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Management Company for Ghost Hunters Steve and Tango Scamming Fans

BREAKING: Paranormal Management Company “Ideal Event Management” operated by said owner Mark Tetlow is under fire from some event venues for non-payment and also from celebrity talent that he represents for allegedly frauding, backing out of contracts and stiffing his own clients. The allegations here written are just that alleged and have been reported to…

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Husband Wife Duo Turns Ghost Hunting Hobby Into Multi-Million Dollar Empire

SEVIERVILLE, TENNESSEE —This Husband Wife duo turned a weekend hobby into a Ghost Hunting Empire. It all started with a disembodied voice once called Staci Morin’s name. Another time, in another place, a misty white someone — or something — yanked Chad Morin’s T-shirt. Once this husband and wife shared an interest in the paranormal and watched…

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Old South Pittsburg Hospital Under Federal Tax Lawsuit

Quoted from Original Article: “The United States Federal Government has filed a lawsuit against the owners of the old So uth Pittsburg Hospital over taxes owed. The civil complaint was filed against Dr. Gary Stepen Hayes and Diane D. Hayes of Chattanooga. The lawsuit asks that the former hospital at 1100 Holly Street in South…

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