel Channel here I come. ScyFy will lose its viewers.

  64. agree with the sentiment that has been put forth from the rest of the fans. SYFY…you guys are really missing the boat here….i dont mind Face Off….but come on…yer movies are garbage and taking off shows like Ghost Mine is really stupid…yer losing viewers. Ok, are ghost shows real? I dont know….all i know is i enjoy em……especially Ghost Mine. Best one ever. Put it back on the air ASAP. Hey, they looked at another mine in AZ, so now ya got a summer and winter season for Ghost Mine…hell ya got two for face off. I love the historical research done on this show almost more than the ghost stuff. Come on. Listen to yer viewers. Opposite Worlds? Really?

  65. What the hell good is syfy?get rid of reality paranormal shows for their stupid D minus creations?you idiots!I hope a channel dedicated to tis forum comes and smokes your stupid asses with these shows.IDIOTS

  66. What in the world is going wrong with Syfy anymore? All they do is play the same movie dozens of times. When they get a good series going they take it off!! I want PARANORMAL not watching people getting painted or sticking their hands in to a tank of whatever and screaming like 2 year olds. Good Grief, maybe cuz it’s cheaper than the good stuff? I really don’t go there anymore to look for the good stuff anymore either, cuz it’s NOT there….I really did kinda rely on them for some interesting entertainment, so maybe I’m the 2 year old. Have you noticed also that when they do get something going they have about 5 shows then you have to wait a year to see more of it, I’d better cool it, I think my BP is getting to high, and I’m repeating myself 🙂

  67. Sorry syfy I’m done with you! No more Ghostmine or Haunted Collector? Can you pick any worse movies to show over and over? Or those shows with makeup artist. You have lost a fan.

  68. So who is making the programming decisions at Sy Fy? Obviously decision makers who seems out of touch with the viewers. Let’s see entertaining ,and historically interesting shows like Destination Truth and Ghost Mine disappear and ridiculous movies and mindless shows that seem to cater to a narrow audience show up in their place?
    Programming decisions like these are ultimately the reason networks fail…people have a lot of other choices and I, like many who have expressed their repeated disappointment, will now exersise that choice to view other programming on other networks. Sy fi I am now canceling you from the channel line up on all televisions in our home.

  69. what not comming back on ghost mine thats BS I come from a mining town in AZ and me and my kids love this show I can’t believe it just when its getting good its taken off the air I wont be watching that tv station any more if its not ghost mine I hope the station is happy to loose ratings with me and all my mining friends


  71. syfy is taking a wrong turn in directions. Ghost mine was a great show. The paranormal shows is what keeps syfy interesting other wise it’s just another channel

  72. Ghost Mine is one of the only reasons I watch SYFY besides Ghost Hunters. You drpped everything I enjoyed watching and switched them with a stpid show like Face Off. Come on SYFY get with it bring back the good shows like Destination Truth and now Ghost Mine.


  74. I liked Ghost Mine but sometimes it was dull. I still never missed an episode tho. I am sad they are not bringing it back and my family is as well. I wish they would reconsider and who knows, maybe they will in the future. I really LOVE Paranormal Witness and also enjoyed school spirit and really liked Haunted Highway. Ghost Hunters was good for a while but once Grant left it became lack luster. I agree w most of the other posters. Syfy feels this “duty” to keep things fresh and new. But what they don’t seem to realize is that we (THE VIEWER!) want our fave long term shows left alone!! Syfy is going to die on the vine if they don’t stop canceling great shows like Haunted Highway and Paranormal Witness and the like and stop trying to freshen things up all the time by bringing these crap new shows to your viewing audience. We do not like a lot of change and we want you to leave our faves ALONE! Wake up!! Or you may find yourself going in the sane direction as you’ve sent our shows…in cancellation Heaven.

  75. I will no longer watch the Syfy channel. Every time they actually have some good programming? They remove it. Ghost mine was an excellent show. Way to go Syfy! You suck!

  76. Hey man i started my own ghost hunting group because of ghost mine. Then ass holes who sell there own mothers out for a buck and cancell it out before it got a chance to get into peoples hart and soles.. WOW ITS ALL TO WRONG MAN..

  77. SYFY has cancelled more good shows than any other cable channel I can think of. The stuff you replace them with are almost all pure garbage and what I call cheap filler. I don’t know why you take off good original shows that keep you unique and original, just to turn into yet another anonymous cable channel. What a shame!

  78. ARE YOU KIDDING ME SYFY?!?!?!?! This was my FAVORITE show and i never missed and episode. You damn deserve to lose tons of viewers.

  79. What the hell is going on with the sci-fi channel?!
    Every time I get into a show, it seems they cancel it!
    The only time I watch the sci-fi channel anymore is when I catch a re-run of paranormal shows. Wednesday nights suck anymore, it was always a night I looked forward to.
    Well, not anymore! The program line-up is crap!
    Sci-fi idiots…I hope your listening to your FORMER VIEWERS, bring back the paranormal shows!

  80. I am getting to the point that I’m going to stop getting interested in any shows because every time I start real liking something they take it off. Take off some of those stupid reality shows I hate and put some of the good shows you’ve taken off back on. There’s a thought.

  81. I can’t believe you’re not renewing Ghost Mine for a third season! What’s wrong with you at SyFy Network? This was one of the most informing, history-related and spooky shows on the air! It’s a terrific blend of cast, location, research and paranormal activities. I enjoy it more that Ghost Hunters because it’s got a great plot line. I’m from RI so I do like the Ghost Hunters. But I prefer this show!
    With all of the worthless programming on other networks, I thought you’d keep to your variety of programming. I’m so upset. Bring back the series!!!
    I know there are a lot of us that feel this way. You may lose viewers because of this. I’m so disappointed with your network’s big wigs, you finally gave in to the unthinking mentality of the TV watching community. There are some of us that enjoy programs other than Housewives of LA!!!
    Please bring Ghost Mine back!

  82. Shame on you Syfy for taking off the best show on your channel Ghost Mine . Guess I will not be watching you station any more. Hope you all are haunted the rest of your days.

  83. I’m really disappointed ScyFy decided this. Ghost Mine was the only paranormal show besides Paranormal Witness that I actually enjoyed. I guess they’re going to continue to try and shove Ghost Hunters down are throats even though it’s become old, stale and so fake that I don’t even bother watching anymore. Another example of a network thinking they know what viewers want instead of listening to its viewers. I hope Ghost Mine gets picked up by another network and ScyFy loses tons of money. I mean come on obviously they’re idiots look at all the money they spend on those terrible ScyFy original movies. Those movies are the worse. Do the right thing Scary!!!

  84. Syfi give the viewing audience what they want u had a great show in ghostmine then u go and screw it up I’m sitting here watching season 1 on ur channel right now so maybe u have listened to ur viewers if not I will gladly buy everyone of u at the network a hearing aid

  85. Damn – just learned this. Was so looking forward to another season and especially since Bates Motel just finished its’ season. Color me highly disappointed in SciFi especially in light of some the crap they have kept on! Will be a long time before I start on new series with them. Hopefully someone else will pick it up!

  86. i am so disappointed that ghostmine was canceled it is so much better than ghosthunters and other syfy shows this one seems more real. they take off all the good ones.guess i’ll stop watching until faceoff is back.

  87. That completely sucks syfy canceled ghost mine it became one of my favorite shows the moment I watched the first episode. I just finished watching the seasons over again and all I can say is syfy made a big mistake getting rid of it. Thanks to the cast and crew of the show it was awesome and I hope they bring it back

  88. please put ghost mine back on. I watch syfy a lot but you have took all of the shows Ilike off. there is no point in watching anymore.

  89. Please put ghost mine back on .I watch Syfy a lot but now there is no point Idon’t like the shows that are on.

  90. I am angry that syfy is not bringing Ghost mine back for a 3rd season i just found out and i agree with 90% of u we should all band together to get these shows back like Ghost mine n Haunted collector n get the other stupid shows off.. BRING BACK GHOST MINE!!!!!!!


  92. My god, bring back the all the ghosts shows. It is the only thing worth watching. Please do not be like the other stations and NOT listen to us, the ones who actually watch TV, though I must admit that I watch less than ever,(TV) because you took the good shows off. Listen to the viewers. It’s getting almost like politics, what we want doesn’t matter.

