Grant Wilson shares real reason for leaving Ghost Hunters

After 8 seasons as a lead investigator for Ghost Hunters, SyFy’s leading paranormal series, Grant Wilson decided to step down this spring. Distraught fans speculated wildly about the real reasons behind the announcement, citing everything from a serious rift between Grant and Jason to marital difficulties rearing their ugly head for Grant.Ghost Hunters

According to Grant Wilson via his live interview on Dead Air last night, the decision to leave “Ghost Hunters” was purely a personal one. The schedule and filming of the show kept Wilson away from his family, which was always pulling at his heartstrings.

“The rigors of the show really beat me up.” he says and adds, “I felt like we [the Ghost Hunter Team] primed the pump and I could now walk away.”

Fans can rest assured that Grant’s family life is going well as he readjusts to a life apart from “Ghost Hunters.” He and his wife, Reanna, are working together to create family oriented games with Rather Dashing Games and spending time together performing in their band Carpet Shark.

Wilson is self-taught on both piano and guitar and is an accomplished artist – check out the artwork on Rather Dashing Games. Although Wilson intends to pursue the paranormal in private settings, he explains that his love and interest in the paranormal makes up about 20% of his interests and passions in life. Now, it’s time to devote some time to those others interests, he explains.

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