New Ghost Hunters Season 9/Episode 8 Recap

“The Ghost Hasn’t Left the Building”

Shreveport Municipal Auditorium – Shreveport Louisiana

After a long hiatus, The Ghost Hunters are back to continue on with Season 9, including Amy Bruni who took some time out to produce a baby ghost hunter.  So what have the members of TAPS been doing over the past 4 months?  Only our spying government knows.


The Auditorium was built in 1929 and still hosts musical acts to this day, unfortunately for the current staff members, some of these former acts who have passed on may be coming back for an encore, along with their deceased fans.  Elvis Presley did his first ever professional appearance in the Auditorium, which was followed by multiple sold out shows on Saturday nights.  Hank Williams Sr. and Johnny Cash also performed in the building but Elvis is King and the statue erected in his honor in front of the Auditorium after his death reminds you of who the headliner always was.   Current staff members are being touched by invisible objects, hearing disembodied voices, while doors slam in areas of the building that are supposed to be empty.  One worker reported hearing a woman say “Make sure you get a picture of Elvis.”  A “Lady in White” has been seen around the building and staff members were able to catch two very interesting pictures of what appear to be ghosts.

Amy Bruni and Adam Berry started out in the basement where one worker felt a spirit go through her that engulfed her so much that she fell to the floor. As they called out for Elvis, or any other spirit, a white Orb went flying past Amy and definitely got her attention.  This same white Orb would later get the attention of David Tango and Steve Gonsalves when they were investigating the main stage, making them run to the spot where they saw it.  It is very possible that this was some form of the infamous “Lady in White” that the staff has reported seeing. Michelle Tate would join Amy in the basement and many strange noises kept coming from all directions as if to try and get their attention.  Britt Griffith came down into the basement as well and experienced the same white Orb light along with noises and movement around where he was investigating.  Hopefully they would all find some EVP’s when they later analyzed their audio recorders.

TAPS co-founder Jason Hawes and Steve Gonsalves headed to the main stage and seating area of the auditorium. As they called out for spirits to communicate with them, a deep male voice seemed like it was trying to answer their questions.  This male voice would repeat itself in various parts of the seating area but they could not make out what was being said.  Adam and Britt were sent in to see if they would get the same interaction as Jason and Steve and they absolutely did.  Now it must be said that Jason and Steve did not tell them about their experience so there was no chance their mind was playing a mental trick on them.

When the team reviewed the evidence from their audio and video recorders they did catch some of the personal experiences reported by the team. Many of the voices were picked up by their equipment but you really couldn’t understand what was being said.  One very unnerving growl was picked up that will make your hair stand up. At one point, during an EVP session, Jason asked out loud to any spirits that cared to answer, “Are you here for a reason or are you just passing through?” The answer, “Through.”  Another EVP caught was something saying “Who is that?” as team members were walking through the building.  TAPS did not come out and call the Shreveport Auditorium “haunted” but they certainly felt there was some type of paranormal activity going on.

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