  93. Syfy really shot themselves in the foot. Good paranormal shows are what people are watching now and you took off Ghost Mine. What were you thinking? Ghost Mine was one of the best ever! My husband and I looked forward to it every week and never missed an episode. The history of the mine and the area around it and the great people that were on the show was such a good blend. After I send this to you I am writing the Travel Channel and see if they might pick it up. They seem much smarter than you people! Good luck to all the great crew on the show, hopefully we will see you back soon.


    1. AMEN! Sick of people like the big wigs on Syfy making up our minds for us, ya know? Ghost Mine got such awesome ratings yet they cancel it… I only watched Syfy because of Ghost Mine. No need to watch that channel anymore…

  95. Is there not any website or way to make a petition that we can send to syfy to try get them to reconsider.

  96. Very disappointed that ghost Mines has been cancelled.You kind of left us hanging with no ending.Think you made a big mistake and should rethink your dicission.

  97. Sci Fi needs to rethink it’s line up. I don’t even watch all the new crap they are now showing! I loved Ghost Mine, Destination Truth, What is the new execs thinking!!!! All the good shows are gone, I no longer watch anything on Scify it sucks!!! get rid of the stupid people who are now in charge and all the good programs that made SciFi a great channel. I will not watch this new shit!

    1. I COMPLETELY agree with you Toni! I won’t watch this Syfy anymore. Like my post said, they can keep these crap, B rated movies that look fake and no one watches on but can’t keep the REAL reality shows that are favorites to a lot of people on. At least Ghost Mine went out with a bang. I hope the crew still investigates that mine and lets us know…

  98. For so long SYFY has been our favorite channel with all the good ghost programs we have always had wednesday nights totally devoted to syfy programming. We were so excited that they had found a new mine and were sure that meant we would be getting a fav back. I hope there is no other program cancellations. I’m not into Face or some of the other program series they run and most of the movies we’ve seen – so it really doesnt leave much. If it keeps going we’ll look for a new channel.

  99. I think SYFY should have renewed the show. It was a fresh interesting show. Although I love Ghost Hunters, I feel it has become stagnant. SYFY has been changing and not for the good.

  100. It makes me very sad to find out the Ghost Mine is not coming back. After meeting everyone last Oct.2013 at Rolloff Farms, I was complaining cause we had to wait, now to find out they are not comimg back just pisses me off, it never fails good show comes and plays for a short time then you never see it again. I agree with all of you. If you know how to get them back put it out there and I will help.

  101. Syfy I have a great ideal..stop making ur dumb movies!!! that way u have time slots for all the great shows u have cancelled..

  102. I was trolling the web looking for the restart time of ghost mine. I am truly disappointed and echo the many comments of the great paranormal fans. The syfy execs could care less what the viewers think, and that is tragic. I think the
    weather channel should pick up ghost mine! Good luck and may God Bless to the wonderful miners, you all have my utmost respect.

  103. Really bummed that Ghost Mine was cancelled. My sister and I were just talking about when it was coming back on and now to find out that it was cancelled. Way to go SyFy. Every time a good show comes on you cancel it. Get rid of Faceoff and Jim Henson’s show and bring back Ghost Mine and Destination Truth the best shows that you had.

  104. I just discovered that SyFy isn’t renewing Ghost Mine. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? And replacing it with what? Some stupid flying shark movies? I’m with everyone above. I really wonder world these producers are in because it always seems the good shows are taken off without even asking We, the people, who watch their programming. Ratings?? Is that the same as the “Vote for President”??

  105. This is what sites like Kick are for. Take matters into your own hands and advertise what you want to do/continue to do. I too likes the show, a lot.

  106. Well, Damn! Loved the show and the people on it. Hope it reincarnates some time soon, but won’t hold my breath.

  107. LOL, well seems that Syfy is now taking pages out of FOX’s book and cancelling programming that people liked to see.. Good work, Why don’t they cancel garbage like Defiance? That show blows.

  108. Welp i not long support syfy. Its that simple. First you screwed up ghost hunters then took away josh gates now this. I can now save some money and drop syfy off my tv package. Big wigs can kiss my big toe. Im so done being jerked around by the twats.

  109. I’m so disappointed to see it go..I’m a big fan of the paranormal and never missed an episode of either season. What a bummer on SyFy’s part..

  110. SCFY should take a good look at all these post because they are 100% correct and these people are 100% of SCFY’s audience. Who is in charge of programming there? They had such an awesome line up with just the right mixture of ghost shows, movies and make-up contest and then someone comes along and decides they need to give Blackout some exposure, come on that was the dumbest most boring animal abuse program of all and they seem to have the same guy in charge because now there are nothing but crap on this station. I used to split my TV time between TNT, ScFy and various other channels that show paranormal. Now I never watch ScFy. I check in time to time to see if my shows are back on and when I see that it’s all crap I turn the station. I have not spent more than 5 minutes watching ScFy for 6 months or more. Except Will Wheaton, that show is funny and entertaining and the only good show recently. Bring back; Ghost Mine, Paranormal Fact or Fake, The Collector, Paranormal Highway…all these shows are awesome and original programs for the paranormal, if you want good concepts ask your audience because the brown nosers you are hiring don’t have a clue…

  111. I am so mad at the fact that Ghost Mine will not get another season. Seriously, why does Syfy keep cancelling awesome shows? Maybe someone needs to tell the dummies that do this to “call it quits”! Put some people who actually know what good shows are in charge! I loved the first season and drove my husband crazy waiting for the 2nd season to start. The 2nd season ended with such a bang that I was going crazy waiting on word as to when the 3rd season was going to get here and now dummies on Syfy who cancelled Ghost Mine has ruined Syfy for me. That show was the only reason I watched Syfy. WELL I WON’T WATCH THAT CHANNEL ANYMORE! That is until you put Ghost Mine back on! Lord knows Ghost Hunters is fake! Too many cameras and too many coincidences. At least I still have my “ghost mans” from Ghost Adventures to watch! OH WAIT! That’s right! That’s the Travel Channel… AT LEAST THEY KNOW WHAT A GOOD TV SHOW IS! Syfy? You guys S.U.C.K!!! Sure keep B rated, stupid, fake looking, ‘actors’ who can’t act, flop of movies on though, don’t you. IGNORANT PEOPLE!

  112. I have been watching Syfy listings and it looks more like a movie channel now. Maybe Syfy feels that it’s cheaper to run movies instead of producing shows. I was looking forward to the return of Ghost Mine, and other than Ghost Hunters, I am not interested in anything else they air.

  113. I am so upset with syfy. You people need to get our favorite
    Shows back on. I will not ever watch syfy again until they come back on “Ghost Hunters,
    Ghost mine, and Destination Truth” your have lost another viewer due to taken away these shows.

  114. I remember the first time I saw this show, I was sick and staying home from school. I was looking for a show to watch and I saw ghost mines and said, “why not”. I watched five hours STRAIGHT of it, thank god it was a marathon. I then was looking to every single new episode that was coming out. Unfortunately that was in season two and I only had one season to watch. The one show I truly liked and was looking forward to the new episode and SYFY had to go and screw it up. Thanks. Just thanks.

  115. I am so happy that all of those “Air Time, Waster” movies are being taken off of Syfi. I hate that junk. What a waste of good quality movie time, hunting for ghost, REALLY!!! I hate all of that hunting ghost in old homes and hospitals crap, especially when someone suddenly says “OH MY GOD, SOMETHING TOUCHED ME” really, I mean REALLY!!! Let’s just get back to basics, show Syfi Horror movies, and challenge yourselves to keep finding really good ones. Remember, if it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it. Oh yeah, I know that homosexuality is prevalent in America, but by dumping so much of it into the Lost Girl series, you took the focus away from the original theme of the movie, it eventually just became about Bow and Loren,and yhen Bow, Lore, and Dyson’s sexual preferences, daw. P.S. I do like to watch Paranormal Witness, at least it is a personal story of someones life experience.

