Haunted Collector Axed By SyFy Channel


It looks like another Paranormal Show is getting the axe from Syfy Channel. Haunted Collector has been officially cancelled via a phone interview to a Syfy Executive.

Rumors have been circulating the internet from John Zaffis’ social pages about the show being cancelled in October. A Facebook post from John Zaffis from October 31, quotes: “hi all just letting you know haunted collector will not be coming back sorry to all our fans”

Fans of the doomed show responded with sadness and disbelief, and some offered support.

“For some reason networks will suddenly go against all that the viewers watch. A Haunting on Discovery Channel is a prime example. But by no means the only one that has done this. I know that Mr Zaffis will continue doing what he does best, helping those with paranormal problems.” posted one fan.

“Well will no longer be watching the Syfy channel, this was the best show on there. I did not care for Ghost Hunter, it looked totally fake, but this show was more real then that and I liked it.” – Added another fan.

Brian Cano, another cast member from the show, left a lengthy blog post about his agitated disbelief of the show being cancelled.John Zaffis

It is sad to see that great shows like this are following in a wake of cancellations, while making room for other shows. What will happen now to the cast and crew of Haunted Collector? Will Johnny Zaffis continue in the demonology field and move forward on helping people with paranormal problems? Only time will tell.

Let us know how you feel about this and other paranormal show cancellations by leaving a comment below, we would love to know what the watchers and fans think.

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Darby Turmovik is a paranormal reporter from South Carolina who has been covering subjects in the Paranormal Field for over 20 years. He contributes to Haunted Locations Magazine, Ghost Hunters Weekly and writes for several paranormal related blogs and websites.

95 thoughts on “Haunted Collector Axed By SyFy Channel

  1. But yet they keep stupid shit on like “Face Off” and their other crappy reality shows. I hope another channel picks them up. There is one more show that if it goes so will “Syfy”!!!!!!!!!

    1. WHAT!!!!!!!! They have lost their minds!!! This was the only show worth watching on Syfy. I looked forward to Wednesday night every week. I really hope another network pick them up. This was a great show and it was so real.

  2. I think SyFy sucks it had much better shows when it was Sci-Fi they lost more than the just the name. I don’t watch it at all now and don’t plan to.

    1. Omfg you guys must be SOOO gullibke and have real empty boring lives if you think this is one of the greatest shows on tv,and before everyone goes insane i totally believe in the paranormal and the science being used lately to research it. However though,the haunted collector is ridiculous,and have any of you noticed that he always latches onto an item that is old and worth money and which will make his museum better,he jumped on the bandwagon when zack bagins visited and was lucky enough to get offered a show,he may have a bit of knowledge with regards to the paranormal and he may not,but it is so unbelievably fake and i just dont know how any sane person with a level debatable mind would fall for such tripe,if thats the case i could send a 2 minute video on youtube of my arsehole being haunted and i would be a god to you guys..ridiculous

      1. Ok. First off when has zack Baggins
        Ever done a thing or was ever sold a actual paranormal problem for anyone?
        Not only that but he’s jack ass in real life. I used to be a ghost adventures can until I realized it was just really good acting (so I thought) and a whole lot of false promises that they then did not do and if you’ve actually watched the show you’d realize if it’s legit the whole afterlife practically hates if it was legit he one of the bravest people but you know something haunted collector was pretty badass zack is just a pretty boy with a big mouth and no action haunted collector actually saved lives dumbass it was legit THATS why they got taken off syfy the travel channel will probably axe ghost adventures anyway for the opposite reason your naive if you can’t tell the difference no one cares about haters so go somewhere else please.

      2. brian williams: He doesn’t keep every artifact he finds. He very often leaves it at the location with instructions on how to preserve/display it.

