Ohio’s Most Haunted Jail Kicks Off “Hunting” Season

Ohio’s Most Haunted Jail, Old Paulding County Jail

Old Paulding County Jail in Paulding, Ohio is kicking off this ghost hunting season with a special event!  Ghost Hunt Weekends, a specialty event company, will be hosting an all night lights out paranormal investigation of Ohio’s Most Haunted Jail – Saturday May 25, 2019.  Paranormal fans will have the rare opportunity to investigate this 143-year-old Jail; including secret tunnels discovered in 2015, hidden behind a rock wall and leading to medieval style dungeon cells.  Who built them? Why were they kept hidden? And what happened out of sight?

Opened in 1876, the Jail is steeped in a dark history of violence, kidnappings, murders, suicides and suspicious deaths.  Add this to the daily misery, anger and fear that inhabited these walls during its more than 130 years of operation and there’s no telling what might be left lurking in the dark. Several factors beyond the history of the Jail itself may be contributing to the high levels of paranormal activity as well.  For one, the Jail was built on solid limestone, a material widely believed to be a sort of energetic amplifier commonly found in locations with intense paranormal activity. Also, this region of Northwest Ohio was populated by Native American tribes, who some even believe cursed the land in a final act of retribution.  Any one of these scenarios is enough to create an insanely haunted location, and Old Paulding County Jail has them all.

The dark history of the Jail isn’t only in the distant past either.  While doing restoration work to the building, the same work which uncovered the secret tunnel system and dungeon cells, the previous owners uncovered what is thought to be lost evidence from the unsolved murder case of 14-year old Nancy Eagleson, a local girl who was killed in 1960.  It is even suspected that the town served as a dumping ground for bodies brought over by the Chicago mafia during the first half of the 20th century.

Exclusive Documentary Screening & Sleeping in the Jailhouse

In honor of this special event, Paranormal Author and Researcher Chad Morin’s new documentary about the Jail will be debuted, giving guests a glimpse into the blood-soaked history of the building they’re calling home for the night.  Guests will also enjoy an educational briefing on how to conduct a paranormal investigation, a guided tour of the Jail, and a lights out ghost hunt of the whole building. Those choosing to spend the entire night will get to sleep inside the Jailhouse putting them in the best position to have a paranormal experience of their own.  They will also have private run of the Jail from 1am on – anyone who wants to stay up all night ghost hunting on their own is free to do so.

Paranormal Claims

Some paranormal claims reported at the Jail include slamming cell doors, people being touched, shadow figures, objects being moved or thrown and conversations heard from empty rooms.  Strange items have appeared in the Jail that were not left there by human hands, while other items have disappeared completely. Walking sounds are frequently heard along with old-timey music, whistling, jingling keys, and dragging chains.  Several visitors have even seen an apparition of an old Sheriff still making his rounds.

Old Paulding County Jail has a long history of misery and violence. Owners, visitors, and workers have been reporting intense paranormal experiences for years.  Between the Jail and the area itself, this place is the perfect storm for paranormal activity.  Whether you’re a thrill seeker, an avid paranormal enthusiast or just curious, this event is not to be missed!   

This special event kicks off Old Paulding County Jail’s season with monthly ghost hunt events being held into October.

For More Information:

The Old Paulding County Jail is located at 112 South Williams Street, Paulding, Ohio 45879. It is 35 miles East of Ft. Wayne, Indiana and 75 miles South of Toledo.  For information on this event or to make reservations, visit the Ghost Hunt Weekends website at http://www.ghosthuntweekends.com or by calling 1-865-686-8893

Two ticket options are available:  

In order to keep groups small, space is very limited for this event.

Ghost Hunt Experience Ticket $69 Per-Person


Access To The Jail from 7:00pm Until 1:00am

Ghost Hunting Briefing

Quick History and Haunts Presentation

Guided Ghost Hunt of the Entire Jail with the Ghost Hunt Weekends Crew

Light Snacks and Drinks Throughout The Night

Overnight, Sleep With The Ghosts Experience – $99 Per-Person

Bring a Sleeping Bag, this is Jailhouse Style Indoor Camping that will really put you in the best position for activity.


Access To Jail from 7:00pm Until 11:00am

Ghost Hunting Briefing

Quick History and Haunts Presentation

Guided Ghost Hunt of the Entire Jail with the Ghost Hunt Weekends Crew

1:00am – 11:00am Private Run of Jail to conduct your own ghost hunting on your terms!

Light Snacks and Drinks Throughout The Night

Overnight Sleeping INSIDE The Jail House in your own Sleeping Bag and Air Bed

(Yes, there are bathrooms and a jailhouse shower available)

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