A&E Ghost Hunters feature Missouri’s Glenn House

A&E’s “Ghost Hunters” reality TV group visited Cape Girardeau’s noteworthy Glenn House to examine “upsetting paranormal movement,” and the aftereffects of that visit are set to air on the channel May 20.

The scene’s title, “The Glenn Family Curse,” alludes to fruitful neighborhood specialist David Glenn, who over a century prior constructed the house that despite everything neglects the Mississippi River from 325 S. Spanish St. Unfortunately, Glenn lost three newborn child youngsters and later failed.

The new television episode suggests great findings of paranormal activity during their filming however, the Historical Association of Cape Girardeau president Christy Mershon said watchers will simply need to check out the episode to find out additional.

One thought on “A&E Ghost Hunters feature Missouri’s Glenn House

  1. I lived in Cape for many years before all this ghost hunting was a fad. I Went to SEMO and have an Historic Preservation background. I knew students who worked there, but I have never hear the the Glenn House has ghosts. I am not sure if it dose. The place I lived at the time (N. Ellis St) did have a ghost, in fact a student died in my old flat back in the 1980s, I saw the crime photos. It was more of a day time events that would happen. I also saw a full body dark man in the living room look at me while I was trying to sleep.(July of 1995?). Perhaps the more people go in to these places the more the ghost are pissed off.

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