Ghost Hunt Weekends, the Largest Paranormal Event Company Takes on Jekyll Island This Fall

This October, you could be a part of something so creepy, it’s not for the faint at heart.  Explore the unknown with the Ghost Hunt Weekends crew, coming to The Jekyll Island Club Hotel for the first time ever, October 25th-27th.  It’s going to be a spooktacular event that’s sure to kick your Halloween into overdrive, so book your tickets HERE because space is limited!

Now, find out what happened when Paranormal Investigator, and President of Ghost Hunt Weekends, Chad Morin, recently put Jekyll Island to the test!  Check out this exclusive interview with Chad as he shares his insights on ghost hunting, his experience on Jekyll Island, and more!


Q: How was the Jekyll Island Club picked to be a location for a Ghost Hunt Weekend event?

A: The Jekyll Island Club actually sought us out for this particular event.  It’s kind of ironic because it was a location that we were wanting to look into, and being the largest paranormal event company in the US, we have been striving to seek out locations that are either hard to get into or have a certain radiance to it.  The Jekyll Island Club has both.

Views from the spire of the Jekyll Island Club Hotel.

Q: Are you excited that this ghost hunt will take place in October, so close to Halloween?

A: Yes, most definitely.  For two reasons, the crisp cooler weather and also Halloween being one of the most superstitious of dates always makes for good ghost hunting.

Q: Do you use a scientific approach to your investigations, and/or do you have any psychic abilities yourself?

A: I don’t call myself a medium or psychic, but I do get feelings and get drawn toward certain areas.  Maybe I’m just following my instincts, but I try to validate these feelings and hunches with scientific equipment.  This technique has paid off many times with some great and unexplained evidence.

Q: What is your favorite piece of ghost hunting equipment (ie: video, thermal, EVP, etc.) and why?

A: My personal favorite is a Real-Time EVP Recorder.  It’s a voice recorder that I wear headphones with, so I can actually hear the EVP’s when they are happening.  I can interact with the spirits at the moment activity is happening.  I don’t have to wait to review the recordings later, I get to hear it right then.  It’s quite a rush.

Q: You just got through doing a two-day preliminary investigation on Jekyll Island.  Did anything strange occur while you were here on September 6th or 7th?

A: Yes, indeed.  We captured what sounds to be a woman screaming or yelling at me to, “Get Out,” at the ruins of the Horton House.  We also captured some groans and whispery voices in the Aspenwall Room at the Club Hotel.  We are still reviewing the recordings, and I’m optimistic that we will find more.

The ruins where Chad Morin recently captured a shocking EVP recording.


Q: On a spooky scale of 1-10, what would you give The Jekyll Island Club Hotel and surrounding cottages on and around Millionaire’s Row?

A: The cottages and Club Hotel are just so beautiful.  I love the architecture and the lovely manicured grounds during the day, but after talking to the locals, the employees and some of the guests, hearing their stories about what they have seen and witnessed, you look at the place differently when you are walking around at night. Overall, I’ll give the island a high 7 on the scale.  But, there are two locations in general, the Horton House and the Hollyborne Cottage, those two locations made me feel like I did not need to be there.  I’ll give those two locations a solid 8.

Chad Morin gave The Hollybourne Cottage a solid 8 out of 10 on the creepy scale.

Q: We have shell rings that date back to the Guale Indians, a history of shipwrecks, The Horton House, The Jekyll Island Club and the surrounding mansions, and of course, a contemporary history…  Are spirits from overlapping eras aware of each other on the other side?

A: I’m not sure.  We have not gone through enough of our recordings to determine that yet.  It would be interesting to know if they are though.

Q: Concocted by the elite, the establishment of The Federal Reserve took place in 1910 on Jekyll Island.  Do you think conspiracy theories that implicate the Illuminati are far-fetched or dead-on?

A: The Island was the winter retreat for the wealthiest families from the US and other parts of the world.  These men despised each other.  They were at each others throats in the newspapers, so why did they all build houses next to each other on a secluded island?  I don’t think the theories are far fetched, but I need some more evidence or first hand accounts before I can say anything more.

Three lion heads welcome visitors into the courtyard at the Crane Cottage on Jekyll Island.

Q: Orb photos are almost always debunked as dust, pollen, light flares, etc.  What do you think about these orbs over the Moss Cottage on Jekyll Island?  (The lens was clean and it was taken during the winter of 2012.)

The orbs in question were captured over The Moss Cottage in the Historic District.

A: That could be nothing more than mist from either the ocean or the air.  If the lens is focused farther away and the mist is close to the lens, once the flash fires, the particles reflect back out of focus.  The best way to tell is if you zoom in on the “orb” it looks like a cell underneath a microscope.  It should be see-through, might have a ring around it, and the orb needs to be seen with the naked eye and producing it’s own light and energy.  But, since this is only one photo, there is the possibility that this could be a legitimate ghost photo.

Q: If you could share one ghost hunting tip with us, what would it be?

A: Take lots of photos, the more the better.

 *Do you have a ghost story from Jekyll Island or the surrounding area?  Feel free to share your stories with us in the COMMENTS section below!

Ramey Shirah writes for the Golden Isles Insider


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