  116. Not to sound like a troll …but this show was fake and clearly rigged from the start! Not surprising that it was cancelled

    There’s a specific scene from Season 2 preview where they stumble on a skull in he scene and they never even bother to air it. Clearly the “prop ” wasn’t meant to be used until season 3

  117. Hey every one, just in case some dont know, the lifetime channel has some pretty good paranormal shows on sat.nights. maybe they are our best bet,along with the travel channel to get all of our shows back on.obviously syfy dont care about their viewers. They’ve taken off all the shows we really look forward to watching and put on this stupid so called reality shit. I only watch ghost hunters now. And that won’t be back until October now.? We’ll see. They’ll probably cancel that too.I loved ghost mine, destination truth, haunted collector, ALL the paranormal shows. But I’ve quit watching syfy all together now and since I let all my Facebook friends know what they have done with our shows they quit watching too. Syfy is suppose to be scary RIGHT? well now it’s just plain stupid!!!! They have lost thousands. N. Thousands of their fans I hope lifetime or travel channel will pick up all the ghosts shows they have dropped. If they do it sounds to me like their ratings will. SKYROCKET…..

  118. SyFy seems to be on a downward spiral. I too liked Ghost Mine and watched it each week. I will miss this show as much as everyone else. I have the feeling that some high up muckity muck in the SyFy network does not like the paranormal type shows, and has made it his job to get rid of them. My favorite show was Ghost Hunters. When GH first came on, the season would be well over a dozen shows, and then the seasons episodes starting to be less and less, and finally the last season was about 5 shows. That is ridiculous. Ghost Hunters was the #1 SyFy show. Why are they cutting their own throats? And then they stick the viewers with crap like Face Off, Cos Play, Scare Tactics, Total Blackout. I don’t even bother to tune into SyFy anymore. You jackasses in the powers that be at SyFy need to wake up and realize where your large audience is at.

  119. So disappointed to hear the show won’t be back. My husband and I always made sure to be home to watch this. Too bad for SyFy – we’ll be doing something else then.

  120. I cannot understand why shows that are really believable and interesting like Ghost Mine and destination Truth are canceled and yet shows like Mountain Monsters the most ridiculous show I have ever seen is still there. Josh Gates show had interesting content and believable evidence. MM seems to encounter every elusive cryptoid they seek and get pissed on by said creature in the process! Plus who hoots and hollers when hunting such a creature and aims their gun at any sound they hear? I’m wondering how many of those traps they build are left to rot or be the problem of whoever owns the land their on.

  121. I am so…ooo disappointed about the cancellation of Ghost Mine. I have watched each show about 3 times and was really looking forward to what might happen to the Colorado or Arizona Mine. I loved each of the personalities and how they meshed together ending up with forging a close bond. I think that you have made a huge mistake in cancelling this show. Would you please reconsider your decision?

  122. Every time a good show takes off they cancel it. Im so so mad this is cancelled, I was really looking forward to another season. Very few shows gripped me like this one. Love to all of the cast, you will be missed. Hope to see you again, never give up.

  123. I very, very rarely participate in these kinds of “Posts.” I think the decision will not be reversed by who ever made the decision. The only recourse I have is to stop watching syfy in total. No sense in getting interested in a series only to be jerked around by a cancellation. Ghost Mine was great watching, memorable characters, a storyline that kept you hooked till the next episode, I can go on with more, however why waste any more time with syfy. The only thing I need to know is they chose to do what they did and so will I. So long Syfy, it’s been great watching Ghost Mine, as for the rest, you can flush them anytime you want, I won’t be watching and I won’t care. I strongly suggest others not to get their drawers into a knit, just forget about it and forget syfy.

  124. Please, please bring it back. My son and I loved this show. We were looking forward to them going to the mine in arizona. Is there anything we can do to get them to bring it back.

  125. I enjoyed ghost mine , ghost hunters, destination truth. I dont like the garbage that is on now !! What is it with you people? Put the good stuff back or you will loose alot of viewers !

  126. they need to put ghost mine, haunted collector, ghost hunters and paranormal state. they are good shows and worth watching.

  127. I can’t believe what Syfy is doing. I don’t watch much TV, and am finding less reason to do so. Almost every show I did watch was on Syfy. I absolutely LOVED Josh Gates and Destination Truth. Loved both Ghost Hunters shows, Ghost Mine, Haunted Highway, and so forth. I still tape the rare Destination Truth – I think he is absolutely hysterical! It was always interesting and there was always something funny. I am so sick of stupid crap on TV. It seems that everything gets more and more “dummied down” as time goes on. Of all the ghost shows to be kept on – it’s Ghost Adventures. Not the most believable bunch of guys out there. Destination Truth was one of the most highly watched shows and Josh even won an award for being the most loved personna – and boom! it’s gone. I agree, I hate to start watching anything nowdays because it seems that it will just disappear as soon as it is getting really interesting… I wonder how long it will be before Ghost Hunters is gone? Syfy is sliding downhill f-a-s-t.

  128. C F

    I agree you need to keep ghost hunters,ghost mine,hunted collector on the air.I live in a small town and everybody i talk to watches this shows.I think watching this shows help us when we move into a old house and it happen to be hunted.And we all know there a lot of old houses out there that is hunted.
    So put them all back on.

  129. I’m angry with syfy channel for taking off all the good shows l love both ghost hunters ghost mine destination truth and that deep south paranormal I’m so mad the only show I watch is defiance now and I watched syfy all the time all the other shows are crap I don’t like any of them now syfy lost me and I was a devoted watcher but not now they took off all the good shows.

  130. I can’t believe how many shows that I watched that were on SyFy have disappeared Paranormal Fact or Fake, Destination Truth and now Ghost Mine. Unacceptable. I wanted to see the crew in Arizona! Unless someone at SyFy wises up pretty soon except for a couple remaining programs I’ll be watching elsewhere.

  131. Bummer…. I really enjoyed that show. In my opinion, I think that when they started uncovering more of the symbols belonging to the Masons they decided that was enough and axed the show.

  132. Haunted Collector and Paranormal were proven to be utter BS and the investigators of these 2 shows were proven to be lying and disrespecting those that they supposedly tried to help Just google them…. you will find things everywhere

  133. I just looked up ghost mine to see when the next season was going to start, only to find you cancelled it! Why? I love that show, I hate the new crap your putting on. Stop taking away the stuff we like. Bring back ghost mine! I’m very upset with Syfy right now. Bring it back listen to the people that pay your bills!

  134. u no. I have watched syfy every Wednesday night for going on 10yrs. in that time I have watched so many good shows and get drawn into the show then it’s BAM!!! u hit the wall of cancellations. to my dismay they have canceled once again a very good show. imagine that! the idiots that run syfy teally should have a board meeting and help each other pull their heads out of their asses. what r they thinking by canceling Ghost Mine? it’s bad enough they canceled Destination Truth, GHI and all of the other great paranormal shows everyone loves. I love Ghost Hunters. but they never show it anymore. they don’t even show reruns. they used to but now it’s all about sharks attacking people via tornados and such. those r the worst movies. I can’t believe they waste money on those when they can fund shows that will make the network money. I agree with everything everyone has said on here. I seriously doubt any of these comments will make a difference but they really need to sit and read them. the “reality” shows they r running r so stupid and ignorant. like CosPlay, opposite worlds and so on. just to name a few. I just don’t understand their thinking on this. I’m really hoping all of the shows that have been canceled will b picked up by another network. I’m really excited that Josh Gates will b on again, different network, but back on. I will b watching those networks. I’m pretty much done with syfy. no need to watch.

  135. I can’t put into how disappointed my wife and I are that there won’t be another season. We were hooked! This was by far the best paranormal show on air. With so many crappy shows on this is not the one that should have been cut. Sad.

  136. I used to put SyFy on first every time I turned TV on. Enjoyed Ghost Hunters, Destination Truth, Ghost Mine and GHI. Loved to even watch the re-runs. Now, I don’t even bother turning that channel on anymore. Its a waste. They play the same movies over and over again. Even saw wrestling on there. And you call the paranormal phony? Bunch of idiots at SyFy channel. They are getting away from what they do best. Only show I’ll watch is GH, and I’m sure they are getting ready to cancel them too. IDIOTS!

  137. Very angry and disappointed in how SyFy manages to cancel the best show they have. You get us hooked and then pull the plug on Ghost Mine. You all are idiots. You don’t know a good thing when you see it. Now we are left hanging. Bravo STUPID IDIOTS BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  138. What I hate is that Haunted Collector and Ghost Mine are no more. There is nothing on your channel I care to watch. Your planning sucks. In order to keep interest up, the “fillers”, HC & GM, should be showing NOW. Ghosthunters is okay but I’m tired of the “interviews”. I’m over 60 years old and am quite capable of tuning in even half way through the program and catching on to what is happening. I’m also pretty tired of hearing/seeing Steve and his obnoxious tattoos. I am not impressed, never was and his sing-song voice. Bring back Maddie the cute dog and get rid of Steve. How is Grant doing these days? I am an avid TV watcher, I remember test patterns from “back in the day”.