      3. I noticed the valuable items.but remember the lake Charles when they found a gun under the house? If there was a robbery why didn’t the police take the gun as possible evidence? Js

      4. I think it’s not stupidity…just taste. Although I enjoy the idiot fighting and know things are all setup up a still for FUN what shows like Survivor, but I refuse to watch the black haired freak who got her whole carrier based on a sex tape (Kimmie baby 🙂 haha….I don’t think anyone is wrong or right all of the shows are basically setup garbage however some people still enjoy watching not to believe but to escape I guess. Look at Jersey Shore Mountain Monsters, etc., I think 90perent of them are trash………reality shows like the Bachelor…for heaven sake most guys would not want a woman who has slept with bachelors from 2 seasons in a row………its all hogwash…the worst part is that we allow our children to grow up watching it………Honey BooBoo. OMG If people really thought about what they are watching they would cringe in fear…………..so..bottom line there are good and bad but for the most part I believe little of it…………but it’s good for entertainment………….just llke a Rockey movie…………. 🙂 Don’t need to argue and fight over it…………people enjoy what they enjoy………..kids learn to like farting and burping and it doesn’t bother them, I would likely try to keep my children from doing that for fun in public, but look how many do it and laugh…

  3. HC was a good fun show, but at least they had a show, and a good gig for a while but what another season and another etc… That’s the business in network television get over it, and what’s wrong with FaceOff ? why the negativity keep it to yourself no one cares already.

  4. Still totally disgusted with SyFy’s decision to cancel HC..I enjoyed it much more than Ghost Hunters they had better stories and the crew brought you into their investigation..

  5. Unfortunately? People like to watch borderline Voyeurism, people making stupid mockeries of their lives by creating a big bubble for us to watch them in.

    We as Paranormal lovers unfortunately get shot in the foot when they are looking for someone to cull!

    Your lucky you got some many shows! we hardly have any UK side, and the ones that do show are repeats!

    Tis a shame as i managed to catch this show one time and i thought it was really good. Im sure John will come up with some other form of keeping this alive im sure.

    1. Why doesn’t someone create a new Paranormal Network for those of us who appreciate it? It could feature all of the fun things like hauntings,hunting bigfoot,psychics,ect.

      1. Yes! And a quilting network. Somebody needs to get on that because I’d really like that. I mean, I dont personally have the money to start up a multi-million dollar quilting network, but because I think a lot of people would be interested in that, someone should do it.

      2. Great idea !!
        I’m a big paranormal fan but John doesn’t seem genuine at all and his voice makes me cringe. I liked the show but was hoping someone else could do most of the talking.

  6. It saddens me to see that this show is being cancelled when John Zaffis (who I’ve personally met and can say is such a wonderful man) the nephew of the great Ed and Lorraine Warren (without them this field would not be what is today) has been studying the paranormal and demonology for 29 years, and has been referred to as the Godfather of the paranormal just to make room for the amateurs and nonsense paranormal shows who do not have a quarter of his knowledge in the matter. I enjoyed the show very much and have much respect for this man. Terrible decision SYFY!!!!

  7. HI ADMINS how can one contact this site ,i have an enquiry/important info for you guys about Ghost hunters that you have missed. Please provide an email address as the one provided on the forum does not work!


    1. What do you know about Ghosthunters? I keep looking for the new season to begin, but it’s been so long that I’m afraid it too has been cancelled. Help please…

  8. I’m only 13 but I loved that show and I really want to find out history about my house because it is really old and it creeps me out all of the time I don’t need a paranormal investigation because I any afford it and I do t think my house is haunted but I want to find out history about my house because it is really creepy if anyone has any good history websites please tell me I really need to find ou the history

  9. I think haunted collector is by far better and more realistic than ghost hunter. I am hoping syfy will change their mind and let season 4 and more air on their channel.

  10. I am sad to see HC go by the wayside too. But that is no reason to bash Ghost Hunters. I think they are the best paranormal ghost hunting show on TV. I don’t think they are fake at all. I have watched them since they first came on! They seem to be the most honest ones on, period! Keep up the good work Jason and Steve and the crew!!!

    1. I love ghost hunters also!! ….but why are they only showing aprox. 6 new episodes at a time!! ?? …….so frustrated with this channel now!!

