The Tennessee Wraith Chasers Join Ghost Hunt Weekends at Paulding Jail

Ghost Hunt Weekends hosted a public paranormal investigation of Paulding Jail in Ohio on August 19, and they invited the Tennessee Wraith Chasers (Ghost Asylum, Haunted Towns) to come along for some ghost hunting and to hang out with their fans and fellow paranormal buffs. Chris, Porter, Brannon, and Mike met fans at a reception to kick things off, followed by a Q&A session and screenings of a TWC documentary and a presentation by Ghost Hunt Weekends, as well.

While celebrity paranormal events can draw larger crowds, the group was still small enough to allow all guests to get up close and personal with the Wraith Chasers, although those splurging on VIP packages got to hang out Friday night at the “pre-game” party at the Rusty Spur nearby in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and got access to a special VIP meet and greet Saturday before the doors officially opened.

Before it was time to get down to hunting ghosts, the guys from Tennessee Wraith Chasers made sure fans got plenty of autographs and photo ops with the spooky-looking Paulding Jail in the background. And then everyone in attendance moved on to the main event.

Ghost Hunt Weekends broke down the paranormal investigators into groups guided GHW staff, taking them to different locations where members of TWC would conduct paranormal investigations with them to go beyond the typical fan photo ops and autographs. And of course, to cater to those who were there more for the ghosts.

Among those attending was the friend of a local girl who had been murdered many years ago, and when the jail was being renovated, evidence related to her cold case was found hidden behind a wall. The case still hasn’t been solved, but this was her second year hoping to reconnect with her childhood friend.

Ghost Hunt Weekends staff escorted the groups to various sites that have had paranormal activity in the past: the kitchen, two empty rooms upstairs, the jail cells, the basement “dungeon”, and a small detour to the local library to try to make contact with the spirit of a librarian who worked there. While the library was pretty quiet all night (but deliciously air-conditioned), one group did get responses from someone named Ida. Only later did Ghost Hunt Weekends founder Chad Morin discover there had been a librarian named Ida who had worked there.

After over four hours of ghost hunting, paranormal investigators went home with hours of tape, video, and photos to go through, in addition to some great evidence captured live. There was a tremendous response to the EMF meters in multiple locations and a custom device built by Ghost Hunt Weekends crew member John took spirit box work to a whole new level again (it was introduced at a Thomas House investigation.) The large box connects to a conventional spirit box but filters out all that annoying scanning noise. And when Nadine asked the spirits if they wanted her to get it out for them to use, the EMF meters fired up all around the room.

If you have been watching paranormal events from your couch, these events allow you to get in and do some real ghost hunting. You don’t have to have a bunch of fancy equipment — you can use phone apps or just tag along with the well-equipped Ghost Hunt Weekends staff. Or, you can just use your eyes and ears sometimes to see those shadow figures and hear the disembodied voices.

Ghost Hunt Weekends operates paranormal investigations every month, but they have special celebrity events coming up in October and November with psychic Chip Coffey (Paranormal State, Psychic Kids) and Adam Berry (Ghost Hunters, Kindred Spirits.)  Visit Ghost Hunt Weekends’ website for their full schedule and to sign up.

Diana Price is a writer, photographer, and (skeptical) paranormal junkie who also writes for various online publications as well as her horror blog, The Queen of Scream, which originally focused on her horror obsession. But now that she has heard her first disembodied voice firsthand, she added the paranormal.

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