  139. Like many others I am sooooo very disappointed in SyFy! Come on Execs, doesn’t the response to your cancelling so many GREAT shows say anything to you? Ghost Hunters, Destination Truth, Ghost Mine, Fact or Faked, and others are fantastic shows that many love and rely upon to keep their TV viewing experience interesting week after week. Perhaps it’s time for some “different” new execs who will actually act in accordance with what the viewing public wants!!! Hey SyFy, I’ll work for half of what your current execs make and will increase viewer numbers and TV ratings in the process. 🙂

  140. Ghost Mine was original and good. Sci fi channel has eliminated all the paranormal shows. Now we get face-off? Boycott the channel until they get their acts together. Programming stinks this past year!

  141. I am usually not a big TV fan but I finally find one show I like and you take it off the air. Well I won’t be watching syfy anymore till it returns and if everyone else would do the same we could get our show back

  142. I really hope travel channel picks up such a great show like Ghost Mine. I heard it had to do with the merger of Comcast and NBC I really hope it is not because of religious differences. Might sound silly but it happens

  143. I have watched a lot of ghost shows. I have watched the ghost hunters,ghost hunter international,I have watched hauntings and just about everyone that has been put out there.My favorites are Ghost adventure,Ghost mines,Dead files..I dont understand why it was cut…It ‘s like penn state..

  144. if you would look on facebook you would see the Ghost Mine fans are still alive and strong we want our show back the way it stands now syfy has very little ti offer in the way of good shows Try putting on shows people want to see not junk like face off and boring shark movies if a movie is on syfy you can bet it sucks bring back Ghost Mines

  145. i am also very dissapointed about all the paranormal shows going off air i actually cried about it . they were some of the best ones that i have watched on time every week every month whats wrong with you syfy what is wrong with you .ask the public , get their responses about all of this mess you have caused some of the best movies to be off the air and you have replaced with some of the most idiotic ,rediculas you have on now iam 60 yrs old you ought to be ashamed on making me cry . syfy you was my most favorite channel . please come back.i want to be your fan again cathy s.

  146. Why they had too stop a good show on tv, it more better, then any other show on tv today, we need the Ghost Mine come by on tv.

  147. It does relly suck that ghost mine wont be coming back on we relly like it everyone is right u all take off all the good shows off and put something stupid on ……IT RELLY SUCK

  148. Please bring back Ghost Mine! I recorded it every week and couldn’t wait to get home and watch it after work. Totally disappointed to hear it’s been dropped.

  149. I’m heart broken. This was mine and my husband’s favorite show. We were excited for the 3rd season. Hopefully another program will take on this amazing adventures of Ghost Mines : (

  150. I can’t believe that they took this show down. It is one of my favorite shows. I am so sick of reality shows and bull shit shows that come back season after season. Ghost Mine was one of my favorite shows ever. People are so stupid and Dont know what good television is. I am so sad that this show isn’t coming back on. Ghost Mine and Ghost Hunters are my two top shows in my DVR. I Dont even want to start watching something new, cuz these fucking ass wipes will only keep it for on season and then take it down.

  151. What is wrong with you, SyFy??!!! Have you totally lost it? You put on crap like face off, creepy crawly things in the dark and so on but the entertaining ‘Ghost or Haunted’ shows you cancel?! Except for the occasional decent movie, and I’m not talking ‘Sharknado’ (3 minutes was enough for that one), you guys over there really have nothing to offer.

    I think you should listen to the people. After all we are the ones who keep your station going!

  152. I don’t remember the last time I watched the syfy channel. Since ghost mine and destination truth were cancelled it seems like they don’t know what to play. All I see are the same old movies playing over and over again. I thought this was supposed to be the syfy channel????? There is nothing science about painting people. Get a clue syfy. How are your ratings right now? Bad mistake!! I’m gonna watch the travel channel instead. They have paranormal shows to watch. What’s next? Are they going to cancel ghost hunters?

  153. Drat! Just when I find a cool show and get right into it, you idiots take it down! I’ve read sooo many comments from people that want it to continue and it falls on deaf ears. Rebecca said it all when she said she doesn’t want to get into another program cause you *** will…just take it down. Right on Rebecca, you hit it on the head. While I do believe there are some that are interested in the ‘face off’ type of programming, this Ghost Mine program obviously has lots of followers who are doing what they can to try to get it back on.
    Keep the comments coming folks. Maybe the people will be heard|!!!!

  154. Dear Syfy, Our entire family so looked forward to ‘Our FAMILY-GHOST-Night’, the Boys got all their homework done, showered & ready, It was such fun,

    We all loved Ghost Htrs & International, but, Ghost Mine was SPECIAL, we’d talk about those episodes for days,.. WE were so Hopeful when YOU, Laid the Ground-work for a new season @ the ARIZONA Mine,…( w/ Stan & Kristen )

    What happened ? That was the one & ONLY Show we ALL LOVED ! even my Mom & Dad & Sister-in-Law,…

    ..What ? YOU are thinking after a long work day, I want to come home and share some of the best Quality-TIME w/ my wife, boys & In-Laws and watch what ??? Hollywood-make-up,……????

    Syfy,you have lost your way & now YOU HAVE LOST US! !

  155. Come on Ghost Mine is awesome I was counting down the days till the third season started now they are canceling it iam pissed every time this happens I will not watch syfy anymore.

  156. I’m now just finding out that the show is not returning! I love watching paranormal shows, and it sucks that haunted collector and ghost mine are not returning, they were my favorite shows to watch. i’m disappointed that SYFY decided not to renewed those show.

  157. Awe that sucks I loved that show to bad another network couldn’t pick the show up. Well good luck guys you were all good.

  158. i will miss that show. i always looked forward to watching it every Wednesday. i hate it when i get into a show and they cancel it. i wonder what other syfy show i might get into and it get cancelled


  160. I am a truck driver I enjoyed coming home and seeing what happened next and recorded every episode. I will never watch SYFY again for cancelling my favorite show.

  161. Syfy what were you thinking. It is getting and harder to watch any TV because every time I get interested in a show they cancel. I can’t stand the other reality shows. So many of the people act so stupid just to get attention. At least with Ghost Mines you can enjoy real people and not these fake ones. BRING GHOST MINES BACK

  162. I totally agree that you are going down the tubes, syfy, or SciFi, whatever your name is now. I loved your paranormal shows. Ghost Hunters will be the only show on your channel that I will now watch. Your movies—su–, your reality shows su–. I am VERY DISGUSTED with your “choices” now. Thank God for Travel Channel!

  163. I used to watch this channel on a regular basis but with the cancellation of all the shows I loved, I no longer watch your channel at all. I loved Ghost Mine, it was the last show left in your now crappy line up that I watched every week. You might as well drop your channel moniker just call yourself CrapFest.

  164. My husband & children have always enjoyed syfy. It is interesting & exciting to see so many different places that otherwise we couldn’t. Ghost Mine, Destination Truth & Haunted Highway with the history learned was educational as well. We felt that these shows were family friendly. Now that syfy has cancelled all 3, I hope they realize that they are helping to corrupt our youth by leading them to believe that their cheesy movies are more important than what viewers really want to watch. It’s time to switch channels!!!Best of luck to all 3 shows I hope a channel that appreciates you, will bring you all back on!!! We’ll be looking!!!

  165. Lately, it seems that when I turn to the SyFy channel there isn’t a lot to see. I enjoyed Ghost Mine and was looking forward to enjoying season 3. I agree with others who have left their posts, too many stupid SyFy movies and some of the reality shows have branched off into the television abyss. I’ve always been a huge fan of Ghost Hunters; glad it will be staying around. Will tune in to face off, but the similar shows haven’t caught my interest. Loved fact or fake and Destination Truth. The bottom line is when someone can’t find captivating television on the SyFy channel, they become regular fans of show on other networks.