    2. You don”t think ghost hunters is fake ?..at all ?.
      If you are certain of that statement then i have a few bridges you might be interested in buying…and oh yeah…Ghost Hunter Crew says they are HAUNTED !!
      Now that I am done being a smart ass I can assure that their show is 100% scripted and that Jason is responsible for the total lack of science in the last 5 or so seasons..he became a producer…saw money to be made by exploiting the half wit audience and pursued it…he is no different then any other reality show star that quite doing the show for principle and focused only on Money…oh the things I could tell you about the show..do you EVEN know the REAL reason Grant left ?

  11. I loved haunted collector!! It’s a shame the Sci-Fi channel is turning into network television with shows similar to “the survivor” …and face off….the only program I watch on the Sci Fi channel now is ghost hunters!! ….and their “season runs” are getting shorter and shorter!! I loved the channel when it had ghost hunters, followed by ghost hunters international, then also the haunted collector and one of my biggest favorites was with josh gates and his crew!! ….now there are only regular network shows on….face off is really boring, and their new series are also a yawn…if ghost hunters goes….so do I…..!!!!! …..face off and the show comparable to the network version of the survivor are NOT SCI- Fi programming….they are just shows the other networks apparently would not pick up!!!

  12. I can not believe they cancelled the show! Wed night on Syfy was my favorite night of the week. I loved all of their paranormal shows. Seems they dont care its one of their most popular nights for veiwers.

  13. I thought that SyFy really had it going on as far as being a channel where they were getting into something that is breaking through many taboos, and finding out what is really out there in the paranormal world. They had a line up of good shows that enlightened people, educated them, if you will, and also let folks know that there is a community out there who DOES care, and believe, and will help them in a time of need. You were my Wednesday night fix. I may still turn you on to catch Ghost Hunters, but I think you have alienated enough of us, that you just may be hurting them in the rating games, also. People won’t want to watch your channel, and therefore won’t watch them, either. You are making a monumental mistake here when you had the tiger by the tail. There are better shows on YouTube that I will go to now to watch. At least they have Paranormal TV there. Your original movies are laughable, and in the long run, you will most likely see that we, the viewers were right, and you will be sorry. Man, ya’ll had the Godfather of the Paranormal…..what idiots… sorry just calling it like I see it….VERY DISAPOINTED IN FLORIDA

  14. NOoooooo! How can they cancel “The Hanuted Collector”? That was the best of all the ghost hubyibg shows. It was actually real. The stuff we saw him collect w/ energy attached to it went in his museum. It was real, actual, and factual. The used scientic method and deduction to figure what the problem was. Akk thise other shows dont do that. John Zaffis has even been on other shows like A Haunting because before his show was on people would come to him because he was the real deal. Im really disappointed in SyFy. I cant believe that. That show was great and the cast was great at explaining things so that people who didnt k B-) ow a whole lot about the paranormal could understand. Im really sad. Ill miss brian too. He was so intelligent it was such a turn on. And John deserves hos own show more then anyobe else. He knows more about that feild of study then anyone else. hell hes been doing it for 40 plus yrs. In this day in age when we dont yet have all the technology needed to studay, communicate, understand, and know all there is to know about the beyond John knew a great deal. He also wasnt a phony. When he didnt kbow or didnt understand; he didnt lie and act like he knew everything he would just say im not sure yet but lets cobtinue on with the investigation and keep digging. I prey that other networks will offer to pick up the show. Ill miss you guys so much.

  15. I am very disappointed with Syfy Channel. I always turned on Wednesday all day because of the paranormal shows. Now they have shows that have nothing to do with paranormal, such as wrestling, what is paranormal about that, it needs to be on sports channel where it belongs. You’ll had a terrific channel with interesting things, now it really sucks. Bring back all our paranormal activities shows, or a lot of viewers will not watch SYFY. It is getting to be something it does not stand for by it’s name.

