Ghost Burglar Floating Through Liquor Store

Anniston, AL – A “ghost” burglar was captured on a CCTV Security System breaking in an ABC Liquor Store in Anniston, Alabama last month. See the Video Here

The specter seems to float around the store at a high rate of speed and then run back out, without seeming to take any “spirits” with him!

Ghost Burglar Seen Hunting Spirits in Liquor Store

The Anniston Police Department released this message on their Facebook Page: 

“We understand that it is nearing Halloween, but a ghost burglarizing a liquor store? Really? Apparently so….Anyone with any information regarding this criminal from the spirit realm, please contact us. But send us am email or shoot us a call, contacting a medium to get to us won’t work…”

Richard Klement is a writer for Ghost Hunters and other Paranormal Publications, writing about his passions of the paranormal.



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