  166. First “Destination Truth” and now “Ghost Mine”. Two well-produced, well-researched shows that were quite entertaining. You folks at SYFY really are so incredibly out-of-touch. Instead of incurring goodwill with your audience, you have done them all yet another disservice. Next up from the brilliance of SYFY: “Sharknado III; The Wrath of Yawn”

  167. I’m super disappointed in this news. I really loved Ghost Mine. Truly a creepy show. Guess they need more time slots for wrestling. 🙁

  168. Ghost Mine was a great show – can’t believe it’s being cancelled. I know a lot of people that absolutely love the show. I think SyFy is making a mistake on this one.

    Even my wife, who doesn’t like my ‘ghost shows’ would watch this one with me because of the storyline and personalities in the show.

    Patrick, Kristen, and Ghost Mine crew, I hope you will find another venue to continue the show. I will definitely watch.

    Maybe if there are enough comments about the show, SyFy will re-consider. Everyone who hasn’t commented, please take a couple of minutes to express to SyFy that you would love to see Ghost Mine come back.

  169. So I was sitting here thinking man it’s football season and most of my shows start after or around the same time. Go to check when and only to find out today they canceled it.. Are you stupid? This was the most educational and prolific TV show you’ve ever had. Screw the rest. I’m canceling for paying for this channel with my company. I hope someone else grabs them. However the mine has been sold therefore I do remember them looking at another mine at the end of the season maybe they will come back but with a different name. Screw you syfy

  170. Why is it every time we find a great show it is canceled? It makes me not want to watch new shows because they will go away. This show was really awesome and family ordinated. Please bring it back.

  171. You had a loyal fan but I agree with most. I waited all year to watch the new season of “Ghost Mine”. It was bad enough you lost Josh Gates, big mistake. I’m a fan of Discover from now on. So long SyFy. You’ve served us well…

  172. Like most others here, I am thoroughly disgusted with Syfy. They cancelled all of the good shows-Ghost Mine, Paranormal Witness, Destination Truth, School Spirit, Haunted Collector, even Hollywood Treasure, and replaced them with crap movies and stupid shows. If Ghost Hunters goes too (and it looks like it may happen since it’s hardly ever on anymore), this viewer will also be long gone. You network bigwigs really blew it.

  173. Myself I Love Syfy BUT this was one of the shows I couldn’t wait for the new season. Then to see that it was canceled all I could think of was “what else is going to happen in the mines this season that we will miss & was they going to work at the other mine that has ghost or whatever Papa Smurf & Kristen saw coming up the wall. They had talked about working the other mine when the weather closed the mine & of course they would only work the other mine if Patrick & Kristen went with them more possible of more gold. The zip it’s gone. But Sharknado 1 & 2 is more important.

  174. why would you cancel a shOw When there’s still so much to investigate? You even have a new mine in Arizona..this is so ridiculous. you leave it with so many unanswered questions.. this is very very disappointing.

  175. The only reason I watched the Syfy channel was for Ghost Mines…… F/O aint no reason to watch any thing on your channel now!!!!!

  176. Is this the forum for people with bad taste? Some of you idiots thought GM was real? That show fucking sucked, glad to see syfy put it out of its misery.

    Damn y’all a bunch of fucking morons on here.

  177. Well this really sucks! I been waiting for season 3. Decided I would look up when it was scheduled to air. Only to be disappointed that it will not. Now we are all left hanging what is behind the bunker!!! syfy you suck!!!!

  178. You know there’s not much good to watch on TV anymore, and Syfy just crushed my dreams when I heard Ghost Mine was cancelled. I watched every episode and couldn’t wait for the next! Loved the history of the area, the character & fortitude of the miners, their varied jobs mining for gold – and mix in the paranormal (Kristen & Patrick were awesome!) – what’s not to like? The execs must have their heads up their butt.

    I am so glad that the Curse of Oak Island got renewed. If you’re jonesing for more mystery, digging for clues and history – that’s coming up Nov 4th on History channel.

  179. BULLSH** What the heck is wrong with you people at SYFI do you not listen to the people who watched your channel? I use to watch SYFI all the time but now all thats on there are dumbass cheaply made movie and WWE you are SYFI you are suppose to have shows like Ghost Mine. And that was one of my favorite shows, it was different from what anyone else had…ya’all had a gold mine(lol) there and of course instead of pulin your heads out of ya’alls ass’s you once again scrwed something up. Good Job SYFI good job. The only thing you have good on your channel now is Ghost Hunters…. once next you going to cancel that….if you did something as dumb as that Im sure you would soon be out of a network all together cause ya’all have nothing good to wach. Listen to the people retards!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  180. Syfy was one of the last stations that I actually one of the last channels I felt I could trust to give me quality programming. Its a shame that people in charge do not listen to those of us that DO like their channel. I am so sick of the programming changes and cancellations of the owners of stations. Just because YOU might not like the program doesnt mean the rest of us share the same feelings! I might as well cancel my subscription to this channel since its going to hell anyway

  181. That’s it! I’m done with SyFy. Not renewing Ghost Mine is the straw that breaks the camels back. IDIOTS!!! You wouldn’t know a good show if it kicked you in the ass! I’m not watching your stupid channel again…GOODBYE!!!

  182. I’m so mad. I loved ghost mine. It was so interesting and enjoyable. They got a lot of great evidence. SO CANCEL ALL THE THINGS WE LIKE, ILL JUST WSTCH THE PRICE IS RIGHT

  183. I’m so shocked. The people in charge don’t know what theyre doing? Just like every other business/corporation/government out there.

  184. The only time you get to watch something interesting they take it off. The shows they replaced it with can’t hold a candle to this show.

  185. Get rid of ghost hunters. This season has been so boring. At least ghost mine was fun and exciting like ghost adventures. First they shut down warehouse 13, then destination with the great Josh! What’s next more junk reality TV, love WWE, but even their story lines are getting one sided and make no sense (WTH were you thinking for Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt, dumb ending to what was such a great match with Seth!). Most people ask for advice before they leap!

  186. What is wrong with you at SyFy?!How could you cancel Ghost Mine??? For once you had a unique show about the paranormal. No other network had a show like this.You really missed the mark on this one. Unfortunately for SyFy there are other networks with better shows for us Ghost Mine fans…I will be begging those other networks to pick up Ghost Mine or at least come up with a similar show using the miners from the show…unbelievable how there is no comment from the SyFy execs regarding these posts…GbSyFy (goodbye SyFy)

  187. I have been so disgusted with SciFy that I have quit awatching it all together. They took off Ghost Adventures. Ghost Hunters is just not what it used to be. Now they have taken off Ghost Mine. What is left is all of these weird shows like Face Off or what ever that show is about making masks. Today it is running an all day marathon of Unexplained Files whatever that is. It is like they are focusing more on the alien aspect now and have left behind the paranormal aspect. I have just quit watching it altogether. I won’t watch it again unless they give me a reason to watch it. I am interested in the paranormal. I am NOT interested in aliens. I live 70 miles from Roswell, NM. If I want to learn about aliens, all I have to do is drive 70 miles down the road.

  188. Really ….well this is disappointing I have been waiting for months to watch ghost mine, now I find out it’s not coming back . I hope someday u would listen to your followers. We make you and remember we don’t need you, u need us. I’m disappointed and really can’t believe u leave us hanging like this every great show u put on get us hook and then poof gone sorry for your luck. Well thanks I’m so done with this .

  189. Now how we going to know what the next discovery will be? They were just starting to get everything working for them. Completely discussed. Makes me not want to start watching new shows if there just going to constantly cancel them 🙁

  190. I really hope syfy renews this show it’s a great show. I am so over good shows getting CXL while reality and the really bad shows stay on. Give us this one back. Ghost Hunters and Ghost Mine are two of my favorite shows.

  191. Darn! I too was just searching the internet to find out when Ghost Mine Season 3 would be airing. (I loved this show show much that I purchased Seasons 1 and 2 for my video library!) Now I find out the show was canceled. BOOOOOOO! I hope another network picks them up. Great show, great scenery, good characters, and a new and interesting subject. I looked forward to it every week. I’m very sad.

  192. Well, what are y’all going to Axe next?! That really upsets me. How about we Axe y’all!! I would rather watch Ghost Mine instead of some of those crappy B movies you show!!! Please, bring it back. I have never written to any TV people until now, but please bring my/our show back!!!!!

  193. Very disappointed in syfy since the cancellation of Ghost Mine as well Haunted Collector and no return for Stranded. Mostly every ghost show that was on is not off and not to be renewed. I think Ghost Hunters is at the end too. With the departure of two investigators.