  16. I was very sad to find out that Haunted Collector was cancelled. I thought John Zaffis and his team were extremely dedicated, talented and fascinating to watch. It was one of the best shows on TV. And Wednesday night was my favorite night of television on the Syfy Channel. I don’t understand the decision, it makes no sense. I hope another channel will pick them up. They are too good not to be recognized for the wonderful work they do in helping people with their paranormal problems.

  17. I was waiting for the new Haunted Collector programs. Now checking here and find it’s cancelled. They cancelled Ghost Mine, too. Every time there’s a good show, they cancel it. There isn’t much left so guess I won’t be watching the Syfy channel.

  18. I just found out today that Haunted Collector won’t be returning for a 4th season (I kept thinking I’d see an ad for it, but it never happened).

    Why? This was one of my favorite paranormal shows, along with The Dead Files. 🙁

    Miss you, John Zaffis!

  19. I am so disappointed by the cancellation of Haunted Collector… Loved that show and the folks in it. Seems that whatever I really like (whether makeup, a lipstick color, or TV show) some idiot decides to pull the plug. Go figure! Hey SyFy… Bring back Haunted Collector and keep Ghost Hunters alive… by the way, what happened to Ghost Hunters International? All you have now are stupid shows I don’t watch!

  20. Syfy is going downhill fast. The only show I’ll watch now is GH and when they cancel that, it’ll be bye bye SyFy

  21. This show, “Deep South Paranormal” was the only reason why I watched SyFy. Now that both aren’t on anymore, I find it stupid

  22. I use to watch the SyFy Channel all the time, no more. I understand the movies they are make believe of something that is doesn’t exist. But the Haunted Collector had the proof that makes us understand what sometimes is hard to believe! Why were they cut off? Why can’t they come back? If you care about your SyFy Channel do something that attracts people to see it and to follow your programming, give us TV series that we the public enjoy. You are the controllers of your channel, but without your public is nothing. Thanks!

  23. Me and my family faithfully watched Haunted Collector every week.We enjoyed this show greatly. They should take Ghost hunters off, there really boring and they never show anything.But all they say is did you see that or did you hear that.On Haunted collector there was action.Bring back Haunted Collector …..

  24. I cannot believe you cancelled Haunted Collector I’m a senior citizen who became very interested in the paranormal after having my own experience in our last home.
    Ghost Hunters is more acting then realistic bring back Haunted Collector

  25. Greetings to all. I’m known only as – The Watcher. The Haunted Collector was one of the best Paranormal shows ever. It gave you the facts, and no BS. John Zaffis is one of the Best in the fields of Paranormal. He has dedicated his live to finding out what is going on in peoples lives. And why there world has been turned up side down. Him, and his Great team check out everything that they can about what might be happening. They give great interviews asking other if they might know what might be going on. Once they get the facts? They use some of the best equipment to check things out. They also use there commence, and knowledge to find out what is going on, and why people has being haunted. I have been a big fan of the show ever since it came on. I was so hooked that that hour that it was on was gone in no time. Then – BOOM! They where canceled? This to me is a very poor chose indeed. They keep – Ghost Hunters on? Why? They had a big deal some time ago when one of there fellow hunters left the show. Then went public on how fake it was. I check into this, and did find out it is a bunch of BS – Big Time. All they do is setup a bunch of house cameras. Walk around, and say? Did you hear that? After a loud noise was heard. Because one of the big crew members tossed something. Then the create a – Shadow person. And say? Did you see that? It was created by someone walking in front of an IR Light. Then the camera picks up the shadow. Very simple to do. I have been in the FX business for over 30 years. I can reproduce everything on that show. Then when they do talk? They make no since at all? But when – John Zaffis, and his team talk? They make it so easy to understand. To add to this as well? I have been investigating the paranormal for over 25 years. With my knowledge of – FX? I can debunk just about anything. I would work with – John Zaffis, and his team anytime – anywhere for free just to help people out as he does. You could not pay me enough to work for ghost hunters. And what does Cosplay, and Face Off – WW Wresting, and the rest of the crap on that station have to do with SYFY? If it’s the money? Then they are heading on the wrong path. My hart is sad. But I know we have not seen the last of – Haunted Collector. You are a good man Mr. Zaffis. And your family, and team are the best.
    The Watcher

  26. It was original…..I liked the whole cast and how they went out of their way to help “normal” people out there solve their issues…..They never left someone until they had found the root of the problem. Bad decision….I hope someone picks the show up. Very sad fan……

  27. My sister and nieces and husbands, all got together to watch The Haunted Collector on Wednesday nights. We loved John Zaffis and his team And how different it was!!

