Kentucky Haunted Hospital Opens First Time For Celebrity Ghost Hunt

Haunted Scottsville Hospital in KY

Scottsville, KY – The Old War Memorial Hospital in Scottsville, KY that has been abandoned for over 16 years on a hill that overlooks the sleepy town or Scottsville is now being opened for the first time for a public ghost hunt featuring the stars of Destination America’s show “Ghost Asylum”.

Outside shot of the haunted hospital in Scottsville, KY
Outside shot of the haunted hospital in Scottsville, KY

Saturday June 11 will be the date that fans of the paranormal and fans of the Tennessee Wraith Chasers from the show Ghost Asylum will be able to go on a ghost hunt of this secretive location that has all but recently been home to a Haunted Attraction during Halloween.

The show Ghost Asylum featured the Old Scottsville Haunted Hospital during an episode last year with some terrifying findings and they are now ready to share these experiences with their TV show fans. Ticket buyers will be able to spend the evening with all of the stars of the show, get autographs, photos, participate in a meet and greet as well as a questions and answers session before being split up in small groups and actually investigate the haunted Scottsville Hospital with the Tennessee Wraith Chasers.

“This is a opportunity for anyone excited about the paranormal, and expecially fans of Ghost Asylum to join in on what it is like to be part of the show and to ghost hunt for real…” said Edward Coleman, spokesperson for Kentucky Tourism. “…just being able to step foot in a reported haunted location that is normally closed to the public and ghost hunt with professionals in this field is really a once in a life time experience.” Coleman continued.

The Scottsville Hospital has reports of a ghostly doctor that still roams the hallways, claims of doors slamming shut, screams coming from unoccupied rooms, balls of light floating in the hallways, shadow figures and feelings of helplessness and depression await ghost hunters at this notoriously haunted closed off location.

Ghost Hunt Weekends will be producing this event Saturday June 11, 2016 and fans can purchase tickets from their website  or by calling Toll-Free 1-800-604-9101


GHOST ASYLUM is produced for Destination America by Tremendous! Entertainment with Colleen Needles Steward, Shannon Keenan Demers, and Tim Hamilton as executive producers. For Destination America, Fay Yu is executive producer. AMISH HAUNTING is produced for Destination America by Hot Snakes Media with Eric Evangelista, Shannon Evangelista and Mark Marabella as executive producers. For Destination America, Sara Helman is executive producer. At Destination America, Sara Kozak is senior vice president of production, Marc Etkind is general manager, and Henry Schleiff is Group President of Investigation Discovery, Destination America, American Heroes Channel and Discovery Fit & Health.

4 thoughts on “Kentucky Haunted Hospital Opens First Time For Celebrity Ghost Hunt

  1. I would really love to go ghost hunting with the TWC, they are awesome. I watch all the ghost and paranormal shows but ghost asylum is my favorite, I like that they pray every time they go into a place. I love Chris, Brandon, Porter, Doogie and Chassy Ray.

  2. im so sceptical about going on commercial ghost hunts. they have to do things to make it interesting. so whats fake and whats not

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