  194. I am so disappointed syfy has cancelled this show. You messed up syfy! This is a wonderful show. I hope someone else picks it up.

  195. Hi just read about the cancelations of Ghost Mines.. So not right. The show was more then about the souls ( or ghost) that were left behind.. It is about the history of the people that had worked the mines… The families that lived n still in that area.. Love the history behind all … It is ashame that Syfy dose not want to keep our history alive… Without our history ( the past) where would we be.. It is important to many to learn of those who have lived before us …. I pray another station picks this show up … To keep our history alive Thank You God Bless you all

  196. I can’t believe you cancelled Ghost Mine, Haunted Collector, Paranormal Witness.
    I refuse to watch your channel. I will not watch B rated MOVIES that no one else will carry on there channels. Who ever made this decision should be fired.

    The Shows you cancelled were the best shows that Syfi ever had.

    Hopefully Discovery or Travel Channel will pick up these show and there rating will go thru the roof.
    You had your chance and blew cancelling these shows.

  197. Yes, this is horrible that SyFy keeps cancelling all the decent shows, and keeps the horrible crap on that they are now showing! I’m amazed that Ghost Hunters is still on to be honest with you!!! I loved Ghost Mine, Destination Truth, Haunted Highway, and Haunted Collector! It doesn’t matter what the viewers want, they just want the Cheapest Shows, and the WORST Movies that I’ve ever tried to sit through, and couldn’t… Sharknado??? WTF! Then WWE??? What does that even have to do with Science???

    I love The Money Pit, and Search for the Lost Giants, all on the History Channel!

    Hey SYFY, why don’t you pull your heads out of your butt’s and listen to your viewers???

    BRING BACK some of these Shows!!!

    PS: Josh Gates will be having a Show on the Travel Channel I believe before the end of the year, or next year! I won’t miss any of his shows at all!!! You can find him on Face Book for further information!

  198. You keep taking away our reasons for watching syfy channel. Ghost Mines, Ghost Hunters International, The Collector, etc. Plus we only got to see 3 of Ghost Hunters (Taps). I guess if they don’t put them back on I will only go to Syfy to watch Ghost Hunters and then go to a different Channel. Maybe we can get another channel to take them and we can see them all every week.

  199. I am pissed off SYFY , I have been waiting a long time for ghost mine to come back on they air also Haunted Collector . And a lot of boom ass paranormal t.v shows . WHAT HAVE YOU”VE DONE SYFY < WE MUST FIGHT TO GOT OUR SHOWS BACK !!!

  200. I am very disappointed in SYFY to think they have canceled another family show that doesn’t have the drama and back stabbing going on in a show. I guess they don’t really care what their viewers want they just want to see more drama – drama- drama. I guess my family and I will not be veiewing this channel anymore !

  201. I would like to know who thought it was smart to remove ghost mine? Saying that it needed to canceled to make room for ghost hunters is really dumb. Ghost hunters only comes on what? 2 or 4 nights a year? Ghost mine is the best show you have now. What in the world does wrestling have any things to do with syfy? It’s not real everyone knows that, plus there’s nothing entertainment about it. Take the stupid thing off, bring back ghost mine and haunted collecter back.paranormal state is old too,they haven’t had any new shows in 2years I understand that one of the main character has been sick,I sure hope he’s doing OK.I looked forward to ghost mine every week, but someone there thought it’s smart idea to remove it, good going dummy.

  202. What a disappointment! I enjoyed the show and the people, very pleasant. This was a clean show that anyone could watch, no slice-em and dice-em on this one. Hope someone will pick it up soon!

  203. I agree with the other commets I rarely ever find a show that I can sit down and watch but this show I waited week to week to watch the show but I guess some damn idiot wasn’t making enough money and I really hate to see you all go I hope they bring you back

  204. syfy you have messed up on this one. Out of all the crappy shows you have you get rid of one of the GOOD ones. My wife an I looked forward to every episode. get rid of wrestling! why would you have that on syfy anyway??

  205. I think ghost mines was one of the best shows out there along with josh gates destination truth I sorry that these guys in charge can’t get it right it seems like they cancel the really good shows and keep the shit shows a live. Just for one example is that new show booze travelers or the three guys who think there funny setting up people to do stupid things, omg is this the best you got going on in your pea brains, if so sell you channel and give someone a chance who can make big hit. Just call me and I will make you so much money and put on a great line up that people will make you guys numver one channel you got my email just drop me a line and set back and watch your channel become the greatest one ever. I have talent and some of the best ideas that you will ever see

  206. josh gates , what has he ever found,nothing, he. looks for things that takes him to countries, where the people believe in old legends and stories made up years and years ago. who fianancies his trips , between the ,what was that, and did you see that, I see nothing o well guess I wasn’t fast enough give me ghost hunters and ghost mines anytime.

  207. How dare you syfy for cancel
    ling ghost mine.I really enjoy that show. I didn’t miss a episode.Ive been wondering why I haven’t seen or heard anything about the show and now I just found out about it. How would you like to be cancelled (SYFY)?by all us viewers.Ghost mine crew,maybe you should see about trying the travel channel like ghost adventures did.Also the ghost hunters should do the same.That will be a start to show you syfy channel on how it feels.Get cancelled.

  208. It seems to be unanimous. Your viewers have commented. Please bring back PLEASE BRING BACK GHOST MINE. Ghost MINE goes more with your programming than WWE(THURSDAY!BIG FAN 🙂 12 monkeys hmmm. It’s okay, but SYFY lost a lot of younger viewer’s can’t stay up late on a week night. Friday’s they can. I’m just saying.
    I’m sure another channel with pick up Ghost MINE. TRAVEL or maybe DISCOVERY CHANNEL.

  209. Ghost mine is a really good show it is stupid they are taking it away, my dad was a hard rock miner and we watch that show together when it is on, and he explains every thing about tunnels and shafts and its our daddy daughter time,,, please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

  210. I hate it that they took you off the air. Now all I see is bullets flying, drugs, people getting murdered. There’s norhing on. Maybe you can come up with a new movie. You had Freddie vs Jason. Alien vs predator. I would like to see – predator vs jeepers creepers. What a fight that would be. Thank you.

  211. Well, this is a total bummer. My wife and i loved GHOST MINE, even my mother. I enjoyed it more than GHOST HUNTERS. GHOST MINE always kept us on the edge of our seats.We were so anticipating it’s return, but,like so many other shows, EUREKA, WAREHOUSE 13, ETC, and other channels like THE GREEN CHANNEL,THE SPEED CHANNEL they are all gone.Crying won’t bring it back, but, maybe as someone commented maybe THC, TLC or DISCOVERY will pick up GHOST MINE and give us back great entertainment. BEST WISHES to the whole mining crew, the two paranormal investigators and their wonderful film crew. We had two great seasons. Thanks for gracing us with your presence, PLEASE BRING GHOST MINE BACK-THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!

  212. I am so upset that you took ghost mine off. That was my favorite show that I always watched. My other favorite was haunted collector. I have no need to watch syfy anymore.

  213. I really miss Ghost Mine and can not understand why
    it was canceled. The crap that is on now is not worth watching and I don’t. Now can’t find out if Ghost hunters will be back and when. If not that will be the last of SyFy.

  214. Here’s what I decided to do with shows that have cliff hangers to get you han ging on till the next season. Or exec’s say BEST NEW SHOW OF THE SEASON. I’m not watching any new shows. Why should I when you decide my opinion really doesn’t matter. As my shows go off the air, they will not be replaced. Soon I won’t be watching any TV. Think I’ll take up crafting. It’s better than realty shows.

  215. I don’t understand why you would cancel a good so. My family were looking forward to spending Wednesday nights together watching Ghost Hunters and Ghost Mine. Please listen to the viewers and bring Ghost Mine back PLEASE.

  216. I definitely wanted to leave a post and tell you how sad I am that you’re not bringing back ghost mine I absolutely adore them and the show I sat at the end of my chair waiting until the next showing I couldn’t wait until it came back on. sadly though looking at all these posts and everything that was sent to the executives about bringing back the show and they didn’t even have the balls to come back and say why they didn’t bring it back. go ahead and sit behind your big desk and keep holding it up

  217. After taking Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunter international, Josh Gates, Ghost mines, etc. I have not even turned SyFy on. Today, All day, they had “total black out” episode is more than enough. Hated the one where they make the stupid masks..ugly version of next top model? Destination America and the Travel Channel have comparable paranormal shows. 160 and above on Verizon has a few channels with Wed night shows as well as other nights. Hope you all find one you like. Time to boycott SyFy.