    Who makes these decisions to axe a show that is absolutely successful??

    I agree with everyone who wrote in before me, this is enough to forgot the SYFI channel all together!!

    Bring The Haunted Collector back!!

  28. I was very sad that they took ” Haunted Collector” off the air. It was the Best program you had on SyFy Chanel, please bring them back, they made it interesting and it wasn’t fake. Wish it had been on longer than you let it live! Shame on you. People !! Please bring it back.
    !!!!!!!! Thank you for listening, Johanna

  29. I’ve loved John Zaffis since the first time I saw him on “A Haunting in Conn.” and other episodes of “A Haunting”. He’s very warm and seems to genuinely care about the people in an investigation. I am hoping the show will be brought back, like “A Haunting” was brought back.

  30. I am soooo over SyFy. They keep putting stupid CRAP on for instance FACE OFF, Town of the living dead (dumb), Spartacus, ZNation what is this crap!!! I don’t watch the show anymore!!! How does face off stay on the air. Atleast Haunted Collector, Ghost Mine and even Paranormal witness I haven’t seen keep us entertained and interested. This bull that have on now should disconnect that channel for GOOD. They need to show those scary shows during October because I am so freaking tired of Jason, Freddy and Michael Myers!!! Get it together Syfy!!!! Maybe if everyone stops watching that show, they will wake up!

  31. About time this useless, SCAMMER was taken off the air. All he ever did was go in, case the place, then claim the most expensive item was “haunted” so he could “store” it in his PERSONAL museum, WITHOUT paying the owner for said item. Fucking scumbag. They should have jailed his fraud ass.

    1. No one gives about you and that your a hater here. You don’t seem like you know legit if walked around naked in front of you 3 times.
      When have you ever done anything for anyone?
      John Zaffis of haunted collector was legit had 40 years actual experience in the entire field and is the son of the paranormal investigators who paved the way for Everyone else even those who ARENT legit and he did it ALL out of the goodness of his heart.
      You know who’s fake?
      And the syfy channel
      Now you know why it called the science fiction channel because they hate legit just like you
      Please go somewhere else haters aren’t needed here or anywhere else on the Internet
      Get. A life and go do something else.
      Have a nice day:-)

  32. I barely watch Syfy channel now ever since they took away HC. I had something to look forward to every week and even recorded the episodes. Really sad!

  33. I’m totally over Syfy and can only hope that others are as well. Who wants to watch the utter garbage they now air.

  34. Every Wed night I so looked forward to Ghost Hunters. I believe in this program so much becuz I myself am Asenstive. Now u go & cancel one of the best program’s on TV. I’m so disappointed, I can’t believe that u didn’t even have a goodby show. Please reconsider in the future.

    1. I placed a reply to you Penny , I too am disappointed , And watch each and every re-run.. Love John and his family ..

  35. I really enjoy this program , I agree with who ever said . They keep face off on” ! That shows stinks. as does a haunting . The re enactments are lousy . I adore John Zafis and his family as I did Peter James. The really great show’s they cancel and keep stupid crap such as ” rebuilding cars. ” HOW many car shows do we need? Will miss you John and hope to see you back , I also think Paranormal state was a major joke. ! That one they can keep! A fan in Nevada.

  36. Penny! I am with you!
    Love Ghost Hunters and TWC as well as GAC, A good bye would have been nice but sad. 🙁 I hope they reconsider , we have spirits here with us so you being a sensitive is totally awesome. Big fans Penny & Cyndi
    BRING him back!

