Brian Harnois lashes out at fans regarding December disappearance

Brian Harnois, a former paranormal investigator of the television show “Ghost Hunters”, abandoned his family and friends by disappearing for a few days just before the holidays in December. He recently posted a message to his fans regarding his disappearance.

“Ok everyone, I am safe. I wanted to thank everyone that was concerned for me. I am sorry I posted it here on Facebook, but I was so out of it, I didn’t know what to do or where to go. I know I still have tons of friends out there, and couldn’t realize it at the time. I should have never done this, but no it was not a hoax. I was serious at the time.” Harnois assures his fandom that his disappearance on December 9, 2012, was not a hoax or publicity stunt.

Brian Harnois past Ghost Hunters TAPS Team Member lashes out.
Brian Harnois past Ghost Hunters TAPS Team Member lashes out.

“Please do not bash Michelle. She is the mother of my children and I am still very much in love with her and always will be even though I ruined that relationship.” Harnois continues, pleading for fans to leave his family alone.

“I am out of the hospital and back on my medications that I needed for my bi-polar condition… As for all the ******** that bashed me, YOU DON’T KNOW ME OR MY SITUATION. There is always more than one side of the story. REMEMBER THAT!!!” Harnois went on to lash out at the naysayers in the paranormal community.

Whatever the case may be, if  Harnois is really suffering, or if he is looking to get back into the infrared spotlight, this is definitely the wrong way to go about it. Let’s hope that he focuses on his failing relationship by putting his family first and gets well for them.

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One thought on “Brian Harnois lashes out at fans regarding December disappearance

  1. I would love to see Brian back with TAPS or doing his own show. Maybe he could even get with Ghost Adventures Crew and help them out.

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