  218. Im so sorry to see ghost mine has been cancelled me and my son watched it every week. syfy has been getting bad I never find anything on worth watching. I hope some other channel picks it up.

  219. Chalk up another kill of a good show that worked so well and kept you wanting more. Just like Eureka,Warehouse 13,Fact or Faked,Haunted Highway and The Haunted Collector! Keep creating these new crap shows and tank the ones people are watching. Just like the federal government,special interests,favors,and basically saying “screw what people want” VERY DISAPPOINTED SYFY!



  221. If it weren’t for ghost hunters coming out in 1990 and being so popular there wouldnt be any ghost advenyures and all the great scary ghost movies that are out. Tapps made paranormal more real and noticable. Loved ghost mine. It gave another prospective and honered the way they had to make a living that long ago. Lets all petition!

  222. I know it’s been a long time but I agree with most of these posts. Destination Truth “WAS” my favorite show. Then Ghost Mine became one of my favorite shows (Mitch was right “RED WAS HOT”) and the history along with all I learned about mining made it even more interesting.
    Haunted Collector was good too. John Z. seems like a good guy! As far as SyFy goes…I just surf on by.

  223. I am really sorry to hear that Ghost Mine will not be coming back. I really like the show and the people that were on it. If there is a chance to bring it back, Please do it. There are a lot of viewers that will not write to let you know they watch it, but they do. BRING IT BACK !!!

  224. I as well as all these other people leaving posts.. am soooooo very upset.. My husband and I are. Why do you have to take off this show..? It was so interesting ..we waited every week to see what more would happen… This truly does suck and they are right up above… whenever there is a good show on pffff its gone….
    We truly wish you would reconsider and put that show back on…. gosh we were waiting for it to come back on… Very Sad…..

  225. I have been looking forward to seeing the new season…Will another network work with you to make another season?

  226. SyFy is really getting bad! They always take off the good shows, and replace it with show’s nobody watches. They need to get back to airing shows people liked watching.

  227. this is one show that was extremely cool, why can’t it be brought back, along with a few others, including Eureka, and Warehouse 13. these were awesome shows that were canceled for no apparent reason. Bring them back and we will come back to your channel, otherwise you ain’t gettin nothin.

  228. I hardly watch SyFi anymore. They have taken all the good shows off the air including Ghost Mine. There is nothing but crap on now. What in the world happened to SyFi?

  229. I have waited forever for the third season. I don’t have cable so have been pestering my friends for a long time. It was cancelled!!!!???? Why, for God’s sake? That was the best show of it’s kind to ever be put on television. It was first-rate in every way. I love other ghost programs but this one was infinitely better. The investigators were wonderful, the miners interesting, the story incredible. Even the narrator was excellent. I own a lot of ghost programs and have to admit there’s a lot of, “This is crazy!” and “Whoa, how weird.” (I mean for heaven’s sake, they are ghost hunters. Of course it’s weird, and if they think it’s crazy then perhaps they should consider another career.) But on Ghost Mine they had video, astonishing EVP’s and honest reactions that far surpassed, “Whoa…dude…how crazy”, and a story line that had me on the edge of my seat. If Ghost Mine was cancelled then I seriously wonder about those who make such decisions. Perhaps not enough of us went on-line to praise it and that makes me very sad. But, didn’t any of the execs WATCH? I hate vulgarity but I feel compelled to say, flock you to SIFY. Oh, and I am using a friend’s computer so don’t punish her for my comments. But if you agree, hello friends.

  230. To me the syfy channel does exist anymore. They think its best to get rid of all the best shows that puts them at the top, for some shitty b rated movies. I’m disusted. You trade great shows like ghost mines, paranormal witness, and other great paranormal shows, for dumb wwe. Wow, bad move syfy, lost a lot of veiwers huh? How’s your ratings now huh? If syfy wants to be at the top again, they should bring back the greats. My opinion, simply stated.

  231. When you get to sharknado 6000 let me know. It is cheaper to produce cheap cgi stuff then to produce a live action program with costs. You should have cancelled ghost hunters a long time ago. Uh wait you do not pay those people.

  232. So sick of syfy getting rid of good shows. Ive been waiting for ghost mine and ghost hunters, but the idiots on top of syfy have ruined the channel, 3 episode season? Are you freakin kidding me? I watched ghost adventures religiously, i no longer bother since syfy has ruined the show. Im sorry, but tornados with sharks in it, is not science fiction, its stupid. I wish i could omit this god damn channel completely from my dtv playlist.

  233. Being a part time prospector taking Ghost mine off was stupid. I go into a lot of old gold mine and explore in an area where they had to burn the town down due too the plague in the 1850s but many mines remain no ghosts. Ghost Mine was one of the best shows I er watched my wife and I pray that those in power see the error of there ways.

  234. I have really missed “Ghost Mine” on Sci-Fi. I read a couple previous comments, and agree that when a good show appears, too often it’s on one or two seasons only; someone comes along who has no idea really about it and its fan base or loyal viewers. They cancel it without understanding. Another network like Destination America or Travel should pick up on it. I liked it as much or more than “Ghost Hunters.” It seemed to pick up even more odd activity.

  235. My wife and I are heartbroken, this is so typical for what we find in the television market today, every time we become invested in a super GOOD program, the network cancels it; sometimes I feel like the harbinger of death.

    Ghost Mine was a genuinely interesting and thought provoking series with educational value, offering something for our entire family unit covering all ages.

    I sincerely hope that your network comes to realize the travesty of their error, then does the right thing and re-instates this wonderful and insightful series. I swear by all that’s holy, if you replace it with some kind of reality garbage that is ruining television these days, your network will have lost THIS fan forever and ever more.

  236. Ghost Mine rocked! Are they serious? Plus season 3 was leading them to a new mine fairly close to my house. What a disappointment. That was the best show on their terrible network…..

  237. As you can see there’s a lot of paranormal fans out here. We would like to know what’s out there. I don’t want to know which husband the Kardasians r on, I don’t want to know who’s Big Brother, I don’t want to know who Survived and so on n so on. Plzzzz keep our shows on there aren’t very many out there. I’d like to hear n see what’s on the other side.

  238. sorry to hear that ghost mine will not be back for another season , it is hard to find an interesting, intelligent show

  239. Wow I enjoy watching Ghost Mine lot of history there. To bad you cancel the third season looking forward to watch it. But now l have to watch something else.l’m 65year-old Syfy is one of my favorite channe. I wish you would reconsider about having Ghost mine back. God Bless

  240. You take something good and more beleiveable for a ragged out barely interesting shows and not even good proof. I have better proof of paranormal in my house than they have ever came up with. Ghost mines proof was a hell of a lot more real than than ghost hunters or paranormal witness.they are working at the end of a mine shaft .let’s see if ghost hunters could handle the same they would cry like babies

    1. My husband is always asking me why I watch all the Ghost shows because they are so fake? Finally got him to sit down one night and watch Ghost Mine with me and he really liked it! After that he got as excited as I did when it was scheduled to come on. He didn’t watch so much for the unexplained events that would happen, he watched for the history of the mine. It kept both of us glued to the tv!!! Did they ever make it all the way through the mine? They could’ve waited till they got all the way through the second tunnel. Guess we won’t be watching the Syfy channel anymore!! BRING BACK GHOST MINE!!!!!!!!!!

  241. I am like everyone else very sad about the canceled show I think you should try destination America that has tons of paranormal shows and syfy channel is lame anyway I had my dish take them off everything on there is soooooooooo fake and obvious there movies suck no one watches them anymore they just hurt themselves canceling you all because that’s the only reason they had viewers oh well can’t wait to see your new stuff on another station be safe guys and God bless!

  242. Bring back “Ghost Mine”!!! This was better and different than the other ghost shows, because it was the same location in each episode. We got a chance to learn the history of the location, and the miners themselves. SyFy has only hurt themselves by removing the good ghost shows.

  243. Syfy needs to return ghost mine back. It was a great show and more than just a few thought so. Please return it back to syfy.