  37. I can’t believe that this was cancelled. I don’t watch much else on the Syfy channel. Ghost Hunters seems too fake. The Haunted Collector was the only thing I really liked. I looked forward to every Wednesday night! Come back please! Some other channel please air it again!

  38. SyFy is screwing up so bad right now. They starting making reality shows aren’t make no sense or any connect to SciFi. Like for example, wrestling!?, Face off!?, etc… What’s wrong with this guys at SyFy.. It’s like what happened to Mtv back in 1980’s. It’s all music videos until they started showing less music videos for stupid reality shows… To SyFy, keep screwing it up, I’m watching channel shows!

  39. I know this is an old site and the messages that have been sent here are old as well. Maybe no one even reads this any more but, as far as I am concerned the Ghost hunters are nothing more that joking around, to much talking going on. You go to hunt ghost and when you see one you say what is that? LOL What are you there for ghost hunters? To see what that is OMG. The Haunted Collector at least look around to see what the hell that was. Not joke around with it. Anyways Syfy you made a big mistake but you have to live with it. You get rid of honest people like the Haunted Collector and keep the clowns like Ghost hunters.

    1. Rickey !
      I am back reading stuff! I posted in May , I like Taps due to the people. However YOU ARE correct! It has always bothered me that cameras are on THEM not looking for what they see! So how do we know ? Some episodes are good. Brit is a joke , chasing a spirit …Really ? He thinks he can catch it? And when the girls go to a room along. HOW alone can one be with a camera man and audio person standing there with you??? I enjoy the antics of Steve & Dave However I will miss John and his team, It’s different , I now watch TWC which has a unique approach to making contact with spirits . I don’t like the term HUNTERS sounds barbaric. I prefer visit. I have had many nice experiences myself. Glad you wrote Rickey , Show’s John is really being missed.
      Kindly Cyndi

  40. Whether any of the “ghost” shows are fake, scripted, etc., including Haunted Collector, what matters is that these are good, CLEAN, entertainment. SYFY has chosen to go the route of programming the most horrific, violent, blood and gore shows it can find. Face Off, while they are “creating” horror creatures might be somewhat syfy, it’s just a contest. If I had children, I would block SYFY due to the dark content they have come to see as their bread and butter. Ghost Lab, Ghost Hunters & Int’l, Ghost Mine, Haunted Collector – good clean stuff. Paranormal Witness is frankly a very frightening show that I think is also done for shock value, and to find the most violent, horrific ways of telling people’s stories. Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel started doing that, too, adding the shock value blood and gore, and I had to stop watching it. I guess shows can’t make it if they don’t have horror and shock value. Why people want that, when there is so much needless violence in the world…it makes people numb to real human suffering. It’s sad.

  41. I love Hunted Collector, I missed you guys ! 🙁 How about staring the TV Docummentary from others networks such as Destination America, Travel Channel, LMN, TLC, Discovery, or some other network. We the fans need to star a petition to bring back Hunted Collectors and hope for a network to do a contract with them. I also love watching The Dead Files, A Hunting, Paranormal Activity, When Ghost Attack.

  42. Why would they cancel the best REAL show on the SyFy channel. The Haunter Collector was by far the most realistic ghost program they had on the channel. They canceled Ghost Mine which was fantastically believable too! What’s wrong with the executives at Sy Fy??? They most love all of the glamour and publicity that Ghost Hunters gives, but they don’t give the fans anything realistic anymore! Everything on their new short season is soooo scripted, unrealistic, and quite frankly, really really boring. Nothing really happens on that program anymore that is believable! What has happened to the premise of what the channel was about in the beginning? The content currently on the channel has almost nothing to do with sci fi anymore! I almost never tune in anymore with all the reruns. Even their laughable Saturday night movie themes have begun to be so repetitive too! Executives at SyFy, bring back programs that have some real sci di content and the viewers will hopefully return if they haven’t given up with you all!!!

  43. this is a shame, they take away good shows, and replace them with junk movies . if we were smart we would call to boycott syfy.

  44. I think it sucks that haunted collected got the ax. U could’ve taken off ghost hunters instead. John zaffis is the real deal, him and his team are awesome. Ghost hunters is fake and I had proof of that. I was aboard a ship they were investigating. And what u dnt see is the stuff behind the cameras, the noises they create. Sry I loved the haunted collector……

  45. I agree with the replies, Haunted collector was a very outstanding show.Me and my family would always look forward to popcorn and watching this show.Your network has really gone down hill,good luck with your 2016 season.

  46. So sad that a great show was once again axed. Iloved watching what John and crew would come up each week that caused a haunting. Removeing these items canceled activity and helped those people regain a sense of normalty .Too bad WE WILL MISS A GREAT REALITY SHOW .THANKS JOHN AND CREW.

  47. Haunted Collector was never one of my favorite [paranormal shows but I watched it once in a while. Sometimes the location they were featuring was interesting or they featured an object I was curious about. But it was always just entertainment. I do have the same questions a couple of others have expressed, though. Some of Mr. Zaffis’s suppositions or leaps in connecting certain objects with the paranormal seemed to reach really far. My first question is why did he seem, so many times, to take what could be very valuable items for his museum (with full permission of the owners, of course)? And my second question is, shouldn’t his museum be so haunted with all these objects that no one can enter it? I’m just curious.

  48. i have always looked forward to watching all the ghost/paranormal shows. now its boring and stupid and all reruns. not complaining really on the reruns but it is nice to have new stories. face off and all that do not entertain me. what do they think syfy stands for ? and its not just this channel…i also watch ghost adventures but i totally am confused on what days and times they all come on. im so lost.

  49. Syfy is going away from anything normal. Now the only thing on tv is about women who want to become men. I too have joined a paranormal group and can assure its real. Sorry your show goy cancelled. I will also miss Beth

  50. I will not be watching Syfy! They have cancelled all the shows I liked to watch like Haunted Collector and Ghost Hunters! They took off good shows and put on crap! I will also suggest to all my friends not to watch! I would love to see another channel pick up these shows! I would watch everyday!


  52. All cancelled shows seem to have moved to Destination America (DA). Check with your cable provider. I watch Haunted Collector, Paranormal State, A Haunting, The Haunted, When Ghost Attack, Ghostly Encounters, etc. All shows canceled by SyFy have been picked up by DA

  53. I’m very disappointed that the Syfy channel has cancelled the Haunted collector. I really enjoyed it I’ve only been watching for a few months I guess what I’ve been watching were reruns.,but that’s no reason to jump all over Face Off. I have always loved to see how things were made, and this shows the imagination and ingenuity that are used to create the images that make up the movies we watch. And don’t even start on the znation I love that show all that serious zombies being killed humans being killed all that Gore they took a different aspect to it with comedy I love it. Come on who doesn’t love Murphy and Doc and the others.

  54. SyFy in the future should consider the viewers apparently no research was done regarding the popularity of this show

  55. SyFy in the future should consider the viewers apparently no research was done regarding the popularity of this show

  56. Mr. Zaffis is a paragon in the field of paranormal research and very much respected for his expertise and many years of helping people. The show revolves around individuals/families that have had paranormal experiences and chose to reach out to John Zaffis for help. I have watched Haunted Collector and just about every paranormal show on every network, as I have a personal interest in the paranormal. However, it is a personal choice, as is for any of us. Obviously, not every paranormal show is legit and should be considered entertainment, as most television programs are. I do not agree with many of the comments here but feel strongly that people are entitled to their opinion, valued or not. I am very knowledgeable in the field of antiquities, and many of the items found on the show are not valuable antiques or relics that have been described by some on this thread. Regardless, my opinion of the show and cancellation is that it was by far one of the better paranormal shows broadcasted, bad call for SyFy.