  244. My husband and I loved Ghost Mine. I like most of the paranormal shows except for Ghost Hunters. Thst show has stayed too long. And I Josh but his show destination truth was the best. We have our own group and I always try to see what the shows do with something new. Hey get of GH and bring back Ghost Mine and Destination Truth.

  245. you know syfy sucks because they canceled ghost mine that was the best show I don’t care if it was staged or not it was entertaining so it was total bs and it pisses me off that they canceled it

  246. WOW!!..Is this real??!!..GHOST MINE IS ON SYFY Tuesday March 29th From 630am-1230pm..The whole first season?!..WOW THANKS SYFY!….Now Just Bring Back A Third Season and you’ll gain back a bunch of viewers (ratings!) that you’ve lost! Thanks for the re-runs….

  247. Watching re-runs of Ghost Mine… enjoyed this show .. Hate to hear it was canceled… and Ghost Hunters International also… I watched them every week and recorded them and re-watched.. why were they canceled? Ghost Hunters a top ranked show.. love them.. wish y’all would reconsider putting the other two back on.. also learned a lot of history on these shows.. please bring them back..

  248. I miss Ghost Mine still and want it back and enjoyed the re-runs. Give the fans what they want please!!!

  249. I don’t understand why they did this, i loved the show and i want it to come back. MAYBE they will change their minds and bring it back. PLEASE BRING IT BACK. The people are good people and i want to see more. Maybe they can find another channel to pick them up.

  250. i miss ghost mines, haunted collector, haunted highway, GHI, ghost mines the most please bring back these great shows!

  251. Who ever had a hand in taking this show off the air should have been fired. This was a great show. Having visited Sumpter with my family there is a real story their and a great and bad history that needs to be told. Put it back on the air.

  252. Unbelievable!? What was wrong with this shoe SyFy ? You keep teasing people with good shows, then pull them,Haunted Collector, Haunted Highway, Ghost Mine,Warehouse 13,the list goes on,obviously no input taken from your viewing audience, or if it is,then it’s got to be wrong! Very disappointing, watching other channels now SyFy!

  253. there the folks in charge of programing think about what they want and take a great show and replace it old news like ghoust hunters who are lame

  254. I has watching this show every time that it was on. If it was a repeat. I did not care. The show need to cone back on,because
    1. All of us the love to watch it.
    2. It helps every one understand that ghost are real.
    3. Ghost are every where. Not just in the city’s.
    4. We all miss watching the show and want to see what happens next.
    Please put the show back on. It is very important to everyone to see what happens next.

  255. SyFy USED to be my go to channel.With the loss of Ghost Hunters AND Ghost Mine this year, I am done. There is nothing left for me here on Sysy. Destination America and Travel Channel will have my consistant support. Goodbye SyFy.

  256. Well I wish the producers would read every article that I just read the last 2 hours. It’s amazing they still can put the show on it and make money. But not to pick it up for a third season is unbelievable. The show it was much more than two people crew Chasing Ghosts around. They interacted with everyone around them which made it very interesting to Skeptics to have something to think about.
    Let’s hope the Syfy channel has some to think about too.

  257. After Ghost Mine was canceled, I don’t bother watching SyFy anymore. They are showing crap now. They should have had Ghost Mine for a 3rd season. I hope the travel channel gets smart and take over all the good paranormal shows. I am done with SyFy!

  258. I don’t no wat I’n the world YOUR thinking canceling THIS SHOW!! Don’t the viewers have anything to say about these decisions after all we are the ones who watch and give ratings and Ghost Mine BY FAR WAS THE BEST GHOST HUNTING SHOW ON TELEVISION!!! I REALLY can’t for the life of me understand how these decisions are made bcuz looking at all these comments no one agrees with this!!! I’m SOOOOOO sick ovr this!! It was literally the only thing ON tv I looked forward to watching the next episode and was SOOOO shocked to hear this!!! Plz reconsider your Faustian svc BRING GHOST MINE BACK!!!

  259. I’m very very very very upset they stopped Ghost Mine. They suck Syfy channel. They had Ghost Mine on n that’s the only show i watched. They suck for getting rid of the show. Who ever buys the land should make the show again with b the same people

  260. watching the show in 2017 takes me back to when Tv used to be good, but without one of my favorite shows, Tv isnt as enjoyable anymore. Syfy likes taking away the good shows and replacing them with worse ones dont they.

    loved the show.
    hope syfy brings it back one day

  261. I can’t believe you are taking the show off! I’ve watched it from the time it began. It was entertaining and educational. It was different from the other ghost hunter shows. I’ve quit watching most of your shows, because they were all the same. I don’t know who chooses the line up for you, but they need to get better at choosing your shows!!

  262. When good shows come on syfy, for some reason they get replaced with dumb shows that r not worth watching.Bring back some of the shows that we enjoy

  263. I will not start watching any series on your channel unless you renew Ghost Mines. I can’t trust Sci-fi to get to the conclusion. We viewers grind through the slow episodes that the miners accomplish hardly anything, and now that they are starting to get into the gold, you cancel it?! What jerks!! That’s like showing football games, but cutting off the 2nd halves. I feel like I have been duped. Shame on the wizards that run programming this way. I can’t trust you now to start watching another one of your series. See you later.

  264. Thank God,I had VCR’d some of the last few awesome episodes of “Ghost Mine”. By far, one of my all time favorite shows. Now I. Don’t watch SYFY channel anymore. You would logically think that if you knew you had a hit show like this that you wouldn’t make such an error. I’ll never understand it.


  266. I too hope exects will bring back Ghost Mines.
    It was different with the miners being part of the show. Great guys. And learned much history about mining back in the day. Sad about the poor Chinese workers.
    Please bring the show back.
    I was wondering if anybody else noticed on season 2 ep 5 I thing where Patrick takes photo in the forest at night with the “shadow figure” that’s a bigfoot standing behind a tree ????. That was a good shot too.. Too bad it wasn’t during the day. I think that’s why the security guard left shaken☺️. I mean that is in Oregon.Those investigaters should do a show about the big forest people we call bigfoot!
    They are real. Undeniably.
    Peace out.

  267. Just realized….
    Maybe that’s why the show was canceled. But then again!… they could have just filmed elsewhere. Yeah….. I’m bummed out. Well! There’s always re runs.

  268. I’m still hoping the show will return. It was the best show on, and nothing has come close since.

  269. One of my favorite shows,please bring back the show.i know 10 people that watched it,I am going to stop watching the syfy channel

  270. I enjoyed the show as all of you did,but when I went to Sumpter Oregon yes the dredge is haunted I have a video of an overhead light that does not work but it turns back and forth all by it’s self. But when I asked people around town they gave me the bad news that the ghost mine show was a farce. The mine doesn’t exist and what we viewed on the show about the mine was staged. The rock piles, museum, dredge,the bed and breakfast and the train are all real. The people on the show were not real underground miners. I knew that the mine didn’t look like it was being reconditioned. I worked as an underground miner and this in no way looked like an MSHA approved safe mine. The back did not have any rock bolts and wire. The main was a mess and the working face was a mess, I wouldn’t have worked there. Anyhow folks the show was good but only for TV. I’m disappointed like the rest of you.

  271. I really wish they’d bring the show back on by the looks of it there are a lot of people that agree with me it’s hard to find good TV shows anymore when you do find one they take it off then two or three seasons and I don’t understand why it is absolutely stupid and not the way I look at it it’s a waste of money it like the bigwigs are just throwing money out the window

  272. Don’t blame these guys for calling it quits on the show, someone got to them, this is the feeling I’m getting because if you’re not reading between the lines you are obviously missing part of it. If you notice in different parts of the show where they had cave in’s, yes some areas are unstable; but – that was an intentional cave-in and there was nothing wrong to of caused it to do this on its own, somebody went in and sabotaged it. I also noticed in the episode phantom intruder is also know for residual noises that can also mimic cave in’s. So if the Masons are in this area, they are keeping this closed for a reason so if Sy-fy doesn’t want to renew for a third season because someone got to them first, paid them big to shut them (ghost mine) down.

  273. Why don’t you bring back Ghost Mine, at least the re-runs and take some of Ghost Adventures off? That was an excellent show that shouldn’t have been cancelled! We’re tired of all the GA reruns.

  274. They need to bring it back on so the fans have more to watch. It is a really great show and shows the trouble that miners have to go through in the mines.

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