  57. Hi there hunted collector cast i do not bleave in ghost but i thought your program was good for the history side and the things they uncover.
    please can e have more of the hunted collector . thank you frank

  58. The Haunted Collector was a realization of situations of which Mr. Zaffis seemed to take a real personal interest in helping the individuals. Not just say, this what you should do,good luck. I did watch the show often, but it just bothers me that a few other shows that are not even close to being interesting and intriguing to watch are still on the air. I’m not throwing stones at Ghost Brothers, or any other show, they have a fan base too. I should hope another network can pick up the Haunted Collector and run with it. Destination America, are you listening?

  59. So sad to see the haunted collector canceled, I really liked the show and the people who were on it. Why don’t you put them back on again.. It would be great. And you’d make everyone happy.

  60. I agree with the people whom like this show. I like the show and only recently started watching it on DEST ch I was hoping it was a new program. Unfortunately it is the previously recorded shows and there is only about 30 episodes. I hope that the producers of the DEST Ch will,see these post and bring them back! Wouldn’t that be awesome!!!!!!! Good luck to the Haunted Collector and his crew, hope we will see you again soon on our T.V.

  61. I really miss this show and didn’t really know what had happened to it until now. I actually would send questions to them on Facebook that they did answer on one occasion. I was looking forward for more seasons but I guess I will not be seeing them again. In some of the episodes, the cast showed genuine feelings of being scared when they would hear noises or pickup EVP’s they would get frightened and startled. It was believable to me. Like the famous couple Ed and Lorraine Warner, they also have haunted items in their homes that they keep under tight control and away from the public, which is very courageous as they take on a huge risk from malevolent, supernatural forces. So if HC was so bad, why do they keep airing re-runs. It does not make sense! I wish the Zaffis family well and if they indeed were doing something shady which I doubt, Karma will take care of that. Looking forward for new episodes of this show.

  62. Money/greed is the root of all evil and it looks like the scifi channel has succomed to these faults. TV used to be for entertainment and news and the weather forecast. now it has become one big commercial. Bob Guilmette former engineer Nuclear submarines in the USN. I majored in Physics and quantum mechanics. So *I am moderately intelligent I think.

  63. In my travels throughout the world, I had the good fortune to visit many places, some many good people like yourselves will never see or experience. Also we used to maintain a secret base in Scotland. It afforded me the opportunity to study stone and henge and lock ness and various castles throughout the area. I used to have a Norton Commando motorcycle at the time for getting around Brittan and Europe. even camped out a Stone henge which was safe to do at the time years ago.I also got to visit Tibet in an under cover mission to an was shown many wonders. I will miss Mr.Zaffiss’s show for he seemed to careabout his work logically and thoroughly. I will help you all in any way I can. My age and health prevents me from doing a lot of travel anymore. Bob Guilmette [email protected]

  64. PS Being an engineer, you can see I can’t spell and my arthritis makes it difficult for me to type now too. Take care all!
    Bob Guilmette

  65. Entertaining shows seem to come and go too quickly. if the show is not in the “top ten” it seems to be dropped right away. too many shows have a six month to a year period between seasons allowing stations to develop so many shows they stuff them down peoples throats so you have a difficult time remembering your favorites (due to length between seasons). shows do not have a chance to become multi-seasonal shows anymore. give them a chance, as so many great shows have been dropped by a few money hungry CEO’s (like most everything in life).
    listen to people asking for shows to stay or be reborn again.

  66. What a shame that the SYFY executives couldn’t see past their noses when they canceled the Haunted Collector. John Zeffi’s experience which I’m sure was spirited by the first paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren need not be questioned. He’s aunt and uncle. John has the detection of paranormal activity in his blood. He is the real deal of all of these so called paranormal investigators. I hope that Discovery + picks him up and puts him back in production. They need to get rid of a few and replace them with the real deal.

  67. I’ve been watching reruns of the Haunted Collector Files on the Travel Channel and sure miss watching this show! I wish they could film a whole new season! 🤞🤞🤞

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